Meaning of love Episode {8}

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Here the 8 Episode of meaning of love ❤️
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The episode start with bihaan hold thapki is hands and about to ask her something ..
Thapki : Bihaan leave my hands how much..
Bihaan speaking in lower voice : the students looking at us so I hold your hand keep the act until they go …
Thapki look at the students and looks at Thapki: ok continue your act..
Bihaan higher his voice: Thapki I want to ask you to go with me to the trip ?
Thapki look at him and about to say no …

Bihaan whisper again: just say yes they go ..
Thapki make a fake smile: yes Bihaan I will go ..
The students: yes thapki and bihaan will come with us ..
Karan : what the..she said no to me even when I try to convince her …
Alia smile : really so miss thapki will come with us I will have so much fun if she comes.
The students left accept Karan ..
Thapki remove Bihaan hands..
Karan: wow Thapki you said to me ” I don’t love trip ” and now you want to come ..
Thapki: I ..I ..
Bihaan: we where just acting …

Thapki get angry: Bihaan how much me and you should act like this ..
Bihaan: until the students shut up ..
Thapki : that really sad to me ..
Bihaan: oh hello am not I interested to be your b for boyfriend…
Karan : okay you two we have class to attend let’s go ..
Thapki and bihaan go to their classes.

Break Precaps:
Bihaan: Thapki do you like me ..
Thapki get shocked from the question..

Thapki and bihaan in class Thapki try to find her pen, a guy student give his pen to her ,
Thapki about to her take it ..
Bihaan come and says : excuse me we don’t need your pen you may leave now ..
Thapki: why you behave like this ?
Bihaan: you can’t speak to any guy without my permission..
Thapki laughs: you are not really my b for boyfriend you are my student..
Bihaan sit and ask Thapki to teach him ,

Thapki and bihaan study together,
After class,
Karan runs to Bihaan class and tell him that Alia in the hospital…
Bihaan get scared: what !!! am coming..
Bihaan and Karan go to the hospital and ask the doctor what happened to Alia ..
Alia come and her leg is broken..

Bihaan: Alia are you fine ..
Raj come from behind Bihaan and says : Alia ..and he hold her hands and walk her ..
Bihaan get upset, Karan tell Bihaan that Alia don’t need him anymore she have raj ..
Alia return: thank you Bihaan for caring about me but am fine because raj with me …
Bihaan: if is good to hear that you are fine and yeah sure raj is your new man you don’t need me anymore.,
Karan and Bihaan left ,
Alia: am really happy that you come mean you still have feelings for me..
The scene go to thapki #
Thapki bicycle is broken she walk to her father shop ,
Bihaan was in his car with Karan .
Karan: is that is Thapki ..
Bihaan: where ?
Thapki sees Bihaan and Karan ..
Karan get off the car: thapki what are you doing her ?
Thapki: my bicycle get broken so I walk ..
Karan : my friend walks to home ..
Thapki: not home to my father shop it is really close..
Karan : no way come with us , he take her bicycle and put it in the back of the car
Bihaan: yes come ..
Thapki: Bihaan is with you ..
Karan : yes it is with us ..

Thapki: ok I will come ..
The three of them was in the car and thapki tell Bihaan where is her father shop ..
Bihaan and Karan talking and laughing..
Thapki: you really close friends to each other ..
Bihaan: even Alia was..,he stopped.
Thapki and Karan looks on ..

Bihaan: I mean to say …Alia also was our friend…
Thapki: yes how is she ?
Bihaan angry voice and driving fast : she is fine .
Karan: come down bro ..look we come to your place Thapki …
Thapki get off the car and take her bicycle and thanks them ..
Her father was sitting in sad mood..
Bihaan wearing his sunglasses ? he saw thapki is father, he stop the car..
Thapki: what happened father why the shop is closed?!
Shashi: no costumer no shop left..
Bihaan get off his car with Karan ….
Thapki: you too..!!
Bihaan : don’t worry uncle we will bring costumer to your shop..
Thapki smile: for real ..
Karan and Bihaan nods their heads by saying yes ..
Thapki , Karan , Bihaan work together until a lot of costumers come to the shop and the shop becomes famous.
The girls keep taking pictures with bihaan and Bihaan ask them to buy from the shop ..
Thapki look at him while working she suddenly smile and says : I never thought I will see bihaan actually help me …
Bihaan looks at thapki and smile back..
After they finish, shashi thanks Bihaan and Karan for their help ..
Thapki: thank you u too you really helped me in this ..
Karan: who said we did this in free ..
Thapki: what do you want ?
Karan: I want you to come with us to trip ..
Thapki: don I will come ..

Bihaan: and I want to ask you something..Karan tell you what he want …but I want to you to answer this question in honesty not lies..
Thapki get nervous: ok ask .
Bihaan come closer to her , Thapki walk behind ..
Bihaan give a smile and says : do you like me thapki ..
Thapki get shocked from his question and says : ha..I ..

Karan and Bihaan laughs together..
Thapki: is this a joke..
Bihaan: yes and look to your face it was too serious to answer..
Karan : we should go now see you tomorrow Thapki..
Thapki: bye ..
Bihaan and Karan left .

Thapki take a deep breath: what happened to me ..I was so nervous to answer this question…wait is that mean that I have no way …I like Bihaan..
The scene go to Sid house #
Sid wearing a shirt ? that written on it (SOrry If I Lie to you ) his mother: Sid what a ugly shirt and why this sentence..
Sid : for changing I will do as my wife not wife I mean Anjali said I will become a better man and first thing to do apologize I will go to every person in the city that I lied to him and will tell him to read the shirt..
, Sid go around the city and tells puts read his shirt until he go to Anjali parents to apologize to them , Sid knock the door ..

Anjali: who is it ..
She open and sees Sid with the shirt and flower packet…she laughs..
Anjali: hahaha why u wearing this !!
Sid : ha ..I wear this to apologize to people who I lied to them .. am now apologies to all people accept you parents…
Anjali try to control her laughs: ok really crazy that first, second my parents there go do your apology..
Anjali parents sitting in couch,
Sid : hello ..
Anjali parents feel scared from him they stand up ..
Sid : no please sit I come to apologize..
They sit , Sid : am so sorry I lied to you my parents are alive and I want you to accept my apology and take this flower packet..
They accepted his apology , Anjali feels so much happiness that Sid start to change him self.

Break precaps:
Priya tell Alia to separate Bihaan and thapki.

Bihaan and Karan in the car and driving to home …
Karan: you really star to change Bihaan …what a wonderful thing you did to thapki …
Bihaan laughs…
Karan: why you are laughing am talking seriously..
Bihaan: are you crazy?!! …you really thought that I did that to help her …no I didn’t , I did it to make her like me you didn’t see her face she actually going to like me in few days and then my plan will be succeed …
Karan give an annoying face : this is wrong Bihaan you playing with her feelings..
Bihaan: so ..what is not your sister or friend..

Karan: you forgetting that thapki became my friend..
Bihaan: look Karan am not that bad unless am not hurting her I behave good with her she doesn’t know even that am using her …
Karan: the biggest hurt to her when she knows that you was using her …please Bihaan promise me one thing that whatever happened in the end you will tell her the truth ..
Bihaan: I promise but when I got what I want..
Karan: yes sure ..but you promise so no return back ..
Bihaan: ok ok I understand .

Bihaan drop Karan to his house and go to home when he enter Bihaan family was decorations the house to his brother return from Europe..
Bihaan: look to that is amazing..
Rajnath: finally you come we was waiting for you dev will return to home today with his wife and their son ..
Bihaan: I became a uncle and you didn’t tell me ..
Rajnath: Bihaan I want you to wear something good ..
Bihaan: ok I will don’t worry am not going to embarrass you like the last time ..
Priya telling the worker to put the decorations in right place Bihaan come from behind her and says : my beautiful mother what are you doing take a rest they will do it in right way you just take a rest ..
Priya: I know my son but sometimes we need to tell them tell me how was the college..
Bihaan: it was great…guess who got a A in math quiz..

Priya: you did great in math am so proud of you Bihaan..
Bihaan: it is all because of thapki ..
Priya: you mean the stammer girl ..
Bihaan: yes mom she is awesome..oh you let me forget I need to change my clothes before my brother comes..,Bihaan left .
Priya mind voice: I need to let this Thapki to leave bihaan life I can’t handle see a middle class girl with my son .
Priya call Alia and ask her to come to her house ,
Alia come with the injury leg ,

Priya: what happened between you and Bihaan..
Alia : we break up ..
Priya: why ?
Alia: I can’t handle Bihaan behavior with me so I broke up with him ..but wait why you asking me this question.
Priya: I know you and Bihaan really close friends and I know that Bihaan still love u ..
Alia: wait Bihaan said that he loves me ..
Priya lies to Alia : yes and today he told me that he still thinking about you ..
Alia smile : really ..
Priya: but I told him to move on with thapki ..because you moved on ..
Alia: no I didn’t move on actually I still have feelings for him ..
Priya give a evil smile: so you still want to return to Bihaan..
Alia: yes I want ..
Priya: you can but it will be difficult because Bihaan and thapki are together now all you need to do is let Bihaan remove Thapki from his a simple word separate them..
Alia : I will don’t worry ..but after that me and Bihaan..
Priya: yes you and Bihaan will return together.
Alia smile mind voice: I didn’t know Bihaan that you love me, really no one can understand you .
Bihaan was wearing black suit he was walking to down stairs he saw Alia ..
Alia and Bihaan look to each other ..
Alia try to walk but the stick that she use to walk was hung in place ..
Bihaan help her to walk ..
Alia smile at Bihaan..

Bihaan: Alia I want to tell you something..
Alia think that Bihaan will tell her that he loves her ..
Bihaan: I want to tell you that …never come in my way again or I will harm you ..
Alia get shocked from his words..
Bihaan: and you not allowed to come to this house anymore…I don’t know who invited you but this house is my house and the people who hurt me I don’t let them come her …
Alia feel confused: but ..but ..
Bihaan: get out ..
Alia tears and about to go priya come and says : Bihaan my son why
you talking to Alia like this in fact I invented her to meet me ..
Bihaan: mom this girl is a very cheap..she doesn’t deserve to be in same place that am so let her get out or I will throw her from the door ..
Rajnath come: what happens here and why you yelling Bihaan..
Priya: nothing..she ask Alia to leave,
Alia while walking: why Bihaan behave like this with me …is he really love me …wait maybe he hide his love by this behavior..anyway I will return to your life soon Bihaan and thapki will go from your life forever.
The screen show half of , Bihaan, Thapki , Alia faces.

Next episode you will see:
Bihaan and thapki sign to the trip,
Alia push thapki from the stairs,
Sid ask Anjali to come to the trip with him .

Hello lovely reader and friends I really hope you like it and am so sorry if the episode is also short but am trying to make it longer in upcoming episodes…

L for love u all ❤️
T for take care ?
F for falling kiss to all of you ?

The next episode will be uploaded in Friday ?

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  1. ? interesting..nice episode dear..? alia bhi shankar se kaam crzay nhi ..shankar bolti hai humare bihaan ji…here alia say my bihaan…? waise manyasa k previous show me jigu na ka naam bhi alia tha love tht u use her new bf name raj..becz mani ka naam rajbir tha

    1. Thanks for your comments dear ❤ and yes accidently I put the names is the same names of manish and Jigyasa old show hahaha really didn’t do it in purpose…
      Hope you keep liking the story ?

  2. Nice episode , but why you’re updating Friday . That’s too late . It’s 4 days gap .
    Update faster please ?

    1. Thanks for your comment ❤ and I updated in Friday because it is the first day of weekend so I will be free to write and post it in the faster way but I will try to post sooner for you ?

      1. Thanks a lot dear ??
        By the way I love your picture , I don’t know if it’s really you or not but if it is you , you’re beautiful .
        If not she is beautiful whoever she is . And please try your best to update sooner and write a bit longer also . ❤❤

  3. Shibil

    Nice ….enjoyed the epi ….cunning priya …feeling sad tat bihaan is using thapki for his own benefit ….

    1. Thanks for your comment dear ❤ and yes I know really bad bihaan am showing to u but don’t worry he will change but you keep reading and see how the story will change him … ??

  4. Juveria.ghalib

    Nice episode..hope thapki n bihaan grew feeling for each other soon

    1. Thanks for your comment dear ❤ and your hope maybe will come to the story keep reading ??

  5. Manish ki deewani

    hello sandy .hw r u dear.oh bihaan uses thapki i can’t understand bihaan chracter he is so strange .but wait for ur next part .take care .trip wow

    1. Hi dear am very much good today ?
      Bihaan character……need much time to explain to you what bihaan character is but keep reading to know…
      I will try to update soon ?

  6. Sulbi

    Its just awsme dear… loved it

    1. Thanks for your comment dear ❤️ and I hope you keep loving the story ?

  7. nice epi….thapki will chnge bihan’s non seriousness into love…

    1. Thanks for your comment dear ❤️ keep reading to know if Thapki will change him ?

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