meaning of love (swaragini) episode 4


Hii darlings very hapy after reading your comments .I think iam not making it intresting it is normal .so I wii try hard to satisfy ur expectations

Sanky reached home hee greeted all nd went to purabs house to meet him as he is his chaild hood friend

Purab:hii sanky how r u man after many days

Sanky:iam fine man what about u when u made my sis to fall for u (are yar mare bahen jo kaise pata liya)(bale padagotesav ra na chelli ni)

Purab:aftral who is my guru nd bend towards sanky

Sanky:soo my advises are used for u to impress,my sister only not bad

In.between rag comes to purab house

Rag:broo where r u .jwhere is uncle

Manav:iam hear dear

She didnt saw sanky:what is this I told u to come fast naa there is lot of work

Purab:ohoo u became that much busy ki u even didnt noticed who is around u

Rag:saw sanky and said I havee seen u some where

Sanky:fogetted mee that too this much fast .mee sanskar ram uncles son

Rag:ohhh iam really sorry seen ofter many years r u .(actually sanky stuied abroad only thats y )

Thay have a cajual talk rag was little impressed

Mean time rags phone rings she sees the name and a wide smile came on her face nd she excused them nd went to talk

Sanky:did she have a lover

Sanky:then byy seeing the name her face started glowing

Purab:it may be cousin nd her best friend thats y.he is the only person who can bring a smile on her face

Rag:hii darling completly forgetted us

Caller:who forgetted u or mee

Rag:k tell me how is uncle,aunt nd abhi bhayya

Ya he is our lucky
Lucky:they r rocking nd haa uncle told mee that u r getting married

Rag:what ???who told u

Lucky:dont act smart haa I know u very well k tell me how is my bhai

Rag:started blushing yaa he is cool to bee frankly iam impressed (actually shekar told about the proposal to rag at first only
Fb shown
Rag:noo dad,I will not marry him he is soo arrogent inhis chaild,hood only.he behaves as if he is the only smartest guy

Shekar:no he is,very nice but little,pirticular in his decisions thats it .nd first treat him as an unknown and observe him then also if y r not impressed then we can break it

Rag:k dad I will see him but need time

Schekar:remember one thing we will get what we give so u decide u want to give love or hate
Fb ends)

Lucky:really u are praising some one nd that too with blushing haa .u.cheated,mee

Rag:what?? How I cheated u?

Lucky:u told that u will marry me if any every one rejects u

Rag:haa that option is always there .k tell me till where did ur love came

Lucky:dont ask about it she even dont care about mee yar

Rag:ohhh dont feel sad we will sort it out .k tell me when will u come hear

Luckt:ohh yar I called u to tell u a good news nd forgetted,to tell u about it.abhi bhaya’s marrage fixed it will be two months,later

Rag:its really good news k then I will come .nd sort out ur problem

Lucky:yaa next month iam gooing for a conferance as bhai would be busy I should attend

Rag:ohoo poor guy k I will talk to u later bye

Lucky:bye darling nd he cutted the call and turned back nd shocked to see swara

Swara:who is. She ??

Lucky:y for u?

Swara:u called her darling nd u have only one darling that too mee naa??

Lucky:who told u that u r my only darling

Swara:with an anger soo iam nothing for u

Lucky:ha who r u for me?
Swara was leaving lucky hold her hand and dragged her towards him they were soo closee

Lucky:soo some one is jelous
Swara:why would I bee jelous .iam not that type of indian typical women

Episode ends
Screen freezes with swara nd luckys faces
Recap:rag san bonding

How was it darlings any suggesions are accepted nd thank u for ur responce ir loving pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. its quite different from mr.perfect. i like it very much. wonderful epi .
    keep it up ya

  2. very nice episode pav……it always dinchak ?

    1. Tnk u dinkachaka

  3. awesome

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