Meaning of love Episode {3}

The episode start with bihaan go to Alia class and wait for her ?? Alia finish her class and sees Bihaan standing and girls wave for him she get jealous ?,
Bihaan: hey darling I was waiting for you..
Alia: oh really I saw you seeing these girls and wave for them ..
Bihaan: what ! No I just.. forget it let’s go I want to show you something..
Alia: baby I can’t I have to fix my nail polish ?..
Bihaan grab her hands let’s go ..
Alia walking beside Bihaan: what is it baby ..,she sees a huge balloon ? that shaped of hearts and written in it happy Valentine’s Day Alia ..
Alia smile and hug Bihaan ..
Bihaan: that not the surprise..
Alia : what also you did !!?
Bihaan says now ..
A red rose pieces come from everywhere and Alia smile more ..
Alia : wow Baby you did all of this for me ..
Bihaan come closer to her : I can do anything for you ..
Karan destroyed there moments: oh hello love bird the manager looking for you Bihaan..
Alia : I think you should go ..
Bihaan: Karan how much time I told you when me and Alia alone don’t come ..
Karan: sorry brother but it is important issue ..
Bihaan: am coming .. yes Alia there is a party for Valentine’s Day and I want you to be my date for the party..
Alia : sure baby ..
Bihaan left ,
Alia about to go Karan hold her arm and says stop I want to speak to you ..
Alia : what is it now ??
Karan : don’t act like an idiot I know you cheating on Bihaan..
Alia get shocked she look at him and says I don’t know what you talking about ..
Karan : oh really so I will let Raj meet Bihaan and tell him everything..
Alia get angry : you can’t do this !!
Karan : werid you just say you don’t know what am talking about so you don’t know how is raj so why you scared!!!!
Alia : please Karan if Bihaan knows he will throw me from this college..
Karan: so you don’t care about Bihaan feeling for you he thinks that you the perfect girl for him but you …
Alia : please Karan I will do anything but don’t tell him..
Karan : Alia you was our child friend you was so closer to Bihaan and I remember you always say you and Bihaan will marry in the future even in high school party you and Bihaan win the perfect couple..what happened now ???
Alia: you asking me ask Bihaan he is the most unbelievable man I saw ..
Karan : what do you mean !!
Alia tears: he don’t believe in love do you imagine Karan that Bihaan never says I love u to me he always says that love is not
existed ..
Karan : but that is not new Bihaan never believe in love ..
Alia : but for a girl it is important I want to hear that word from him when I ask him once do you love me Bihaan..he says what are you saying no love between us it just like and friendship..tell me Karan how much time I need to wait am don with him but i can’t tell him that am with raj now ..
Karan : no you will tell him I can’t see Bihaan get hurt by you so you have to tell him ..
Alia : but if I tell him he will get more hurt ..
Karan : you must tell him or I will , you have the time until the party or I will call raj and let him clear everything to Bihaan , Bihaan is not my friend is my brother and I can’t see my brother get cheating by you …
Karan left , Alia cry and sees the balloons and red roses ?.

Bihaan looking at thapki enter the class,
Thapki : finally I found class ..
A student: excuse me can you help me I want to find my class but I can’t …
Thapki : yes sure …,Bihaan see her going out class he stop her .
Thapki: w..what do you want g..go away ..
Bihaan:you can’t leave the class now ..
Thapki wondering why he said this,she tell the student where his class and ask Bihaan why he stop her .
Bihaan: actually I don’t care about you I will go now .
Thapki: strange behavior from him she enter the class and attuned the lecture.
Bihaan tell Karan to do the plan that they decided yesterday,
Karan go and asks girls to throw garbage in thapki and he will let them meet Bihaan the girls agree ,
Thapki finish the class and she go out side the class, the girls throw all the garbage in her , thapki scram , Bihaan laughs at her ..
Thapki tears : you d..did this !!
Bihaan: yes ..
Thapki yell : WHY ..??! WHAT I DID WRONG TO YOU !!
Bihaan: my ears stop yelling and I told you before this college will be a hell to you, do you want me to stop do one thing LEAVE THIS COLLEGE.
Thapki crying ..
Bihaan: again crying stammer girl this not kindergarten this is college I think you come to the wrong place..
Thapki remove her tears and says : I will stay in t…this college if you l…like it or not ..
She about to leave..
Bihaan: I heard this line before from a student, do you know what happened to that student he die before he leave the college..
Thapki turn her face : t..there is different between and that student, that I don’t a…afraid from anything but that student of c…course he die from fear , what ever y…you do I will not l… leave this college ..
Bihaan: we will see .
Thapki leave,
Bihaan: you get your self in big problem .

Thapki try to remove the garbage from her clothes Suddenly Anjali sees her she yell : THAPKI what happened?!..and your cloths ..and this tears..who did this to you !??
Thapki cry and hug Anjali,
Anjali: it is all good now stop crying and tell me who did this ??
Thapki: nobody it j..just some jokes f..from girls..
Anjali: Thapki look to my eye this is lie I want to her the truth story ?
Thapki : Anjali ..
Sid interrupt thapki : hello my dear wife ..
Anjali blows in the air and says : Thapki I will go now that man is nuts I can’t handle hearing his voice meet you later to her the real story bye ..
Sid sees thapki and garbage in her clothes: hahaha your place not her is in the garbage..
Thapki tears and says : h.a not funny..
Sid : it was a jokes from the students right ..
Thapki : why you a..ask ..
Sid : nothing I just want to know who did this for you ?
Thapki : is not y..your business,she leave,
Sid : you told me or not I know he is Bihaan kapoor .
Sid go to Bihaan car and throw garbage and says: you throw garbage in my friends wife I will throw garbage in your lovely car hahaha and my revenge from you is complete wait why am laughing he hit his head I need to stop acting like a crazy man.
Bihaan go to his car he found all of it full of garbage
Bihaan: ahhh ..who did this ..he thought is thapki is revenge,
Bihaan: so you get revenge from me that funny I didn’t think she is smart ..
let’s start the game miss thapki or stammer girl, he wear his class .

In Valentine’s Day party ,
Bihaan wears a black shirt with red jackets ,
Alia wearing red dress , Karan was wearing black suit, and all girls students wearing red and black dresses and boys students black and white suits,
And the party started.

Thapki in house studying,
Radha: thapki I heard about the party in your college why you didn’t go ?
Thapki : mom I d..don’t love party is Annoying I hate it .
Radha : is your choice I thought you go there and find a handsome man and maybe… I just say maybe he marry you ..
Thapki: really m..maybe I want to c..continue my study I don’t t…think about getting married, I will g..go to my room if you need a…anything call me .
Radha: sure go take rest , Thapki go ,
Radha call Anjali to take thapki to the party , Anjali agree .

Bihaan in the party and girls try to take his pictures, Karan tell Alia to tell Bihaan the truth now, Alia hesitation and she agrees,
She go to Bihaan and tell him that she want to tell him something important,
Bihaan: let me guess you want to give me a gift because I surprise you today ..
Alia : no Bihaan I want to tell you ..
Raj: hello guys how is the party ..
Alia turn her face she sees raj she look at Karan , Karan smile .

Thapki was sleeping in bed Anjali come from behind her bed and says : it time for party ?
Thapki : ahhhhh!!! Anjali what b..brings you her ?
Anjali: nobody I just want to go with you to the party .
Thapki: n…no Anjali I don’t w..want to go ..
Anjali: you don’t have a choice I already ask your parents to go and they agree come on let’s get ready ..
Thapki : but I d…don’t have d..dress to wear ..
Anjali: don’t worry we will go shopping come one .
Thapki and Anjali go for shopping and buy dress for the party .?

In the party Bihaan look at raj and ask him who is he ..
Raj : you don’t know me am Alia is boyfriend..
Bihaan drop the class from his hands ?..
Alia : raj what are you saying!!
Bihaan suddenly smile : hahaha you Alia is boyfriend…Alia why you didn’t tell me ?
Alia get worry : Bihaan look I want to tell you ..
Bihaan: why you are worried it is okay why everyone look at me I will not destroy the party by my anger … fact am happy Alia move on …..,
The girls get happy that Alia date raj ..
One of the girls: yes it mean Bihaan is single now ..
Bihaan: dear friends from now on Bihaan and Alia are break up …
Alia tears: thanks Bihaan I didn’t thought that you will accept this in easy way ..
Karan : shut up Alia you cheated on Bihaan and now you want him to stay with you .
Bihaan: don’t make drama Karan I don’t want this party to destroy so come down ..
Karan: but she …
Bihaan: Karan for me don’t do any drama ..
So guys let play some music….
Alia and Bihaan look at each other while the music play , Bihaan and Alia recalled all the day that they share where they were kid and in middle school and high school…
Alia hold Bihaan hands: sorry Bihaan..
Bihaan remove her hands and leave her …
Karan : Bihaan will never forgive you ..
Alia : I know ..
Raj : Alia what wrong with bihaan and why he said break up !!
Alia : I will explain to you everything.

Anjali and thapki reach the party place …
Anjali my mother call me thapki you enter I will come ..
Thapki agree ,
Anjali: hello mother ..
Sid come and take her phone..
Anjali: you again !!!!
Sid : hello Anjali is mother ..
Anjial mother : how is speaking..
Sid : it is me Sid I mean siddharth I want to ask you if my parents come to your house to ask for Anjali to be my wife ..
Anjali mother: Anjali already engaged.
Sid get shocked..
Anjali smile she take the phone from his ear and she show him the engagement ring … ?
Sid: why …Anjali…?
Anjali : from now on you can’t follow me and tell me movie dialogues it end am engaged now and after few months my wedding will happen bye Sid , she enter the party.?
Sid : you can’t marry anyone besides me .?

In the party,
Thapki was wearing a beautiful dress and a song play everyone in the party kept looking at thapki dress …
Bihaan sees her ..
Bihaan : who is she ..
Karan : what ever her name she look beautiful..?
Thapki walking in the stairs…
The girls : wow what is your name ?
Thapki remains silent and smile..
Bihaan take a red rose and go to thapki ..
Bihaan: will you accept to be my date for this party…
Thapki look at him ..?
Bihaan smile ?

Next episode you will see:
Thapki and bihaan by luck they choosing to dance together, Sid try to kill him self but Anjali stop him .

LoVe U All
TaKe Care


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