meaning of love (swaragini) episode 8

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Ram stopped talking to sanky .nd sanky left from there with an anger

In rragsroom she is crying vvigouraslyShekar came and said:iam sorry dear due to me u started loving her I can understand .but I cant see u like this plzz stop crying

Rag:hugged him nd said y dad y it happened to me .u told,na we will get what we give .I gave love only then y. Is it not returned

After 2days in us
Sanky got a call
Caller:hello sis we are talking from made for each other .from all over world we collected information nd selected the two persons who have more compatability .u r the one nd the other is swara from us do u want to meet her

Sanky:remembered what his dad said nd want to show him that he is right so said ya I will meet her givee me her no

He took the no nd called swara

Swara:whzz this

Sanky:hii this is sanskar and iam the person who is selected as made for each other with u

Swara:ohh hii k y u called me

Sanky:I want to meet u what about u

Swara remembered luckys words nd want to prove him wrong so she said yes we should meet now

Sanky:k will meet at xxxrestaurent at sharp 6

Swara:k then meet u then bye

At 6 in restaurent
Swara:waiting nd saw sanky coming towards her
Sanky:hi miss swara this is sanky.

Swara:not badd how did u recognised mee

Sanky:actually I used to prefer white for meeting a person for the first time so saw u in white too

Waiter came with order which are swaras fav who orderd it

Sanky:mee those were my fav too .its very intresting atlast I have seen a person like mee

Swara:ya iam also impressed

Both at a time lets have a ride nd laughed for their coincidence

Two started to race nd for the first time swara was defeated by some one swara was shocked
Swara:impressed seen a person who defeated mee



Sanky:lets date

So episode ends with smyling faces of swara and sanky

Recap:swara sanky bonding

Hiihow was te episode guys
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Credit to: pavani


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