Meaning of love LAST EPISODE

The episode start with thapki return home and her family ready for her engagement Karan comes and try to say to them he doesn’t want to marry Thapki no one hear him , Radha let thapki get ready ..
Bihaan go to police station Dev tell him he knows that Sid kidnap golu and he will let him go to jail he just need info of Sid house..
Bihaan try to denied the truth ..

Dev: you keep you lies in your head Bihaan we know the truth ..
Bihaan doesn’t tell them , he get a phone call and he knows about the engagement he come faster to the engagement place ..
Karan sees Bihaan…Bihaan tell Karan that he can’t marry Thapki ..
Karan: Bihaan I don’t want to it was a plan to make you confess your feelings to thapki ..
Bihaan: I need to do something..
Karan: you will do what ..
Bihaan: something crazy and helpful..
Thapki come and every was happy to their engagement..
Karan comes Thapki was upset..
Bihaan: congratulations Thapki and Karan ..
Thapki get shocked: are happy ??
Bihaan: why want Karan aren’t you ..
Thapki get angry: Bihaan I like you how you think l will be happy with Karan..
Radha and shashi get shocked..
Radha: Thapki !!! What are you saying..

Thapki: sorry mother I want to be with bihaan not Karan ..
Karan: and I want you to be with bihaan not me ..
Karan take Bihaan and thapki hands …
Karan tell thapki parents and his parents that he doesn’t want thapki to be his wife ..
Radha think about Bihaan that he is rich she agree and shashi agree too..
Thapki and bihaan engagement happen .
In Bihaan house #
Bihaan come with thapki to tell them that they get engaged,
Rajnath get angry at Bihaan and slap him ..
Thapki try to tell him that it wasn’t Bihaan fault..
Priya: shut up you poor girl how dare you to come to our house..
Bihaan: no one speaks to my Thapki like this she is poor but she has a pure heart and she special to me ..
Thapki tears ..

Rajnath if you have your decision leave the house Bihaan we don’t want you here anymore what you did is really shameful to us ..
Bihaan: wow dad your the one who loved me to date Thapki but when I want to her husband you refused..
Rajnath: you are not get it Bihaan because you not grown up you still a child ..
Bihaan: enough !!! Am child am not grown up but I will marry Thapki if you like it or not ..
Dev and sona comes ..
Dev : Bihaan take your things we dose not want you to live here even didn’t help us to know who is the kidnap of golu ..
Rajnath: Bihaan tell us who kidnap golu you know the man say it Bihaan..
Thapki looks at Bihaan..
Bihaan: I will never say and I don’t want your rich stuff anymore I will leave now ..
Golu runs to Bihaan and tell him to stay ..
Bihaan hug golu and promise him to meet him soon ..
Bihaan and thapki left , Bihaan stay in Karan place .

In the next morning Anjali wake up ..she sees Sid she doesn’t remember him ..
Anjali: who is you ..
Sid trying to let her remember she doesn’t remember she cry ..
Sid tell here family to take care of Anjali he can’t stay anymore..

In thapki house #
Bihaan tell thapki he will meet here after his flight he will travel to go with us football team ..Thapki promise him she will wait for him ..they get a sweet hug and Bihaan travel..

After 5 years …
Anjali became a teacher ..she didn’t remember Sid tell that day ..
Thapki became a doctor she Waite for Bihaan return..
Alia and raj got married and get a beautiful child ..
Karan and his secret girlfriend got married..Karan and Bihaan still friends..
In the news #
The football player that surprised the whole city Bihaan kapoor the girls day for him we in interview with him ..
Bihaan: he everyone I just want to say hi to all my fans and to my beautiful fiancee she wait a lot and today I will go to here house..
Thapki see his interview she is exited to meet him ..
Bihaan knocked the door ..
Thapki open it ..
Bihaan smile and hug her ..
Thapki: Bihaan..she cry ..
Bihaan: you wait all this time to see me and cry ..
Thapki: you never stop joking aren’t you ..
Bihaan: and you never stop love me ..
Thapki: love ..
Bihaan: Thapki me and you never believed in something we already feel which is love ..
Thapki: it mean I
Bihaan: love ..
Thapki: you ..

Bihaan hold her hands and kiss them ..
Thapki: today is very special today golu birthday should we go ..
Bihaan: am here to be romantic with you and you think about golu ..
Thapki: Bihaan let’s go ..
Bihaan: fine..
Bihaan and thapki go to golu Birthday party ..
Bihaan and thapki comes ..
Golu : Bihaan uncle ..
Bihaan: you become older look to this man ..
Golu : am just ten years old ..
Thapki: hi golu this is your gift ..
Golu : thanks Thapki di..
Bihaan sees his parents and Dev and sona ..
Bihaan: hi dad ..
Rajnath hug Bihaan: I am proud of you son ..
Priya apologized to Bihaan and thapki ..
Dev : am sorry Bihaan..
Bihaan : I miss my family after along time ..
Rajnath: me and priya decided to do all your marriage celebrating..
Bihaan and thapki feel happy..

In Anjali class #
Anjali was teaching suddenly a child says : Sid ..
Anjali turn : who said Sid ..
The child : it is my father name Sid ..
Anjali sees his picture she remember everything…
Anjali: Sid ..Sid ..I remember him ..where is he ..
The child : my father is dead ..
Anjali get shocked and cry : what but how ..
The child : it is because of a kancer..
Anjali: what a weird name it is a person who killed him ..
Jenny comes to take jimmy ..
Jenny : jimmy let’s go ..
Anjali: hi Jenny sorry to hear about Sid ..
Jenny: finally I found you didn’t know why Sid left you he was sick he was having cancer all this time ..
Anjali tears dropped: what !!! From when he was having cancer ..
Jenny: from the day he saw you in college and you was his power to stay alive but when you forget about him he decided to die but I told him that he should be more strong doctor I tried to save his life but I couldn’t..
Anjali: no way Sid ..she recalled him ..
Jenny : let’s go jimmy ..
Anjali sees jimmy she recalled Sid ..
Anjali: unless this child will always remember you from him ..I love you Sid ?.

❤️Thapki and bihaan wedding happen and they lived a happily ever after….❤️

Good bye lovely reader I could not write more about thahaan sorry am not going to write any story about thahaan after this story very sorry to alllllll of you even am writing this part I was crying..anyway you keep smiling and happy always ..
This is my wattpad : smileysandy123
If you want to be in touch with me just add me in wattpad..
I don’t have instagram or Facebook or twitter.

Just a info to all of you that I will not write any ff anymore this was my last ?

I want just to say it to the last time big thanks to all of you for everything for everyday I spend to write and read your comment you always bring a smile in my face I never thought that you just a reader you been always my friends love you more than the word a lot and you will always be my favorite reader ever ?
Keep smiling..
Stay happy ..
Take care ..
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️THANKS YOU FOR EVERY THING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Hey guys i know it is short and of course I write it in the faster way some question that may come to your mind ..
    How Anjali forget Sid ?
    Because of the accident she have I didn’t continue writing that scene because I was trying to put a ending to the story ..
    Even if you had any questions in your mind just ask I will answer because it is last episode.
    And why I wrote it in faster way ?
    Because am trying to put an ending to thahaan story .

  2. Dil tor dia
    Aap ko paap lgega didi
    Aap n ek maasom knya ka dil dokya h..
    Vese hi m etni duki hoon..
    Aap sab ko jab chor k hi jana hota h to aate kyo ho,

    Mene abhi pichla part bhi nahi pda tha..
    Di itna haq to d do
    ki hum aap ka ek baar phir intzaar ker sake,

    1. Sorry sweetheart I can’t continue I hope you understand because of bihaan dead really painful I hope you don’t hate me now and we can chat in this website site if you don’t have wattpad .

  3. Hi Sandy… I read 4 last episodes today altogether….nice story, shocking twists, unpredictable…great.
    Love thahaan happy ending…but sid is sad ending… 🙁
    You seem to be in a hurry to put the end…
    Alia done so many mistakes to thahaan, but she never get punished…
    Over all I like your stories…they’re unique n interesting… don’t stop writing… see you in wattpad. By the way there is a story that you wrote but not in alphabetical… I guess it’s Arabic or something like that… I’m sorry I couldn’t read it…perhaps you could translate it..
    Ok dear…keep smiling… tc 🙂

    1. Hey lee_na missed you a lot thanks for your comment my dear and I will try to translate that story if I had time thanks lee_na for your support you will always bring a smile in my face when I read your comment thanks a lot.

  4. U finish this ff very soon?I ‘ll miss u take care

    1. Yes sorry fatima, it is crazy but every time I read your name i imagine my friend that have the same name, thanks for your comment dear and I will miss you more keep smiling fatima .

  5. Sandy…I can understand your state of mind dear.I really enjoyed your off from first to last…what a skillful writer you are…happy to have understanding,caring,loving friend like you…Iam also registered member in telegroup name is poojaz we can meet there…miss you from the bottom of my heart…..keep smiling…take care…
    I just heard that Manish will be rejoins Iam not sure about it…if it happen truly I will rejoins the group…don’t be sad….we are friends forever…

    1. Thanks poooooja for enjoying the group am more than happy now thanks thanks a lot,
      Your comment make me tears thanks pooja 🙂 ,
      That’s good news but b for bihaan is dead really sad and painful 🙁
      BFF for sure 😉 love u pooja keep your beautiful smile in your face always 🙂

  6. Juveria.ghalib

    Sandy this part was the best one.but y did u stopped u were going great.but it’s ok I understand..ok I will miss u but hope we can be in touch I’m also on wattpad I will join u there.n do read my ff n share ur views too.tace care

    1. Thanks jiveria and I will miss you too dear , yes sure I will, take care dear keep smiling .

  7. Shibil

    Good one ……but i didn’t expect that u ll soon end this ff ….try to come with another ff …..miss u …..

    1. Thanks shibil for your comment and there is no chance to come back , but am sure you will read more good stores than my , miss u more dear ,take care , keep smiling .

  8. Mansak

    sandy why you stop dear and this in a fast way
    i am confused about sid and anjali
    btw why will you not write any ff
    your skills are superb do continue
    we are only living with these ff only o the other hand cvs have make us crazy
    pls do come back again
    pls i request you
    from these days i am so much depressed on manish leaving the show and now you are giving me another shock
    i will die by this
    pls dear do continue
    i am waiting for you
    hope you consider me as a friend and will agree with me

    1. Hey mansak and what is your confused tell me I will answer ??
      Because thahaan is dead by bihaan dead cannot write any ff about thahaan and I know everyone love thahaan the much I loved them but cvs just killed it by killing bihaan 🙁
      Thanks but am sure there is much much better written her and I always have grammar and vocabulary mistake but even that reader love it 🙂
      I don’t understand why you want me to continue I mean in the good way why there is much better stores than this that focuses only on thahaan this story not just focus in thahaan .
      Thanks and of course you are my friend but I request you to read other ff that much better than this 😉 .

  9. Navami

    Sandy dr..i was reading ur ff but didnt commented regularly…first of all sorry for that…..y did u stop my dr….pls dont do this my dr…..its my humple request…pls do continue if u can…..we need our thahan back….through ff……pls do continue writting

    1. Hey navami my dear I missed you a lot:) finally I speak to you …it is okay my dear am happy that you read it …please my dear try to understand that I can’t because of bihaan dead ….
      And again there is much better ff than this that focuse as you want on thahaan go and read it am done can’t write any thahaan ff so sorry hope you understand me ….love u dear take care keep smiling.

  10. Simrank

    Amazing as usual will miss this ff alot well ik y u stopped writing coz we all r addicted to mani nd can not imagine tpk without him if u cud spare some time do read my ff sweety lu tc…❤❤❤

    1. Thanks simi and yes for sure I will read your , take care dear and keep smiling.

  11. Alm.Abi

    sandy dear what a marvellous writer u r… sriously ur ff is too amazing.. from start till end i enjoyed each nd every epi… full of light, romantic, fun and comedy moments.. yes am bit sad bcz u ended this ff soon but happy too that u have not dragged much… big thankooo nd hug from me bcz u have entertained us alot… stay blessed.. love u…

    1. Hey Alm.Abi my dear how are you ?? Missed you a lot…
      Always your comment make me feel that am good writer thanks for make feel that really great feeling……thanks a lot for this loveable comment dear love u more take care and keep smiling.

  12. That’s senseable that you don’t want to continue writing about thahaan. I mean yes there was a time which is serial was great and the couple and of course the concept of serial as well but now I seriously get to this point that maybe they have extra money or for example actors of this serial have lots of free time . Anyhow I don’t get why they still continuing it .
    Anyway your ff was beautiful and I remember a lot and enjoyed too . Unfortunately I didn’t like the ending. It wasn’t an ending , it’s like you just wrapped it . All in all I liked your ff .
    I give you right if you don’t want to write about thahaan anymore but don’t stop writing . You’re a good writer. Practice more and improve your skill .
    Good luck in your life ??
    Love you ??❤❤???

    1. Thanks nasrin for your comment and am really happy that you liked my story and sorry for not writing the last episode in good way I was trying just to end it , thanks allllllllot and I hope my skills improve in the future, I will really miss u nasrin love u more dear take care keep smiling.

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