meaning of love (swaragini) episode 10


Hii darlings it is ragsan ff only but swaras role is also nice .nd thank u for commenting love u guys

dayal:its not joke swara

Swara:even iam not jocking.infact I have decided to marry him

Dayal:you dont think to consult us before

Swara:thats y I am introducing him before the marrage

Sanky:common.uncle whats big deal in it .what do I want form ur son in law.

Dayal:tell me about u

Lucky was heart broken and left from there

Sanky told bla bla bla about his background etc

Dayal:soo ur lijes nd dislikess are equal and thats y u r thinking that u both love each other

Swara:common dad out of one crore people we were selected as most compactable couple .to show u is my responsibility so I showed him to u .decision is yours .she left from there with sanky

Lucky:soo atlast my princess arrived
Rag:yes darling to move on in my life
In car there was a lot of silence
Ra break the silence:what happened my darling is not talking its 8th wonder

Lucky gave a fake smile .they reached home.rag tought there is some thing fishy

Rag came and took blessings from dp and ap at the same time swara comes there

Dp nd ap blessed her nd asked swara y r u hear any work

Swara:vo actually lucky came yesterday only nd I was busy yesterday nd he did nt came to walking also so came to meet him

Rag(somthing is there lets find out)
Swara:whz tss uncle?
Rag:hi iam rag lucks cousin from india

Swara:so u r rag lucky always talks to u only naa nd gave an angry look to lucky
rag understands her jelous nd said ya its mee only

Lucky:avoiding eye contact with swara lets go rags we have to soo many places nd we didnt have time too its bhayas marrage na nd ha forgetted to tell u her sister is only our bhabhi nd he left with luggage by taking rag hands

Swara :feels very bad nd ran from there with tears

Lucky didnt talk to rag atleast after some time they went out for refresh ment.they reached a park which is filled with lovers (u know how the lover parks will be that too in abroad super scenes ha ha ga)

They sat for an hour but lucky didnt talked

Rag:ok u will not tell me any thing

Lucky:what to say every thing is fine

Rag:so she is swara whome u r loving.

Laksh:not loving nce loved

Rag:what do u mean

Lucky:she loves some one else not mee

Rag:in a shock what howz it possible.I saw love for u in her eyes

Lucky:leave this topic .we came hear so that we can move on in our lives

Rag:to cheer him up k then lets have a break up party . So that every one comes to know that 2loosers if meet they will not cry they will do parties .common yar lucky lets party lets create a new trend

Lucky:gave a fake smile nd said k wait hear I will bring something to eat

Rag sat there nd started thinking about sanky

Sanky at that time passing through that way saw rag nd tought :y this eag will come in my dreams not only night but morning also nd he rubbed his eyes he again saw her nd stopped his car

Mean time lucky came with some snacks
Lucky:ok mam what else
They started talking for a wile nd completed their snacks

Lucky:lets goo due to u iam feeling happy .actually I called u to cheer u up but it seems u came to cheer me up

They were laughing nd were about to go a voice came ragini

Rag turned back nd was shocked to see the person.

Episode ends with shocking face of rag

How was it guys

Recap:lucky warns sanky to bee away from rag by holding his collar
Ur darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Mind blowing…upload next epi

    1. Tnk u it will.bee soin

  2. PavanI nice update..
    I told u to write some story of jamai raja sidni plzz koi likhna hii nhi hai sidni ke bare me wo dono kitne bst couple hai…

    1. Hmmm I will try for sure dear nd tnk u for commenting

  3. Wow yaar pavani you made the plot sooo good far better than original one (at least I think so) ????

  4. Nice episode but u always in end in suspense….not fair….

    1. Ha ha ha then only there will be intrest naa nd I tought many of u have gussed it but no one gussed it I was surprised

    1. Tnk u dear

  5. Hey its awesome….it is like dat Mr.perfect movie of prabhas noe….

    1. Yaa it is

  6. Nyc update next part soon di

    1. Tnk u it will bee soon

  7. di its awesome 🙂

  8. what a suspense pavani n waiting for next update soon……

  9. super ……:-)

  10. make it long

    1. I will try

  11. Its sanskaar only

    1. Yaa dear

  12. Hai pavani, starting I didn’t read your ff as its the story based on Telugu movie and I have watched it many times. But suddenly I don’t know why just I have read this episode of your ff and j felt it interesting and sat to read all the episodes. Though I like only swasan pair and your ff is not of that pair but the way your story is going is too good and I couldn’t stop myself from reading it.
    Pleaser post the next one soon…..Waiting eagerly

    1. Wow thank u very much bhargavi its a very good compliment thank u dear

  13. wow….soo nice…..really yaar i liked it….it was sooo nice too see laksh and rags happy 🙂

    1. Tnk u dear

  14. This was the first ff episode I read… so its a Mr.perfect movie story line… seems like u r a big fan of prabhas… same pinch… I’m also a fan of prabhas… relating the movie story to SR serial cast is very impressive… nice… far better than the original one…. kajal role for rags and tapsi role for swara is absolutely apt…. very good choice….

    1. Tnk u nd ya iam big fan of prabhas

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