meaning of love (swaragini) episode 12


Hiii darlings thank u for ur complements really by reading ur comments I feel very happy as I used to think that iam fit for nothing but by reading ur comments I realised that no yar u have a tallent .soo thank u for all my beautiful comments

Ap after seeing them went to dp and said:jiii I think they two love each other

Dp:I also think soo ap I have seen rag how she is caring laksh and she is very nice girl I have noo objection infact I want to call shekar and inform him
Ap:haa per not now we will talk about it after abhi’s marrage

Screen shifts to sanky he feels rest less nd he is happy to see rag after many days .he wanted to talk with her but tought how .
Sanky:this laksh what happened to him all of a sudden
Jai:what is this sanky u are neglecting work nd what are u thinking about ??aboit swara???
Sanky:noo yar actually about rag.. nd stoped nd said nothing where is vicky from 3/4 days he is not seen
Jai:he is after nandu by telling sorry
Vicky:iam tiered man she is not ina mood to listen mee
Sanky:y sorry actually u want to give divorce to her naa
Vicky:that only spoiled my life .actually that day iam angry on her so I called u nd talked like that after I cutted the call I saw nandu at the back of mee
Sanky:so why to fear u tell her directly
Vicky:what r u talking yar I dont want to goo away from her .there will be some missunderstangs and adjust ments but from that only we can find real love .soo now I think she completed her cokking classes,I should goo bye
Sanky tought about it nd he remembered how he rejected rag and he felt some guilt nd decided to talk to rag nd tell her sorry

In dayal house
Swara:soo what have u decided dad
Dayal:about what
Swara:about sanky
Dayal:it is not a choclate u asked me nd I brought it u want to marry him its a life matter it takes time
Swara:what is wrong in him dad he is very nice nd well educated nd well settled nd mainly he is just like mee
Dayal:that is the main problem he is just like u he will also not adjust for any thing .if any fight occured btwn you two no one will behave metured direct u will go to divorce .so how can I give a daughter to him

Swara:its not about adjustments its matter of trust .i trust him
Dayal:k then tell him to meet him in evening

Out side house of dayal there is a park swara and sanky sat on a bench
Swara:soo what do u think dad will say
Sanky:dont know actually u should know ur
Swara :dont know iam really tensed
Sanky plesantly kissed on her cheek suddenly
Swara:what is this sanky
Sanky :some one told that if some one is in tension if loved one kisses tension will bee gon
Swara:really ??
Sanky:see how ur tension gon
All this was seen by ragini nd she felt heart broken sge want to cry heart fully but she controlled it and from back lucky came
Lucky:what r u doing hear I have been searching u from an hour .
Rag:nothing nd was about to goo some one called lucks name
They turned back nd yes she is swara
Swara:what is this yar lucky u avoiding mee from 3days
Lucky:with a fake smile nothing like that just busy
Swara:ya I can see (actually lucky hold rag thatsy she is feeling jelous)
Lucky:actually she is new hear naa so should take more care
Swara:by theby I didnt introduced sanky naa
Lucky:I was there that day
Swara:ohh I didnt observed .k where r u going
Lucky:for doing time pass he angryly eyed sanky
Swara:k I should talk to u come asside na nd turned to rag nd said if u dont mind
Rag:I dont mind u carry on I will continue my walk
Swara luash went aside
Sanky:rag I want to talk to u
Rag:tell mee
Sanky:r u angry on mee
Rag:u have right to choose ur own life partner I cant force, u
Sanky:thank u very much I tought u will tel to them every thing
Rag:I will not nd I cant hurt a girl for my revange .ok sanky I should leave now bye
Rag was about to goo sanky hold her hand nd said:we are not atleast friends ???

Rag:ya we will but first leave my hand
Sanky felt bad nd left her hand nd swalak came nd they seperate
Raglak one side and swasan one side

Dayal:soo I think u r perfect for swara
Sanky:ya ofcoirse uncle who will sute her rather than mee
Dayal:k then the confidence u have that u will keep my daughter safe build the same confidence in all our family members .u should prove
Sanky:is this a challenge ??
Dayal:if u think it a challenge then ok its a challenge
Sanky:I love challenges .challenge accepted

Episode ends
It ends with challenging faces of sanky
and dayal
.recap:not decided
Ur darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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    1. Tnk u very much nd the pairs are raglsk nd swarasan

      1. Sry by mistake I send that pairs are ragsan swalak

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