Meaning of love Episode {4}

The episode start with bihaan asking thapki to be his date for the party ..
Thapki : Are you c..crazy of course no ..
Bihaan: wait you stammer don’t tell me you are the …
Thapki : yes am t..thapki ..
Bihaan: omg ? you look so different..
Thapki: I didn’t c..come to see you I come to enjoy the so please d..don’t come in my way ..
Bihaan: yes sure you will enjoy a lot because am her ..
Thapki: what you mean ..
Bihaan: nothing enjoy the party t..t..thapki..
Thapki goes to Anjali,
Bihaan sit beside Karan ..
Karan : so what happened?
Bihaan: don’t believe that she is stammer girl ..
Karan : whattt!!!
Bihaan: yes surprise.
Karan : impossible!!
Bihaan: that is life bro so let’s go find another girls to dance with ..
A announcer of the party : hello lover today is special day so we decided that you will choice a color of a scarf and the girl or the guy that have the same colors they will dance together..
Bihaan: what is this joke ..
Karan : it amazing maybe you will dance with beautiful girl ..
Bihaan: ha..ha I don’t dance I will go out ..
Karan : please Bihaan let’s stay in the party ..
Bihaan: sure let’s stay ..
Karan : I will go bring to us scarf..
Bihaan: wow excited…when Karan go ..
Bihaan: borrrring party ..,he looks at Alia laughs with raj .

Thapki and Anjali choice scarf.
The announcer: now it time for dance everyone see his dance partner..
Anjali : I have the blue scarf..
Thapki: I have the red scarf ..
Sid : I have the blue scarf that mean Anjali you are my parent dance..
Anjali: hu no no , Sid pull her to the dance .
Thapki : who is my partner ??
Karan was rubbing the red scarf in his neck when he saw thapki he yell : nooo
He sees Bihaan drink juice and holding yellow scarf he go and exchange with him ,
Thapki sees the red scarf in the table and the back of Bihaan,
Thapki : excuse me I think you are my dance partner for the dance ..
Bihaan wondering that he know her voice,
He turn his face: oh you !! No way I will not dance with you ..
Thapki : oh hello I didn’t know it is you I don’t want to dance with you also ..
Bihaan sees Alia dance with raj he get jealous,
Bihaan grabs thapki hands : let’s dance ..
Thapki: what I don’t want to with you ..
Bihaan: but you have to we have the same colors of scarf..
Thapki: but …
Bihaan pull her to the dance ..
Thapki annoyed that she dancing with bihaan,
Bihaan smile at her , Thapki get shocked: why you are s..smiling..
Bihaan: because you look funny while you are dancing..
Alia sees Bihaan dancing with thapki she get shocked,
Karan : Bihaan dancing with stammer girl and smiling..
The girls take pictures of Bihaan dancing with thapki and the put the picture in social media that Bihaan dating thapki ,
Thapki keep looking at Bihaan laughs and she suddenly smile ,
Bihaan: why you are smile?
Thapki : it the first time seeing you smiling at me ..
Bihaan: the music end ..
Thapki: sorry , she take step back ,
Bihaan looks at Alia, Alia get angry to see bihaan smiling,
Bihaan see his phone he sees his picture with thapki and that they dating, Bihaan get an idea ?
Bihaan: attention everyone today I met this girl and I really think she will be great girlfriend..
Alia: no no please don’t say it .
Karan : I hope he doesn’t say thapki ..
Bihaan hold thapki shoulder and pull her beside him,
Thapki : what are you doing ?!
Anjali and Sid looks on..
Bihaan: my new girlfriend is thapki ..
Thapki get extremely shocked: w..what ..
Bihaan look at her and smile .
Thapki : you …, Bihaan take her out side ,
Thapki: remove my hands I will go tell them that this is a lie no way I be your girlfriend..
Bihaan: if you like it or not this news everywhere he show her his phone ..
Thapki tears : no no w..what if my parents see this ..
Bihaan laughs: you really act like a little girl..
Thapki crying: you are laughing not that kind of g..girl who is dating..
Bihaan: come down I will tell them not to put it in news paper ..
Thapki: really you w..will do that ..
Bihaan: sure because am not happy to have a stammer girlfriend..
Thapki get angry: I don’t want to stay in this anymore..
Bihaan wave to her bye : bye my new girlfriend..
Thapki look at him and says : I hate him so much …
Bihaan : wait girlfriend tomorrow I want my math homework to be done ..
Thapki : haaa okay my boyfriend ji I will do your homework now can I go ..
Bihaan: bye ..
Thapki: byeee .
Alia hears thapki : oh so miss thapki don’t date let see your family know about this ..
Anjali push Sid : please don’t follow me this is my last request..
Sid : Anjali am not joking I really love you ..
Anjali: you love me right ..
Sid : yes ..
Anjali yell: so do one thing LEAVE Me Alone.
She leaves, Sid promise him selfi to let Anjali break the engagement.

Next morning,
Thapki washing her face she recall Bihaan laughs at her …she suddenly smile …
When she realized that she thinking of Bihaan she washed her face again,
Radha and sushi was talking about letting thapki get married,
Sushi: we need to ask thapki first ..
Radha trying to convince him : I know she will agree we need to ask the guy to come with his family tomorrow…
Sushi : no first we ask thapki opinion than we ask them to come ..
Thapki get ready she was putting books in her bag she sees Bihaan Books she remembers that she need to do his homework, she try to do it in hurry way so she don’t miss her class,
Sushi: thapki ..come on i will drop you today…
Thapki yelling from her room: no ..n..need dad I will g..go by my bicycle..
Sushi: as you say take care of your self ..
Thapki : this show off man …I w..will ..give him this homework and I ..w..will tell him that am …d..don ..with his game .
Thapki rides her bicycle to college she find Bihaan and Karan waiting for her …
Thapki : so they w..waiting for me ..:)
Bihaan: finally she comes …
The girls looking at thapki and whispering..
Thapki feel weird…, Bihaan smile at her ..
Thapki: did ..I something wrong ..
Bihaan get in his knees and says am so sorry thapki ….
Thapki take step back and feel worry about his behavior..
Bihaan : please forgive me ..
Thapki mind voice : he is totally mad …
Bihaan: say something thapki …
Karan: yes I apologize for all the thing that happened yesterday the garbage that we throw it at you I will throw it at me …
Thapki get scared: no no d..don’t that ..
Karan : no I will , he take the garbage and about to throw it at him self …
Karan stop , thapki let Bihaan stand up ,
Thapki: I don’t k..know what is y..your new plan but her your homework and I ..I will accept y..your apology I..if you stop saying..sorry .
Karan : you are so nice stamm..I mean thapki ..
Bihaan: but I know yesterday we make you cry so we will make our self crying wawa..
Thapki laughs: hahaha …no need to do this ..
Bihaan in his mind : she laughs that mean she likes me ..
Karan: so from now on your homework I will do it and Bihaan will always drop your house..
Thapki wondering : why all this ??
Bihaan : because now you are with our team me and you and Karan …
Alia come suddenly: what about me ?
Bihaan: you are not with us anymore that mean you not famous anymore..
Alia : you can’t do this Bihaan..
Bihaan: maybe you forgetting that I can throw you out from this college so now leave before I do that …
Alia : you doing this because I break up with you …fine Bihaan..I will not show you my face anymore …
Bihaan wait Alia he take the garbage and throw it at her …
Karan and Thapki looks on ..
Alia : how dare you …!!!!
Bihaan: now you look like a middle class girl all your beauty disappear ..
Alia give thapki a look and leave ,
The girls: wait Alia there something in you hair …yikes it garbage hahaha..
Thapki: why d..did this to her??
Bihaan: t..thapki ..I want to ask you something..
Karan : Bihaan you can ask her later we getting late for the class …
Bihaan: yeah you are right ..
Bihaan and Karan go to there classes..
Thapki waliking to her class she hears a voice of a girl crying..
Thapki: who is there ??
Alia wipes her tears and come out : what do you want ??
Thapki: am sorry …I d..don’t know why Bihaan b..behaving like t..this ..
Alia : sorry you take my place and my friends and saying sorry , sorry will not do the work …
Thapki tears: I really don’t know why b..Bihaan..behaving like this ..I ..I will talk to him ..
Alia : is don everything is finished thanks for destroying my life Thapki ..
Thapki : wait ..,Alia leaves.
Thapki: why Bihaan this I n..need to know the reason .

In Anjali house Varun the guy that Anjali engaged to was in her house deciding the wedding day , Sid come and screaming ANJALI..ANJIAL..
Anjali family get scared they come out side ..
Sid: hello everyone today you will see me died by your daughter hands …
Anjali: Sid what are you saying are you drank ??!!
Sid : no am in my mind I can’t live one day without you Anjali and …now you will forever…
Anjali father: look my son please don’t kill your self….
Sid : sorry father ..but I don’t have any choice , he get gun out
Anjali and her family get shocked…
Anjali worried voice : Sid ..please..don’t do this am her …I will never leave you ..
Varun looks at Anjali …
Sid : lie …lie are lying Anjali …you never loved me …
Varun : I will call the police..
Sid : hahaha police call them they will take my death boy to grave …
Sid points the gun to his head …
Anjali: sidd!!!!
Sid : bye Anjali..
Anjali runs to him and points the gun to the sky..
Sid looks at Anjali eyes full of tears …
He wipes her tears and says : you really care for me …
Anjali from fears she hug him ..
The family looks on and Varun get angry.

In next episode you will see:
Thapki and bihaan study math together,
Varun tell his family that he will marry Anjali, Alia call thapki is mother.

Important note :
My lovely reader I understand some of you don’t have time to comment so I always say u don’t need to comment in every single episode ????

Love u all ? Take care ?

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  7. Hello lovely reader sorry I know there is a lot of mistakes there but I wrote it in the faster way so sorry the most funny line I read (take my death boy to grave?? is death body not boy ) hahaha so sorry ??,
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  8. nice…but i think so bihan use thapki to make alia jaelous..

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