meaning of love (swaragini) episode 11


Hii darlings came with one more episode .I tought many of u will guess who is the person but no one replyed about it .I think no need to guess u already known it

Hear we goo

Yes the hansome hunk is our sanky

Sanskar:hii how r u .when u came hear (asked in an exitement dont know why he feels happy after seeing her)
Lucky:by seeeing rag is hee the same sanskar

Rag was literally shocked nd felt happy to see her love after many days (poor girl dont know that he is loving swara)
Laksh realised that he is same nd with an anger hold his collar
Rag stoped him :what is this laksh stop it .nd turned to sanskar nd said iam really sorry sanskar for his behaviour

Lucky was very angry (actually he is angry for two reasons for diching rag nd for loving swara a type of jelous) he hold rags hand and took her from there nd said to sanky bee away from rag

Sanky was shocked for his behaviour .what happened to him y is he behaving like that .what is relation btwm rag nd him .these are all the questions running in his mind

Laksh after reaching home went into his room with an anger ap sawed it

Ap:laksh ..laksh ..nd signed rag what happened .rag signed that she will take care nd went back of him
Dp observed all this and smiled(he is thinking of raglak)

In laksh room
Rag:laksh what happened

Laksh:y u stopped mee .I shall teach him a lesson .how can he doo that to u
Rag:what he did .he did nothing laksh(he saw her surprisingly)
Laksh:he diched u .how can u support him
Rag:he Didnt diched me laksh .yes ofcourse he never told me he loved mee .I only loved him .
Laksh:how can u forgive him after breaking engage ment
Rag:because I love him.I cant force him to love mee.
Laksh:he is in love with swara

Rag:was broken nd started crying
Laksh:now also u feel the same
Rag:after a min by wiping her eyes yes .he have right to select his love of his own
Laksh:Iam confused rag .iam not great like u .I cant bare I will tell now what he did with u to dayal uncle

Rag:noo laksh u should not .he will be heart broken
Laksh:but I cant allow my love to spoil her life by trusting him
Rag:no laksh he is very nice guy .he cares every about every one .he is very loving thats y I loved him .trust me he will keep swara happily.nd think about swara if she come to know about it she will be broken can u see her in a pain what u r in now
Laksh :tought nd was broken on knees nd cried noo I cant see her heart broken
Rag:kept her hand on.his sholder he hugged her at once nd started crying rag said I dont mean to hurt u laksh but try to understand we loved them from heart we may not snach their happyness we should be happy for them that is the MEANING OF LOVE.laksh hugged her tight and said yes I will not let her heart broken rag too hugged him to console him

Ap came there to see laksh Nd see them in that position nd felt happy nd left from there with out disturbing them

Episode ends with crying faces of rag nd laksh

Recap:dp nd ap tought raglak were in a relationship

Hwz,it guys

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Nice episode…loved the way Ragini consoled Laksh

  2. i hope swara gets jealous seeing laksh with ragini..

    1. Yaa it will be

  3. Its awesome di…

    1. Tnk u very much abhi

  4. awesome

  5. wat now swara going same I want to see in sanskar also.. I cnt understand that everyday he is seeing her in his dream also without any confusion he was confident about the love with swara amazing.. I think more than ragsan better raglak understand is much good..

    1. Tnk u dear

  6. Nyc update next part soon

  7. Nice awesome

  8. Nyc di update next part soon di

    1. Tnk u it will bee soon

  9. Awesome update…. Raglak bond was too good…. Pls make swasan jealous I wanna see them jealous

    1. Ya they will

  10. Plz make length dear

    1. I will try

  11. Raglak bond too good

  12. wow….so nice episode but plzzz make it longer…..its sooo nice mind blowing……and plzz update soon

  13. Superb…make swasan jealous

    1. Tnk u nd ya they will

  14. superb

  15. Nice but nooo swara scens in it .

    1. Tnk u nd sry there will be in next episode

  16. Is it Ragsan

    1. Ya it is

  17. hi pavani di….even i am from andhra…………u said that u r going to use mr.perfect movie.but i think this ff is far away from movie’s story line………awsome di…….good going……..plz make it long……and make sanskar feel ealous of raglak

    1. Tnk u nd ya I will try to write it large

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