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Meaning of sacrifice


All we know in nature sacrifice is one of the best thing….the one which we don’t need is not sacrifice….sacrifice means helping others in tough situations by giving what they want…In Ramayana three women’s sacrifice is unforgettable…but there names are forgot by many people….who are they??
I think one or two names comes into ur mind…

Yes the first woman is urmila…as we know her not telling anything about urmila..someone has been giving laxmila updates daily…
Second name is sumithra….she is the wife of dasharatha among three…and mother of laxman and shatrugnan..she sent laxman to vanvass along with RAM and shatrugnan is always stands with Bharat…she does not think about ayodhya throne to her sons..she always thinks RAM is right person to be king of ayodhya…

Third person is shabari…she helps rishi’s in mathanga ashramam…By knowing that rishi’s will go daily morning to river,she wake up early in the morning and cleans the way to the river…and protects the ashramam for long time..

Remembering these three women’s sacrifice the women now a days joining there sons in the army for desh raksha…that’s why woman is great…jai bolo barathamatha…

Credit to: Anil

  1. yah u r right without these women ramayana will not be known to others

  2. Very True Anil……………Bharatmata ki Jaiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. It is really thought provoking

  4. am first time writing this article…so not properly convey my message…u people understand what I want to say…thanks..and next time it should be better than this…

  5. awesome

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