meaning of love (swaragini) episode 19


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Rag:what its not s its a degain
Sanky:dont lie …
Rag:byee I should leave now
Sanky:was following her but was stopped by a person
Person:y r u following my daughter (yes he is shekar )
Sanky:uncle ..voo…actually…
Shekar:tell it straight
Sanky:k uncle I love ur daughter
Another person:whatt?????how can u do this to my daughter ????how much she trusted u nd u betrayed her
Sanky:dayal uncle ??swara didnt told u any thing ?ok let me explain
Swara:what is there to say sanky ?u cheated mee ?how cheap

Sanky:was fully confused nd said what r u saying swara ?why r I talking like this

Laksh:then how will she talk .I cant believe how can u do like this

Sanky:got mad what the hell y all r behaving like this …wait a min……I got it u are teasing mee…(with an angry bird face)

All laughed at a time haa nd every one ran from there he was confused

Then again he was in search of rag nd he saw laksh nd chase him laksh saw him nd ran from there .sanky was searching for laksh in all rooms .nd he opened a door nd saw rag who is wearing saree

Rag:what r u doing hear sanskar .dont u have manners

Sanskar:sorry I came hear for searching laksh .

Rag:don’t lie why laksh will be in my room .nd I know y u came hear

Sanky:ohh then u know y I came hear then noo need to lie (with a naughty lok)he came in and closed the door

Rag:was tenssd y r u closing the door open it nd u goo

Sanky comes close to her nd pinned her to the wall she suddenly dropped her pallu which she hold to wear(I told na she is wearing sare)

Sanky:came close nd rag closed her eyes nd breating heavily nd after some time she opened her eyes nd saw sanky tying his pallu .she felt relaxed .he came close to her and said still there is time to that nd he went from there .rag was blushing

Sanky nd laksh came fastly
Laksh saw sanky nd tought he will catch me today nd is about to leave
Sanky:dont dare to goo from there nd he came nd hugged laksh
Laksh was surprised nd said u r higging me
Sanky:ha due to u yesterday I spent some beautiful time with my darling .I think she excused mee

Laksh:what??how can she doo that ??she told us to tease u nd …… he saw sanky who was seeing him shockingly

Sanky:what??she is teeasing mee nd saw towards lucky angryly nd u all r helping her,

Laksh:sorry yar,but dont tell to her she will kill mee

Sanky:ok leave it to mee

Mean time rag came there she saw sanky lovingly nd sanky started avoiding her she got confused

Sanky was acting that he didnt observed her she got angry nd left from there

After some time he saw him talking with group of people she got jelousdid went into her room with an anger (she got angry now because she know that only she have right on him as he loves her only )(before also she saw swswaraissing but then she felt bad but not jejelojelousse he didnt dnte her then nd she have no right on him)

Stypid ,idiot for him for the first time took this much time to ready nd he even didnt saw mee .he comes near me and says there is still time for it but see out side how he is talking to them .he can make them sit on his lap also .yes he can doo that I should go nd it .rag was about to turn she was collided by a person

Rag:u?y r u hear go with ur friends nd she is about to go he pulled her her back touching his front

Sanky:soo u r jelous
Rag:noo way
Sanky kept his chin on her sholder ok u are feeling bad because I didnt kissed u yesterday
Rag:shut up what r u talking about
Sanky:ok sorry will not disturb u any more
Rag hold his hand und pylled him nd hugged him dont dare to say that.
Sanky:soo what u tought u only can tease mee I cant tease u
Rag:what ??I know this lucky kaa bachee have told u naa .I will not leave him
Sanky:ok sweat heart all were waiting for us lets goo

Marrage completed all went to andhra nd there they enjoyed a lot nd as dayal gave permission to built a branch in andhra sanky shifted to andhra rag also used to take care of her family .they were married nd lead their lifes happily by knowing THE MEANING OF LOVE

URS darling pavani will come with another ff plzz read that also

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  11. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Akka chala bagundi pls Telugu lo subtitles rayi

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