meaning of love (swaragini) episode 13


Hii darlings iam back wth one more update

Sanky nd swara left from there

Sumi:what r u up to now dayal
Dayal:I want to prove that they were,not made for each other .nd I want to make them realise them about MEANING OF LOVE
sumi:is it possible
Dayal:it will bee

Out side
Swara:woww sanky u accepted the challenge
Sanky:ya it was about my ego
Swara gets a cal nd with an exitement cutted the call hugged him tightly rag saw this from her room sanky saw rag and relEased the hug .rag went from there .
Sanky:y soo exited.
Swara:dad,want u to stay here till dii marrage nd he will tell his decision after marrage
Sanky:woww its really a great news can see u every time (in a naughty tone)
Swara blishing nd ran from there and accidentally collide with laksh
Swara:iam sorry ra
Laksh:its ok
Swara:woww u r saying ok insed of fighting with me
Mean time sanky came:hii laksh
Laksh:with a fake smile hii
Swara:comon we wil go to ur room u are avoiding me these days .we didnt talked properly from 10 days
Laksh:not like that
Swara:what not like that forgetted u always spend ue time with rag only uuccompletly forgetted mee (with jelousy)
Laksh :voo she wil not come regularly hear so I just want her to see the city nd enjoy
Sanky:k if u r busy tell mee I will show her
Lucky :noo thanks .any ways come in
Swasan were about to go laksh dragged sanky nd said in ears
Laksh:she is trying to move on on her life so plzz dont disturb her again nd left him .sanky felt bad


Swara:how r u uncle ?became busy?
Dp :nothing u have solved ur fathers problem by selecting by ur self thegroom bt for this lucky I should check the girl
Swara:ohoo u r smart uncle
Rag:entered there nd said hii
Sanky:looks deep into her eyes .he saw a pain in her eyes
Rag:u wait I will bring some thing to eat
Lucky:to avoid swara I will also come (this sentence brings smile in dp nd ap face nd anger in swa nd san faces)
RAg:noo need u give company to ur friends nd she went from there
Dp:who is hee pointing towards Sanky
Swara:my love
Dp:k laksh take them to ur room

Swara:wowww yar lucky when u started to keep your room clean
Luckywas about to say
Sanky:voo actually rag did it (with jelousy)
Nd he come to senses nd said that is what u will say naa with a fake smile
Lucky:yaa she did it actually she likes cleany ness
Rag came with some snacks
Sanky:soo rag u want to go to outing nd want to se the city
Rag:saw lucky who is nooding to say noo
Noo I nd lucky should goo to shoping .
Swara:what but I have planed to go with lucky .actualy I fell comfortable by going with him
Lucky felt happy for her ans nd rag saw it nd felt happy by seeing lucky happy
Rag:k swara u take lucky with u I will goo tomorrow
Swara:noo problem sanky will drop u .what say sanky??
Sanky:yes ofcourse (he is feeling happy In mind)
Rag:with no option k

Swara lalakshent .sasankyas waiting for ragini nd heared heels voice coming from stears he lightly turned nd was mesmerized to see rag inlight pink colour saree

Rag:lets goo
Sanky:ya nd he turned back nd said u r looking more beautiful
Rag:was shocked for a sec nd gave a fake smile nd said tnk u

In car
Sanky:I want to talk to u
Rag:plzz sanky I dont want to talk about my past
Sanky:sry rag what I have done with u was for our betterment only .
Rag:was about to talk he kept his finger on her lips nd said
Sanky:first listen to mee but I should have tell it first only iam reaally sorry
Rag:who was shocked for his behavour nd said:I dont want any sorry and I alredy told I I have moved on nd now stop the car
rag:we reached the mall

After shooping all went to lakshshome
And every one were shocked to seee a person

Episode ends with all the shocking faces
Recap:raglak marrage proposal
How waz it guys ,.guess who is the person .I know its very small but sorry guys iam very sleepy now .urs loving pavani

Credit to: pavani

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