meaning of love (swaragini) episode 17


Hii darlings thanku for ur valuble comments .nd haa about ending my ff hmm I will see if I get any idea I will surly continie if not I will come with one more ff hii darlings what about prema kadha chitram concept if u like it plzz comment

Rag:what r u saying sanskar
Sanky:the truth which I realised now .yes I was selfish from my chaild,hood .I didnt cocompramiseor a smsmalhing also I have susuccedike that only .my dad used to tell me that to be happy is not a real happiness to make others happy is the real happiness.but I dididnt bothered about those words then but I realised it after seeing ur love .yes I rejected u for changing ur self for mee but dont know when I have changed for u .(withe smile)I didnt recognised the change untill swara told mee .when I dont know MEANING OF LOVE u r there with mee .(hee neeled on his legs nd said )now I came to know real MEANING OF LOVE will u bee with mee for my whole life
Rag was crying she was happy but sad too iam sorry sanskar nd she ran from there all this was observed by lucky

Lucky came near sanky nd hugged him u know what today iam very happy for rag dont mind give her some time every thing will be alright nd ha these girls naa always want boys to rome around them soo keep on trying nd all the best .and last but not least this time even dont dare to think about hurting her ok

Sanky:with a small smile nd hugged her and said I wont till my death .k now as a friend u should help me to patch up

Laksh:not for u but for rag any thing
(Swara was seeing this from side .she is happy for sanky )

Sanky:saw swara and pretended that not seen nd intensanally asked laksh k what about ur love u told ur feelings to swara

Laksh:who told u
Laksh:haa but my candidate was not smart like u she is dumboo u know what iam trying her from my 10th but that dumboo cant get that she is like a kg 1 girl ha ha we should explain her like how teacher explains to kg1 students then she will come to know by saying this he turned the other side nd his face became pale (ha ha ha immagine lakshs face )Swara slapped him and went away laksh saw sanky who is laughing in a teasing manner

Sanky:I will help only for my rag not for u ha ha ha .if u want any help to convence ur darling no problem iam there to help u nd haa that too only for swara he started laughing

Laksh:by holding his cheek with his hand u did it intensanally

Sanky:haa and he laughed and turned back nd is shocked

Rag:how cheap u r sanky .u created misunderstanding btwn them intensanally .I came back by feeling that u will bee feeling bad nd decided to give u one more chance to trust u .but u again broked it .u will not change .I hate u nd she left from there

Laksh:ha ha ha iam happy I tought I only should run behind my darling but now u will accompany me now (they were feeling happy that they spoiled others love life poor guys )

Sanky:u saw her nd y u didnt told mee
Laksh:y should I u too didnt told me about swara
Sanky:youu(saalee….)and ran behind him
Scren freezes with sanky nd lakshs chasing

Recap:not yet decided
Tnk u for support nd keep commenting urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Wow…that was fantastic… Loved it…

    1. Tnk u

  2. epi was very funny. am enjoyed it so much doll

    1. Tnk u

    1. Tnk u

  3. funny
    nvu leka nenu lenu baguntndemo¡

    1. Hmm I decided it will be gindejaari gallanta iyyindi

  4. superb n prema katha chitram no yaar…..try something else.

    1. Hmm gundejaari gallanta iyyindi

  5. Episode was just wow! Really sanlak were too funny… Pls try to extend and if not come with another ff.

    1. Ya will come with one more ff

  6. Really very funny sanky called lucky saale.very fuuny

    1. Hmm,tnk u

  7. Dear pavani the concept of prema katha chitram is very good.i just read the concept in wikipedia.i would be very happy to see you back once again. please make ragini nandita and sanskar sudheer.swalak as the other lead pair.plzz.i know you have already written two ff on ragsan.but still make the pair ragsan.

    1. Tnk u but decided gunde jaari gallanta iyyinde

  8. Nyc epi di nyc concept I hope the pairs are ragsan only

    1. Yaa I think may be raglak bee hosakta

  9. hahaha…..very nice episode….it was very funny….haahahaha

    1. Tnk u sinzoo

  10. Ha ha ha awesome dr

    1. Tnk u

  11. Pavani, its awesome….. 🙂 🙂

    1. Tnk u janvi I like ur name eva

  12. Wow superb
    ya lovely nuvvu leka nenu lenu movie bagntndi

    1. Hmm but decided gundejaari gallanta iyyindi

  13. Awesome

    1. Tnk u

    2. Waiting for ur ff Lila

  14. Its awesome…waiting fr ur next ff too.

  15. Very nyc….. love it

  16. Gunde jari gallantayinde is a good choice rather than prema katha chitram

  17. Awesome di. So funny.Sanlak rocks.

  18. superb

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