meaning of love (swaragini) episode 6


Hii darlings very happy to see ur responce nd tnk u for supporting mee

Sho:sorry ragini I will not disturb u from now k I will leave now.and one more thing I love u till my last breath

Ragini:thank u for understanding mee and we will be friends forever

And they left from there
Rag:thank u very much because of u the biggest problem is solved

Sanky:u r welcome nd he is hand some nd nice then y u rejected him

Rag:Its matter of trust if we give a chance they should protect us for our whole life (vakkasari chance iste gundello pettukoni chusukuntadu anipinchali)

Sanky:how will u come to know

Rag:dont know it happens

Sanky feels intresting nd they left from there

At sankys house:

Ram:we want to talk to u from many days
Sanky :yes dad tell mee

Ram:what is your opinion on ragini

Sanky:ya she is cool nd nice

Ram:we want you two to get engaged

Sanky:what??? Are u serious

Ram:ya we r serious .why u dont like her

Sanky:noo not like that I like her first of all ask her if she is happy or not

Ram :shekar called me nd told that rag aggreed for this proposal

Sanky:k then u carry on I should meet her once he called her nd told that he is coming nd he want to talk to her

At rags house In her room
Sanky:hii actually my parents told me today only about it .so we should take time to understand each other .its better we know each other better to avoid miss understangs

Rag:k I too agree .nd ya I want to clear u one thing I started liking u nd she ran from there with a shyness .

Sanky liked it nd went from there
(Chali chali allindi gili gili ga giliindi nee vipe mallindi manasu )

Rag started liking him nd finally she started loving him

She hate nonveg but started learning to cook it for sanky

She started to change completly for sanky

They get engaged

After engage ment he gets a call
Sanky:yes jai how r u man

Jai:are sanky vicky wants to seperate from nandu

Sanky:whaat??? Nd why

Jai:dont knowman u only ask him

Vicky:hello sanky

Sanky:what happened to u man

Vicky:Iam fed up with this relation yar .I completly changed for her but now I have a feeling that I lost my identity .I cant doo this any more

Sanky citted the call nd see rag who have changed for him completly

Rag:what happened sanky y r u looking dull
Rag:k lets goo I will take u to a wonderful place
Sanky:I didnt have mood u goo
Rag:noo way u should come na was about to drag him he shouted I dont want means why r u forcing mee

Sanky left from there angryly

Rag knocked the door
Rag:are u angry till now
Sanky:noo actually I was little frustrated so shouted,on u sorry

Rag:yaican understand nd are u free now

Sanky:ya .shouldwe go some where

Rag: ya its surprise come fast .

They two went to some place

Sanky:what is this

Rag:an old age home
Sanky:why u bought me hear
Rag:actually yesterday was my birthday nd for my every birthday I will come hear
Sanky:what??its ur birthday yesterday u fidnt told mee
Rag:I want too but ur mood is off naa
Sanky:so y u didnt came yesterday
Rag:I want to introduce u to them
Come lets goo
Rag introduced sanky as her would bee nd started enjoying with them

Sanky sees her lovingly

Episode ends with smyling faces of rag nd sanky

Recap:sanky rejects rag

Tnk u for enjoying my plot dont see pairs dears see the plot it will be nice nd thank u for commenting nd ya its rag san ff nd so imp will be given to her only .swara sanskar will also be shown but wait till 2 episodes Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Awesome. ..

  2. Yaar it resembles completely as Mr perfect… and are u a fan of prabhas….even me too and nice episode pavanI. ..☺☺☺☺

    1. Ya mouni iam a very big fan of prabhas I love to see him soo tried to write my fav heroes movie

  3. nice epi pavni. but i hates the precap bcos am a big fan of rag. i know the plot but cant accept it.

    1. Ha ha ha tnk u

  4. nice episode

    1. Tnk u dinkaa

  5. This ff z somewat similar to telgu movie MR.PERFECT where as swara’s charecter similar to taapsee,sanskaar nd ragini similar to prabhas and kajal….its ragsan ff sorry if am wrong i jz red only dz part..

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