meaning of love (swaragini) episode 16

Hii darlingss iam really sorry guys I was posting only one epi daily actually my hus feeling jelous if iam spending my time with phone actually he is thinking that iam forgetting him nd not giving any focus to him if iam with phone ha ha ha soo possesive naaa thats y tought to give him also sme time plzz dont mind ha I will update 1epi daily for conform

After some time swara came to senses nd released the hug
Swara:iam sorry laksh
Laksh:sorry for what
She is about to goo he hold her hand nd said
Laksh:will leave mee
Swara:she is silent
Laksh:I want to say some thing swara If I didnt say that to u now also that guilt will kill me that why I have not tried once
He hugged her and said I LOVE YOU nd he relesed the hug and went away
Swara was shocked and happy to

Sanky was thinking about rags nd what she said .why iam feeling bad if she marry others .do I love her


At dphouse
Laksh explained every thing to rag
Rag:woww that means she loves u so we can break our marrage proosal
Laksh:noo rag I dont want to back up let her to open up
Rag:what is this laksh .if ur one more move wil make u both unite then y not u can take one more step .
Laksh:I dont want to hurt by her again
Rag:how can u say that she hurted u its u who loved her and not told her til now .common laksh a,chance will not come always .we should take it when it comes .
Rag:dont bother about me I wil be the happyest person in the world if ur love gets succeseeded
Laksh:thank u very much rag nd he hugged her
When they were hugging sanky saw them (actually he came here to talk with rag)
He felt very bad and he leaved from there Rag saw him and excused laksh and folowed him

In garden
Rag:sanky plzz stop
Sanky:who was really angry by seeing the close ness ha tell
Rag:I want to tell u some thing
Sanky:ha tell (he didnt even turned to her)
Rag:actuallyyy… my intension was not to hurt u but I think swara dont love u
Sanky:I know and we settled this matter yesterday only

Fb shown
After swalak nd ragsan meeting at night swasan meet each other
Sanky:iam really sorry to say u I think I dont love u I toight that I love u
Swara:hugged sanky nd said u said my words .i love laksh not u .but I realised it late
Sanky:dont worry their marrage will not happen as a friend I promise u
Fb ends

Sanky:infact I want to talk to u in this matter

Rag:woww then noo need to talk the matter is settled let them confess(she is very happy ) thank u very much
Sanky:u wont ask me y I stoped my marrage
Rag:noo u will have ur own reasons any ways thank u and she is about to go he pulled her towards him they were very close to each other they have an intence eye look they came to senses after some time
Rag:what r u doing sanskar leave mee
Sanky:dont eveer dare to leave mee
Rag:what do u mean
Sanky:I mean…u
Screen freezes with shocking face of rag

Recap :not decided

Sry darlings plzz dont mind .iam thinking to complete this ff in 2/3episodes .ir darling pavani

Credit to: pavani


  1. Nyc ragsan are adorable ya di if you end this also u l come back with one ragsan story right di I m waiting for ur ans

  2. Aastha

    superb. but u r ending this so soon. i can understand ur state but u have to promise that u will return with one more ff.

  3. shloka

    Hey pavani di… i think i am commenting for first time…. di ur story is awesome… plz do continue… …waiting for next episode…..and a very all the best fof ur exams…..

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