meaning of love (swaragini) episode 9


Hii darlings sorry not able to give reply to ur comments.yes it is mr perfect movie only I changed a little .tnk u for commenting nd support me like this only

They started dating both started liking each other because they were xerox copies their likes nd dislikes are same

Swara:soo what have u decided

Sanky:ladies first

Swara:iam impressed by u nd may bee I … live with u to my whole life

SanKy:then I would bee the luckyst person in the world

Swara:soo what next

Sanky:soo shall I meet ur parents

Swara:exactly first ur turn to get permission from my parents nd next my turn to impres ur parents

Sanky:deal accepted

In andhra
Rag:hello ha tell me (by cleaning her eyes which are filled with tears )

Lucky:what happeneed to my darling today sounding dull

Rag:nothing when u returned from canada

Lucky:today only actually by this tour I recougnise that how much I love swara soo today decided to propose her for marrage so called u to wish mee luck .u know naa u r my lucky charm

Rag:then its very great news all the best(in mind atleast u should suceed in ur love)

Lucky:k when r u coming there is only 2 weeks left for bhais marrage

Rag:not yet decided may be dad will come my health is not well

Lucky:what is this?it is revange fir noy coming to ur engagement aa??

Rag after listening to word engage ment lost in sankys toughts nd said I will call later nd cutted the call

Lucky:something wrong nd called shekar nd asked shekar informed that sanky broke the engagemant lucky was shocked nd requested shekar to send her to us so that she can forget him and move on

Shekar:rag I want u to go to abhis marrage day after tomorrow is flight

Rag:noo dad there is lot of work inoffice nd munni have exams too she will not read if I go( she is hiding an eye contact with shekar.actually she want to be busy so that she forget sanky)

Shekar:observed nd raised her head and said U should move on. Rag I know its very difficult but it is necessary u may not live ur whole life by thinking about him .life will not stop after loosing our love some day it will return again I got it by u after I lost ur mother u will also get it .

Rag hugged him nd cried her heart fully nd said I will go I should move on

Lucky:called her again shell darling packing ur luggage

Rag:how do u know

Lucky:I know every thing I have 6th sense I can tell every thing by listening to ur voice .k when is ur journey

Rag:day after tomorrow bee ready

Lucky:yes madam they laughed nd cutted the call
Lucky (in mind I know ur pain I will help u to forget him )

NEXt day

Lucky went to dayal house to confess his feeling to swara

Lucky:hii uncle where is swara

Dayal:dont know told me to not to go any where nd she want to indroduce us someperson

Lucky:some person who is that

Swara came nd said:hi family thank u for waiting nd I want to introdue u my love sanky nd sanky entered

All were shocked lucky was heart broken

Episode ends with every ones shocking faces .
Recap:sanky sees rag nd want to talk with her .

.ur darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. It’s too short..pkzz update nxt prt soon nd a long one

    1. I wll try

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  3. its amazing dear??

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  4. really its different frm mr.perfect. bcos in that cousin didn’t know abt prapas till kajal’s departure. but hear lucky knows sanky the person who broke the heart of rag

    1. Ya till now ne dont know in next epi he will come to know

    2. Ya till now he dont know in next epi he will come to know

  5. amazing… upload next epi

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  6. Nice epi feeling bad for ragini update next part soon di

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  7. Hey dear… Eventhough I am swasan fan I like ur ff…. I knew it is swalak and rags an.. So one reqst don’t make swara’s character bad later

    1. I alredy told u she also have imp role I will not make her negative nd thank u soo much for,reading nd commenting

  8. Nyc episode…❤️

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  9. oh my god….my rags?

    but episode was super duper dinkachika

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  10. sàñky jealousy track plz

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  11. It’s very nice

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  12. awesome beautifully explained every words…every scens i can easily imagine actors doing this
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