meaning of love (swaragini) episode 7

Hii darlings thank u for ur comments hii fan I just want a clarity that which movie u r talking about

Rag:why r u seeing like that

Sanky:nothing u carry on

Rag cutted her cake nd gave dresses to all nd returning

Sanky:u know what I didnt see a girl like u

Rag:what do u mean.

Sanky:u are soo simple nd cares about all .but when will you think about yourself

Rag:there were many to take care of mee so no need to think about myself

Sanky:to bee frank tell me u really want toarry mee

Rag:why are u asking that

Sanky :by marrying me ur world will bee changed u have to sacrifice every thing .u have to leave your father ,you may not come hear for ur birthday nd there were many

Rag:noo prblem I can fullfill those blanks with u
Suddenly car stopped nd they went home

Sanky have tought whole night about rag

Next day
After completion of bulbul nf purab marrage all the elders gathered

Fb shone
Jai :are yar our project is selected but our second condition have changes

Sanky:what r they

Jai:they will open a branch after 3/4 years in india
Sanky:its ok man k I will return soon and we will start our project

Fb ends

Ram:what is this it will take 4years for him to settle in india

Sanky:common its matter of only 4years

Ram :but….(interepted by)
Rag:rag noo problem its only matter of 4 years I will wait

Sanky:plzz every one I want to clear one thing too all .I will not adjust for any one .and I dont like some one to sacrifice their happyness for mee.soo I decide that I wil not marry ragini

Every body were shocked
Rag was about to collapse shekar hold her

Iam sorry rag I dont want to hurt u but we should do it I want a life partner whose toughts are like mee

Ram:then y u engaged

Sanky:I told u I like rags but is of not my type .she should doo what she wants to doo not for others soo I think every thing is clear I will leave tomoorrow .ragrag will always bee friends I think u uuderstand it .itsitstter that u rualise that u lust identity after marmarrage will be better now

Same day at us

Lucky:hi darling iam leaving to canada for a project so dont miss mee

Swara:u started again I told u naa I love only the person who will think like me

Lucky:ha ha ha u search in this whole universe also u will not meet a person who think like the way one mental is not enough or what u want another one also

Swara:see like that one day I will meet the person like that and will introdue to u as my lover

Lucky:all the best

In andhra
Sankys home
Sanky:what is this dad u cant force mee to marry her

Ram:iam not forcing u but u r doing a mistake by rejecting her for a silly reason
Nd there will be no other person in the world can think like u

Sanky:one day I will prove u wrong

Screen freezes with. angry faces of swasan nd crying face of rag

Recap:swasan meeting
Ur darling pavani

Credit to: pavani


  1. Aastha

    pav epi was really superb . but i expect that purab nd bulbul marriage was with full of celebration. I am really sry that am every pointing the minus only sry ya

    • pavani

      No need of sorry critics are always welcome actually I want to focus on story nd real reason is I hade to drag the marrage rituals

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.