meaning of love (swaragini) episode 14


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She went and hugged him nd said I missed u
Shekar:I too
Rag:where is munni
Munni:hear iam nd haaa telling you first only I didnt miss u
Rag:ohooo then mee too
Munni:what??u didnt miss mee .what is this diii u forgeted me completly it is not fair
Every one laughed nd munni saw sanky
Munni:hello sanky uncle .how r u .nd u r hear?.
Sanky:hii munni darling I missed u thats y came to see u
Munni:u know iam hear
Sanky:yaa ofcourse I can feel u (by blinking his eyes)

Shekar eyed rag abou sanky rag eyed him that she will tell him every thing afterwards
Sanky:hi uncle nice to seee u
Shekar:mee to nd they both hugged
Lucky:its a plesent surprise uncle nice to see u nd haa due to u after many days ur dau face have glown like 1000 volts bulb Thank u
Rag angryly eyed lucky nd went to beat him they ran away which maked swasan jelous

Swasan:at a time we will leave now uncle
Out side
Swara:sanky u know rag first only u didnt told mee
Sanky:ha I know her….. sorry forgetted to tell u
Swara:k nd what u thing about did she have any boyfriend
Sanky:boy friend ?(he is tensed).no its not possible(in mind I know she likes only me)
Swara:then I think she likes lucky
Sanky:noo she dont infact I thik laksh gives more intrest to her may be hee likes her
Swara:nooo(in mind he cant do that (ha haha its jelousy ))he is friendly to all may be they r just friends
Sanky:ya u r right
They were convencing them selves

In rag room
Shekar:after many days I have seen u smiling
Rag:this is for licky dad she explained him evey thing
Shekar:soo what do u think y I came hear
Rag:for abhi s marriage
Shekar:fb shows afte ap telling to call to shekar after marrage
Dp:noo I think we should settle it before only
Nd he called shekar nd told him that raglak were in love we should talk about it u xome fast
Fb ends
Shekar:I was confused but after seeing you both I tought u two will be happy
Rag was shocked
Lucky:what r u saying uncle .u know that we are just friends.we respect each other but we cant love each other

Shekar:I know once u think about ur selfs .u will not move on ur lifes or what .leave bitter past as u two undestands each others than any one nxt is up to u its ur life u take the decision u have time tell me tomorrow
Rag nd laksh saw each other faces

At dayal house
Shekar came as he know dayal all are at dining table
Shekar:woww I came at right time I think
Dayal:aree shekar when did u came
Sumi:nice to see u come have some food
Shekar :thanks but my belly is full .today my daughter didnt left mee
Dayal:u r lucky to have such a daughter
Sanky smiles nd feel happy dont know y
Sumi:ha dada see our daughters one will be busy always and other will not care about us
Swara eyed her angryly
Shekar:not like that they too love u but every one will have diff expressions in expressing them
Dayal:dp told me some thing is that the reason u came hear
Shekar:yaa I told them about it its their decision now
Sumi:about what bro
Shekar:actually we want rag lak to get married
Swasan at a time splits what they eating and said what????
Episode ends with shocking faces of swasan

Recap:not yet decided
Really sorry guys I know it was a late,nd small update iam soo sorry iam little busy to day forgive mee urs loving pavani

Credit to: pavani

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