meaning of love (swaragini) episode 3


Hii darlings thank u very much for ur responce.astha u asked for help k tell me what information u want.

Sanky enjoying with friends his phone rings
Sanky:hi dad whats upp
Ram:what sanky u completly forgetted us

Sanky:not like that little busy in work .k leave it how is mom nd bulbul

Ram:all are fine called u to tell a good . news..
Sanky:surprise???whats that ???
Ram:bulls marrage fixed .
Sanky:what ?all of sudden ?
Ram:yaa she loved him nd want to marry him
Sanky:what love she didnt told me once also.k who is groom

Ram:purab .manav uncles son
Sanky:woww nice purab is a good guy .I know her selection will be perfect
Ram:yaa proved that she is ur sis . K when wil u come hear
Sanky:I will be free this 2months after that I will be busy after that

Ram:thank god marrage is in next month u come soon
Sanky:k dad I will be there in one week

Ram cutted the call :hee will be hear in a week

Shekar:nice then he will handle outher work no need to take tension

Ram:ya but he dont know about hear
Shekar:no problem we will send rag with him.
Ram:yaa actually shekar I want to ask u something imp

Shekar: yaa y not
Sujatha:actually baisa we want to ask raginis hand to sanakar

Shekar:woww its good news but I should conform by talking to ragini nd what about sanky

Ram:ya we will ask him after his return

Us at sankys house after a week

Sanky:soo guys meet u after a month I will leave now

Jai:we will miss u

Vicky:yar till 2days for my marrage u r leaving now
Sanky:sorry yar I should leave now thre will be lots of work there.k guys bye

Some one came nd said.

Prsn:sir we are trying to launch a carboury chocolate name made for each other.
We are giving this cards to evey youth u should fill it .the two persons whose compatability is soo near then we will launch this carboury choclate with them..

Sanky:reALLY k lets try it who is the person suitable for mee.
What is ur fav colour?
Two girls will be shown randomly
Girl 1wearing a white anarkali
Girl2:wearing a black top

What u doo when u r happy?
Sanky:doo westren dance .
Girl 1:doing classical dance

what will you do when u r frustrated
Sanky:bike race
Girl one :seen by playing with pets
Girl 2:seen racing bike

What u like in a person after seing him for the first time
Girl1:shown with a smile nd she is ragini
Girl2:swara with a smile .

Episode ends with smyling faces of rag,san nd swara

Recap:discussion on marriage proposal

Hi darlings how was the episode plzz comment .tell me if it is boaring .actually this story is plane I think thats y u may feel bore but I will try hard to create some intrest in you .plzz support me like this only.urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Not boring at all…its super

    1. Tnk u very much

  2. I mean u will make both swasan n ragsan pair n at last ragsan …

  3. no no no…..its not boring…..its awesome…….its dinkachika ?
    i loved it plzzzz update soon

  4. Yes surely it was mr perfect movie am i right dr

    1. Yes nd thanks

  5. its nice but my mind shows the face of kajal, praphas and tapsi

  6. thnq so much pavani. but i find the way to publish my ff. if i had doubt i’ll txt u. thnq thnq thnq u so much

    1. K then all the best for ur ff nd thk u for commenting plzz do comments

  7. Its awesome made a lot of changes from film..its awesome…

  8. It’s not boring.i love it

  9. Very very nice episode

  10. nice story, quite interesting.
    that chocolate name made 4 each other scene is frm mr.perfect movie right .

    1. Concept was also mr perfect only

  11. its not boring its amazing….

    1. Tnk u very much

  12. This is darling Telugu movie prabhas and Kajal…

    1. Its not darling its mr perfect

  13. Wow awesome.Not boring at all.

  14. Nyc…why are u giving more importance to ragini… Swara and sanskar arejust awesome…keep swasn

    1. Its rag san story only

  15. It so nice epi l like it very much this in an Telugu movie prabhas & kajal u make il as a Ragsan pair plz plz
    And one more thing u r Telugu guy

    1. Ha ha ha ya mee to telugu nd tnk u for reading nd commenting

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