Meaning of love Episode {5}

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The episode start with Anjali hug Sid and the family looks on ….
Anjali realize that she hugging Sid she immediately leave him..
Sid smile at her , Anjali why your are smiling,
Sid show her that the gun empty …
The family get shocked…
Anjali father: what the meaning of this ??!!
Sid : I will tell you father all this was a drama ..acting …
Anjali get shocked: what acting!!

Sid : yes I did this to show you that you really care about me ….
Anjali: you will never change Sid you think life is a game you make life as a joke to you ..
Sid : I don’t care what you are saying I know one thing that you care for me …
Anjali : leave now !!!!
Sid : I will leave today but I promise you that I will return …
Varun : no Anjali we need to take him to jail he have a gun …

Sid : what a brave guy you choose to Anjali he call the police instead of stop me hahaha if police come than they will take me …,Sid leave.
Anjali father: sorry Varun my son …I don’t know who is he and what he want …
Varun: but I know he come because he loves Anjali …
Anjali mother: but Anjali don’t love him he always follows her but she ignores him, but please don’t refuse to marry Anjali..
Anjali: no mother Varun should choose what he think is right and I will accept it ..
Varun left.
Anjali mother : he will never return this guy was the perfect to you but that Sid rewind everything…
Anjali father: don’t worry I know Varun he will return and the wedding will happen but today I will go to Sid house and speak to his parents..
Anjali: I will go to take rest and yes if he refuse to marry it is okay ….
Anjali father call Sid parents to meet.

Thapki was sitting in class waiting for teacher..
Bihaan voice out side these class : I want to be in this class ..
The teacher: why no you cannot you register in another class not her …
Bihaan voice again: I will enter ..
Bihaan enter thapki class with the teacher..
Thapki and the other students looks on ..
Bihaan wave for thapki : hey girlfriend..
Thapki hide her face by a book ..

Bihaan come to her ..
Thapki : I h..hope he don’t c..come to me please go please..
Bihaan remove the book ..
Bihaan: you are hide from me , sorry love I didn’t give you a valentine gift …
Thapki: ..what !!!
Alia enter the class and she feel shocked to see bihaan in class..
Bihaan smile at thapki and sit beside her ..
Thapki feel weird she turn her face ..
Bihaan hold her hands ..and let her see him ..
Thapki is heart beat racing…

Bihaan: don’t feel scared..
Thapki minde voice : how do he know ..
Bihaan : my valentine gift that from now on I will study with you in all your classes…
The girls in class : how romantic is Bihaan..
Thapki take a deep breath and says : this drama s..should end ..
Bihaan smile and speaking in lower voice: this not my decision you are my girlfriend in students eyes…
Thapki get angry she slap the book in the table..
Bihaan smile mind voice: thapki you wait and see what I will do with you ..
Thapki look at him : w..why you looking at me and smiling?
Bihaan: nothing.

Anjali father know Sid house and enter he call Sid father Sid come ..
Sid : hello ..father come one sit will actually my family die and i live alone ..
Anjali father: what but ..they tell me the address ..
Sid : I answered your call ..
Anjali father: you make your voice as your father voice..
Sid : yeah what a big deal sit why you are standing..
Anjali father sit : sorry for your parents death..
Sid keep his laughs and act like he is sad ..

Anjali father: how they die ..
Sid : I will tell you but promise me you don’t feel scared…
Anjali father: I promise you …
Sid : I killed them ..
Anjali father get scared he start sweating ..
Sid : you are sweating don’t be afraid…will actually I have to kill them because they refuse to marry Anjali…and just think you and your wife also re…
Anjali father interpreted him : no no we agree we will let you marry Anjali but please don’t kill us …
Sid : are you sure ..
Anjali father : sure ..sure I will break her engagement with Varun ..
Sid smiling: thanks father for understanding my love to your daughter..
Anjali father: yes I understand but please don’t hurt anyone else ..
Sid : I promise you ..
Anjali father: I will leave now , he left,
Sid dancing: finally me and Anjali will be together,his mother comes and slap his head ,
Sid : ahhh my head ..
Sid mother: liar ? ..
Sid hug his mother: thank you thank you for helping me ..
Sid mother: but after marriage you will tell them the truth and apology..
Sid : yes mother I will but first the wedding should happen.

After class , Bihaan grabs thapki is hands and let her sit beside him …
Bihaan grabbing thapki hands and talking: thapki I need your help I didn’t understand anything in math …
Thapki didn’t hear him she look to his hands holding her hands…
Bihaan: thapki ..hello !!
Thapki: remove y..your hands Bihaan..
Bihaan: oh sorry ..
Thapki: what I didn’t h..hear you ?
Bihaan: can you teach me math ..

Thapki: ok I will teach y…you but stop saying that am your g..girlfriend..
Bihaan: don ..
Thapki : Bihaan is really w…wired behavior that you act with me ..
Bihaan: if I did something good to you , you saying is wired ..but if I act bad with you is my normal behavior..
Thapki: i didn’t mean that .., let’s study math ..
Bihaan and thapki study math together,
Alia see them she recalled Bihaan holding Thapki is hands she get jealous and decided to let Thapki suffer ..
She call someone: hello I want you to get me all the info about thapki ..
Alia : I will let her regret for coming to this college.
Thapki after finishing teaching Bihaan,
Thapki: Bihaan can I ask you question??

Bihaan: yes sure my math teacher..
Thapki : Bihaan why you are acting like this with me ?? And why you throw garbage in Alia in the morning…
Bihaan: Thapki you remained me today I tell you that I will ask you something but I didn’t because I was going to be late in class ..Thapki will accept to be my friend?
Thapki get shocked from his request!!!
Thapki : h..I mean …friends..
Bihaan: you didn’t accept to be my be my friend..
Thapki hesitated: okay ..
Bihaan: yes so now you can call me Bihaan my friend and I will call you my teacher..
Thapki smile and says in her mind : I don’t know how you changed Bihaan but I like the change that happened to you ..
Bihaan talking…
Thapki looking at him and keep smiling.

In Anjali house,
Varun come with his family and they say they want to talk about the wedding day ..
Anjali mother smile ..
Varun : I want to marry you Anjali..
Anjali: thank you Varun for understanding..
Anjali father come and says : no ..this wedding will not happen..
Anjali: father what are you saying??
Anjali father: in fact this engagement is broken please leave..
Anjali mother : what happened to you why you breaking the engagement??
Varun get shocked from his behavior he take off his ring and give it to Anjali and leave ,

Varun father : you think wedding is a game shame in you ..,he left,
Anjali tears : now can you explain why you did this ????
Anjali father : you will marry Sid ..
Anjali: what !! No way I will die but no way to marry that guy ..,she go to her room .
Anjali mother ask him why he take this decision he tell her about what Sid told him and she feel scary too.

In college,
Bihaan and thapki ends there classes,
Thapki: all day you follow like my shadow..
Bihaan: I told you I will be with your classes ..
Thapki : I w..will go home now ..
Bihaan: I will drop you ..
Thapki: no need I have my b..bicycle..
Suddenly it is rain ☔️
Thapki: uff no ..
Bihaan: even god want to you to go with me …
Thapki : okay I will g..go with you but please drive fast ..
Bihaan: my teacher do you think am your driver..
Thapki: how dare you speak w…with your teacher like this ..
Bihaan: sorry teacher..,he open the door of the car .., Thapki sit ..
Bihaan drive her to the house.

Alia knows everything about thapki where she lives and about her parents, she calls thapki is mother ,
Radha: oh now who is calling..,she pack up the phone: hello …
Alia : hi is this thapki is mother ..
Radha: yes there is any problem with thapki ..
Alia : no it just a guy in thapki is life ..
Radha: what nonsense !! I will end the call ??
Alia : you don’t believe me open any social media web sit you will find her picture with a guy , look I called you because I care for her future and dating a guy while studying..
Radha get shocked: ..

Alia : yes ..why ..she didn’t tell you …she even skipped class and go out with him ..
Look please don’t get me wrong I didn’t call to make any trouble I just want to let thapki focus in her study…
Radha end the call ,
Alia : hahaha thapki now you not coming back to this college…poor girl .
Bihaan drop thapki and Radha sees Bihaan from the window and she says : look Shashi your daughter and the guy the girl who call me was right ..
Thapki : bye Bihaan..
Bihaan: bye my teacher..
Thapki enter the house,

Thapki: hello mother w..what did you c..cook for me today ..
Shashi : look thapki I want to speak to you ..
Radha yelling : we pay a lot of Money for this …
Shashi : stop it Radha..thapki I will ask you a question and answer me truly..
Thapki : yes father ask of c..course I will tell you the truth..
Shashi : thapki do anyone in the college?
Thapki feel scared and she recalled the party and when Bihaan show her his phone that they both dating…
Thapki : no father..
Radha get angry she hold thapki is shoulder and says : enough is enough tell me his name and how much days you are dating…
Thapki tears : I …I ..

Radha: what tell me …my fault I trust you …..and your father work day and night to let you go to college and you there go and date guys ..
Shashi: Radha Leave thapki ..
Radha: no I want answer ..tell me who is he ??
Thapki crying: why you don’t b..believe me I didn’t date a..anyone..
Radha get extremely angry and she suddenly slap thapki …
Shashi: Radha..!!!
Thapki hold her check and cry more she runs to her room and locked the door ..
Shashi: Radha!!! Why you slap thapki ..

Radha: I don’t love lies and from tomorrow she will never go to see by your eyes the guy how drop her and she keep lying..
Shashi: even that you should not slap her and if it this news is really that Thapki skip classes tomorrow I will go ask the teachers .
Radha: I told you she need to get marry ..but you always think that I don’t care about her says yes or no tomorrow I will bring the a man that marry thapki so she stop going out with that guy.

Next episode you will see:
Karan told Bihaan to stop using thapki for his goodness, Thapki leave college.

I really really really very really love u allll
Take care ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  10. Nice episode. I’m really enjoying it. Please update ASAP. I’m eagerly waitfor for ur next update

  11. Nice epi.. actually a bit confused about sid, is he good or bad? I think he’s a good guy, but he’s using wrong way, n that make him like a bad guy.
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