Meaning of RAMAYANA



The implied meaning of Ramayana in our life is:
Lakshman refers to the enlightenment of the soul, instead of getting stuck in worldly desires.
Bharat signifies a seeker wrapped in the worship of radiance.
Shatrughna refers to one who annihilates the six foes (Shadripus) of the soul.
Rama,Lakshman and Sita together stand for spiritual knowledge,detachment and devotion respectively.
Hanuman represents the activated Kundalini and
Ravana represents the 6 enemies of every living entity which are attachment,anger,vanity,desire, greed, and envy.

Lord ram is known for his kindness and extreme patience. He never diverted from the path of truth. And always gave the message “Truth and right path always achieve victory over evil”.
Because of such qualities, Lord Rama is not treated as a hero, but as a god by the Hindus and his event of defeating Mighty demon Ravana is celebrated every year in dussherra.
In this Kaliyuga, people are so much involved in materialistic enjoyment that their mind lost the true meaning of responsibilities and duties. Their mind is totally involved in selfishness, greed, and falsehood which are the pre-defined qualities of Kaliyuga-the Iron Age, where the whole atmosphere is filled with evil acts.

In Today’s world, corrupt politicians are Raavan but unfortunately, we don’t have any ram to defeat this Raavan. Only Way to defeat this Raavan is that the common man take the initiative of becoming Ram which will not be possible unless there is unity amongst all Indians with a common goal of eradicating Corruption. It is very easy to write and say but very difficult to follow. I don’t think what I have written above is going to happen because humans are very weak and they easily fall prey to greed, ego, self pride, arrogance, Materialistic desires etc. However, we can still hope for the best and pray to lord ram for his blessings and well being of Mother earth.

Credit to: SKR Addict

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  1. true di/bro . don’t know when there will rams to kill those raavans . lets hope for the best 🙂

  2. He will come in the form of Kalki:)

  3. S hoping fr it

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