Meaning of love Episode {6}

The episode start with bihaan return to the house and see his family talking,
Bihaan: first time I see you sit together..
Rajnath: Bihaan you will return to the team ..
Bihaan: what ! Really..but why ??
Rajnath: I know about your new girlfriend and I really didn’t know that you apology to that girl and became her boyfriend…
Bihaan mind voice: how do he know about me and thapki ..
Rajnath hug Bihaan: am proud of you and am sure that this girl will change you ..
Priya get angry: he dating a middle class girl i need to let Bihaan leave her ..
Bihaan: thanks dad I can’t describe you how much am Happy to return to the team ..
Bihaan go to his room and scream: yayyy..
Rajnath: Bihaan am sure thapki will change you .

In the morning, in Anjali house
Anjali sleeping in bed, Sid come from the window, Sid sit beside her bed ..
Anjali open her eye : you!!!!!!
Sid : hi ??
Anjali: what are you doing in my room and get off my bed !!!!!
Sid : look today tomorrow our engagement and after one week our wedding and after marriage I will always wake up beside you ..
Anjali : how decided this …in your dream all this to happen ..,she take a Plow and hits Sid ..
Sid: ouch ..Anjali you cannot hit your husband !!!!!
Anjali: oh hello you not my husband now get out she continue to hit him until he get out her room …
Anjali father : Anjali ..
Anjali take Sid inside,
Sid : why you hide me ..
Anjali: shut up ..
She open a the door slowly to see her father if he left..
Sid : oh why you are scared your family know that am her I will marry you soon don’t worry ..
Anjali close the door : look you stoped I will never and I said never marry you if you die and kill your self I will never marry you ..
Sid : in that case I will let you cry to marry me ..
Anjali: hu ..
Sid : I mean I will let you fall in love with me ..
Anjali: really and that not going to happen..
Sid come closer to her and look to her eye ,
Sid : I see the caring feeling in your eye but love no ..
Anjali: finally you said something right yes I don’t love you and you and me will never get marry now leave from the place you come from..
Sid : what do you mean ?
Anjali: from the window go now..
Sid : I ..
Anjali: I know what you will say I will go now but I will return I know leave Sid please..
Sid : ok ..ok I will leave, he get out from the window and call Anjali that he get hurt ..
Anjali runs to the window:Sid are you fine ..
Sid : again you caring for me ..
Anjali: what no I just ..
Sid give her a flying kiss ?
Anjali: hey wait do you think I will fallen in love with you that not going to happen..
Sid get in his bike: oh sure you will and when it will happen you will not realize that feeling, he left ,
Anjali : crazy man .

In thapki house,
Thapki sitting in her study table and look at her books and recall her mother slap her,
Shashi knocked the door of thapki is room ,
Thapki : come in ..
Shashi: thapki my daughter are you sad ..
Thapki hug her father and keep crying…
Thapki: father I r..really don’t date anyone..
Shashi : thapki I believe you ..
Radha come and says : we decided that you will leave college and get married..
Thapki tears: why !!! please don’t do this father..I want to continue my studying ..
Shashi: thapki I think your mother knows the best for you , he left,
Thapki please her mother, but Radha doesn’t listen to her ,
Thapki take her bag,
Shashi: thapki where are you going..
Thapki: I will go to s..say goodbye to my dreams I will tell the m..manager that I quit college..
Radha: finally go and return fast ..
Thapki left, shashi feel sad for thapki he remember (thapki dreams when she finished high school,
Thapki: father my d..dream is to be a doctor to all the sickness people and you always want to be a I will do your dream father ..
Shashi: you will make me proud of you your dreams will come truth you just have to believe in your self..
Thapki: I believe in you f..father that you will always me ..)
Shashi blame him self : what am doing now I let all thapki dream down.

In college,
Karan and Bihaan meet ,
Karan: Bihaan what are you doing ..why you are so nice to thapki and yesterday that drama thing …you didn’t answer me …I want to know all the answers..
Bihaan: wait ..wait ..I will tell you but first guess who is back to the foot ball team ..
Karan: no way your father let you return to the team ..
Bihaan: yes and that happens because of the rumor that am dating thapki dad really care for thapki he thinks that thapki will change me ..will hello no one can change Bihaan kapoor ..
Karan : I think he is right..
Bihaan: what !!
Karan: trying to run from my question..
Bihaan: no I will answer you look thapki is my winning cared she will let me win three things ..
1-Alia .
2- passing all subjects .
3- return to the team .
Bihaan: now am in the team still two thing to win..
Karan : you mean you are using thapki for your goodness..
Bihaan: right ..
Karan: but that is evil things need to stop..
Bihaan: maybe you forgetting that thapki is the reason my dad let me out of the team ..
Karan : yes but you using her in Alia but why ??
Bihaan: I want to get revenge from Alia and I know she feel jealous when I go with thapki ..
Karan : sorry Bihaan but thapki really nice girl and doing this with her no way I will helping you ..
Bihaan: I don’t need your help I just need her to fall in love with me and then I can win all I want from her ..
Karan : you saying love you start to believe in love !!
Bihaan: no way but girls always believe in love you can ask Alia she always talk about love ..
Karan :because of that she break up with you …
Bihaan : what did you say ..
Karan : nothing I will go to my class, Karan left , the students hear about thapki leaving the college .
A girl student goes to Bihaan: Bihaan hurry up come thapki leaving college..
Thapki pack up her books and Bihaan sees her ,
Bihaan: stop !!! Why you leaving!!
Thapki: wow Bihaan you win the challenge i didn’t stay more than one week ..
Bihaan : but why !??
Thapki Get angry : why you ask me why I know your plan now ..
Bihaan mind voice: I hope she doesn’t know about using her ..
Thapki: you keep acting nice with me yesterday and says that am your teacher and friends…all that was acting..
Bihaan mind voice : how she knows ..maybe Karan told her ..
Thapki: I asked you for one thing That my parents don’t know about me dating you ..but they know ..thanks Bihaan and congratulations Bihaan you win you make me leave the college and you killed my dreams…she take her things and leave.
Bihaan: what dating I didn’t tell her family in fact I told them to delete the news who possibly tell her family…he sees Alia smiling,
Bihaan: Alia !
Bihaan: Alia can I speak to you .
Alia : sure Bihaan..
Bihaan : are you involves in this ..
Alia : yes ..
Bihaan give her anger looks : Alia you knows that thapki is family will make her leave the college..
Alia : why you caring a lot for her your dream was to make college for her as hell and now you want her to stay ..
Bihaan: Alia stop this attitude and tell me why…let me guess you felt jealous right ..I was holding her hands and study with her ..answer me Alia ..
Alia : yes I was feeling jealous because of that I call her family and tell them that you and her dating..
Bihaan: what are you thinking that I will let you return to my life if thapki goes in dreams Alia to you return to my life …
Alia : who said that I want to return..
Bihaan: you will not said it but your eyes say that ..
Bihaan get in his car and drive fast to thapki is house.

In Anjali house,
Anjali reading a love story : and in the end she knows that she in love when she close her eyes and see him ..
Anjali: this love story all is a lie ..I study a lot but I really hope I find a truth love …
She close her eyes and sees Sid ..
She open her eyes : what ..what happened to me this is lie , I will return this book to library tomorrow .

Bihaan reach thapki house,
Radha let thapki get ready because there is a guy will come to see her ,
Thapki tears : mother p..please don’t do this .. i don’t w…want to get marry ..
Radha: thapki you have 10 minutes to get ready ..
Thapki crying: thanks B..Bihaan for ruined my life ..
Bihaan knock the door ?
Shashi open the door,
Bihaan: hello are you thapki is father..
Shashi: yes who is you ..wait you are the guy that thapki date ..
Bihaan: no no this is whole misunderstanding me and thapki just friend..
Radha : who is …how dare you to come to our house..
Bihaan: sorry but I need you to hear the truth ..
Radha: truth yes we knows that you thapki is boyfriend..
Bihaan: please sit and let me explain..
Bihaan explain to them the whole truth ,
Radha: oh and we let her leave the college..
Bihaan: you should listen to her ..thapki really love you too she care about you a lot and she never skip classes..
Shashi: I know it , thanks son for clearing everything..
Radha: I will let her return to the college and …yes I need to call the family of the guy that we don’t want thapki to get marry ..
Bihaan: I should leave now but please don’t get thapki wrong and I hope I will see her tomorrow..
Radha: thanks son …
Bihaan: no need to thanks me ,Bihaan left .
Thapki hear Bihaan she smile and thanks him in her mind ..

Next episode you will see:
Bihaan take thapki to place she loved ,
Sid ask Anjali to the last time if she love him.

Hello lovely reader I hope you like the episode but I have just tiny question what do you think of meaning of love story :
1- b for boring ?
2- g for good ?
3- a for amazing ?
Be honest in your answer please ??
Because if it was boring I will make it more interesting..
If it is good than I will make it more than good ..
If it is amazing than I will stop writing ? no just joking I will continue like this ..
Really guys just answer honestly I will not feel bad I promise.

Love u all so much ❤
Take care ?

Thanks for ur comments ? and so sorry if didn’t reply ☚ī¸

The next episode will be uploaded in Friday ?


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  1. nice part

  2. Manish ki deewani

    sandy who said ur story is boring ur story is very interesting .if u want more interesting u may .ur story4 me A FOR AMAZING OR A 4 AWSOME .plz don’t stop this .i hope Bihaan change himself .

  3. Ua story amazing…. Its really nice… I used to read ua ff twice….. Ua story is nt borings its really nyc… Continue ua ff…

  4. A for amazing…pls update soon…? this story is different from the others..i like it so much

  5. Di sorry …. For so long delay in commenting … But di … You knew about my exams … That’s why I hope u r not angry from me … And ur ff –
    It is neither b nor g nor a … It’s GAJAB … ?? … Thank u di for uploading … Can’t wait … ?…
    Love u di ?
    Take care ?
    And di I told u … You cannot end this ff or I’ll not talk to u ?
    You take ur time in uploading but do not end it … ?

  6. Didi kitna acha qution puch…
    ofcourse ur ff is very very very very boring..
    I know now u feel very glad
    di just kidding..
    di if ur story really boring so why v all request u 2 cotinue ff..
    please it’s my humble request 2 u plz don’t stop writing..
    plz di
    love u so much..
    thanku so much…
    take care

    eagrly wating 4 next..
    so, plz try 2 post soon

  7. Juveria.ghalib

    It’s a for amazing I like ur track deary.

  8. Sulbi

    I loved it Sandy… its A for Amazing… but i want more and more… love you dear… waiting for nxt one tc 🙂

  9. Tobe very honest it is A for amazing.I just telling the truth not a consoling word…update the next part soon D dear D for dosth:)

  10. Shibil

    Amazing loved ur track ….do continuing …

  11. frst of all i want to say that u are going on a right track….and about ur qus….i will go with three of the options….u can ask why….bcos….in this sense….u will complte three of the optins….to more intresting…to more good to more continue it….lol….jxt kidding….dear….i luv ur ff…

  12. Honestly it’s not amazing but it’s not boring either . It’s not bad . Please make it much much much better and interesting cause it’s a good story . And why are u updating so late ? Please update sooner .

  13. A for amazing ??

  14. It’s not b, it’s g for great n very interesting story. I won’t say a because you’re going to stop writing 😉
    It’s amazing dear… but don’t stop, and make it more amazing please.
    Thank you , tc, n keep smiling 🙂

  15. Thanks all of you for your honest special kudrat yeah am sooo glad that my story b for boring ???????❤ī¸
    Really happy to read your comments and I really hope you write your answer with honest ??
    Love u all ?
    Take care ?
    And keep smiling ?

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