meaning of love (swaragini) episode 5


Hii darlings felt very happy for ur responce .

Swara:iam not jelous u have a right to talk with whome u want to talk .u know what I hate the pepople who changes for others happyness

Laksh:that is the real love

Swara:but that doesnt last long

Laksh:u can know it only if u Love someone

Swara:k if u completed ur class we may leave now
Laksh left her nd she went from there nd laksh to himself I know how to make u feel for me

shekar:rag did munni went to school

Rag:ha dad I left her nd came

Shekar:I have an urgent meeting I will leave now
Bell rings

Rag:I will see
She opened nd it was sanky and asked him to come in

Sanky:g m uncle

Shekar:gm is there any work u came this early

Sanky:voo dad asked to talk about the hall

Shekar :ohh I totally forget about that .k you go I will call nd talk with the woner

Sanky:actually I dont know this area

Shekar:k u take rag with u.nd gave the adress to rag nd told her to take sanky .they leave

Sanky:we will go by car its too hot

Rag:I prefer bike what say

Sanky:its too hot out yar

Rag:k then wr is ur car

Sanky brings the car nd they left from there .after a while

Rag:stop hear we reached

Sanky nd rag talked nd booked thee hall

Hall owner :sanky u r crazy man u have a lot of money nd u r trying to run behind others for job

Sanky was about to say but rag intrepted :actually uncle every person should doo what sanky is doing now .every one should hahmmve an individual identity. How long we will depend on fathers earning.nd its not crazy its self respect.k uncle thank u nd we will leave now.she hold his hand nd came out

Sanky was impressed by her words.

On the way rag got a call nd asked sanky to stop near a mall
Sanky:auty wanted to buy saree for ankita aunty (mother of purab-mother of sid in jamai raja) and she forget about it she told mee to buy

Sanky:ok lets goo nd u goo I will park the car nd come

Rag was About to goo but she was stopped by some one he is none other than shourya from (eht)

Rag:u??how dare u to block my way

Sho:wt r u talking darlng .who else have a right other than mee.ok tell me when arewe ngoing to get married.I have been.waiting from 4hears

Rag:I told u many ways that I dont like u .soo its better if u leave me alone

Sho:I too tlod u many times I will not leave u untill u say yes for my proposal

Rag was about to goo a hand was kept on her shoulder rag with out seeing the face started shouting:how dare u to touch mee nd saw him nd said u iam sorry

It was sanky
Sanky:whome r u scolding

Rag:searched hear nd there nd said nothing

They were leaving after shoping

Sanky:y r u tensed


Sanky:thinking about him sanky hold shourya

Rag:was shocked to see him u know him

Sanky:no but saw that he is bothering u so bought to solve the problem
.k boss whats ur problem

Sho:she is rejecting me

Rag:I don’t like him

Sanky:so its clear boss .u have right to love u loved. Nd she has right to reject Nd she rejected.thats it

Sho:I will not leave her easilly and was about to keep his hand on her sanky stopped him and said what is this dude u will not change .if possible love them dude some day they will feel for u .but by forcing they will only hate u(veelite premidam dude poyedem undi mahaite tirigi premistaru)

Sho: u r right boss I will love her till the end some day she may think about mee

Sanky and sho hugged each other and rag see Sanky lovingly

Episode ends with happy face of rag

Recap:rag started loving sanky

Hii darlings plzz comment if it is boaring .urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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