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Meaning of Love-os part 2



After talking with mihir he went and knock the door of the doctor room and went inside…

sanskar:hello doctor…
doctor:ha sanskar…
sanskar:doctor what to do with mahi???if once she gets cured within 2 days again she s having fever….i m very afraid doctor….
doctor:sanskar i know it….bcoz d time mahi came to mumbai u r showing to me….
sanskar:its been 1 month but till she s not cured…..whether its very dangerous???
doctor:think postive sanskar…there s one way to cure her…
sanskar:doctor then what r u doing????i m ready to pay u any amount but i just need my mahi to b cured….
doctor:its not in my hands sanskar…
sanskar:doctor what do u mean???
doctor:its in ur hands only….
sanskar:doctor pls dont put riddles….just come to the matter straight…
doctor:sanskar mahi s suffering for affection…so
doctor:i m asking u to get married…so that ur wife will c her…
sanskar:doctor whether there s no other chances???
doctor:no sanskar….y r u thinking this much to get married???
sanskar:doctor there s no gurantee that the girl whom i m going to marry will c my mahi as a child…not possible doctor
doctor:there s soo much time sanskar…think for it….
sanskar:thank you doctor….
doctor:ha sanskar u can take her home today evening…
sanskar:thank you soo much doctor….

Then he thought somthing


After coming to mumbai finishing all rituals sanky went to office….he thought that misha will come and make him happy but to his utter surprise she dint talk with him….she started avoiding sanky…one day when sanky confronted misha she told that
to forget her bcoz he has hided d real fact of his sis…he was heartbroken…after that they both talked only professionally….


Credit to: Shan

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