Meaning of love Episode {2}

Hello lovely reader sorry for late updates but I promise some of you that I will continue meaning of love if I got free time so here the second episode hope you like it ❤
The story about two different people who don’t believe in love but what will happen when both of them fall in love to know keep reading meaning of love ….

Main cast:

Manish goplani / Bihaan the most famous guy on college .

Jigyasa Singh/ thapki a girl with big dreams.

Other cast :

Sanjeeda Sheikh / Alia .

Karan wahi/ Karan – Bihaan friend .

Mohit sehgal / siddharth or sid

Shiny doshi / Anjali -thapki is friend .

Ronit roy /Rajnath Kapoor Bihaan father and the manager of the college.

Simone Singh/ Priya kapoor Bihaan mother.

Pyumori mehta/ Radha sharma thapki is stepmother .

Sanjay batra /Shashi Shama thapki is father

In first episode you saw thapki and bihaan first day at college thapki get insult by Bihaan and decided to prove to him that she belongs to this college but Bihaan says he will prove the opposite now we continue.

The episode start with thapki return to the house,
Radha : thapki I cooked your favorite food today ..
Thapki go to her room and recall Bihaan insults her ..she tears ..
Radha shot : thapki come your father want you..
Thapki stop recalling and go to her father,
Thapki smile and give her father tea,
Shashi : what happened thapki my dear how was your first day ..
Radha : don’t ask her what happened ask her how much money she spend there..
Shashi : stop it every time I tolerate you but this time .., thapki stop him,
Thapki: nothing happened it just was a n..normal day ..
Shashi : thapki if there is any problem tell me ..

Thapki smile : no dad no p..problem ..
Radha mind voice : if she don’t stammer I was going to let marry and not continue college but this stammer ruined everything.

Bihaan and Karan go to football match ,
Bihaan: look to the area is full of players I wish to be a player like them ..
Karan : guess what my brother you will play with them tonight ?
Bihaan: no way bro !!
Karan: yes and the game about to start..
Bihaan hug Karan: thanks Karan you always make my day ..
Karan: stop talking like my girlfriend and go ..
Bihaan go and get ready to play .

Thapki and her father were watching the match,
Thapki sees Bihaan playing in the match she ask her father to change the channel ,
Shashi: thapki my dear it is a match what is wrong !!
Radha: what happened to you thapki let us watch the match ..
Thapki decided to go to her room ,
Thapki : this show off follows me to the tv I can’t sit w..with my family because of him☹️

In the match , Bihaan playing and about to win his father come and interrupt the match,
Rajnath: hello everyone am sure you enjoying the match but unfortunately the player Bihaan will not play anymore..
Bihaan looks on ..
Karan look at Bihaan and points to him he doesn’t know what happening ?
Bihaan goes to his father,
Rajnath: let’s go to home Bihaan..
Bihaan: wait dad I don’t want to leave the match am winning you can’t do this !!
Rajnath: yes I can I told you will regret that you insult that student..
Bihaan: Because of the stammer girl!!! Are you kidding with me ??
Rajnath: it not a joke and not just for today match you will not play with team forever..
Bihaan: what !! No I join the team today ..
Rajnath: say goodbye to your team and let’s go home , rajnath left,
Bihaan tears he throw the team shirt and left .

Anjali in the rode waiting for taxi ..
Sid come to her and says hello ,
Anjali ignore him, Sid ride his bike and tell her to sit he will drop her,
Anjali: why you follow me I told before to leave me alone..
Sid : what to do you always be in the place that I go to , first college and now her..
Anjali: oh really you come to any place I go stop lying Sid you follow me !!
Sid: so what if I follow my future wife..
Anjali:so am your future wife that not going to happen ??
Sid : of course it will happen..
Anjali: I will not listen to you finally taxi come she sit in taxi Sid tell the taxi driver to drop Anjali to her house safe because he is her husband..
Anjali look at Sid ..
Sid wave to her good bye .

In Bihaan house,
Bihaan get angry he start destroying everything in his room ..
Bihaan is mother sees him she panic !!
Priya: Bihaan what happened my son??!
Bihaan: you asking me ask my dad what he did to me!!
Priya: whatever he did just relax..
Bihaan: how I relax when my dream is destroyed no mom you need to tell dad to let me return to the team ..
Priya nods her head : yes yes I will tell him you relax …
Rajnath come and says : this time how many time you will try to return to the team is not going to happen.
Bihaan: why !!! Is because of the stammer girl ..

Rajnath: yes but also to teach you a lesson .
Bihaan : a lesson do you mean you teach me how a father don’t let his son to make his dream ..
Priya: rajnath please this time let him return to the team ..
Rajnath: why I let him !! You don’t know what your son do today he insult a girl in front of the whole college, he let the teachers think that the manager don’t know how to teach his son to respect of others ..
Priya: rajnath please this time Bihaan will change the college will change him right Bihaan ..
Bihaan look at his father: yes sure I will change but if they change the manager of the college..
Rajnath: Bihaan!!!
Bihaan left,
Priya about to follow him, rajnath let him go he will be back tomorrow,
Priya: rajnath why you so strake with bihaan??
Rajnath: you know I love him but he need to change his attitude and grow up he still acting like a kid .
Radha: I hope he changes.

Bihaan out side remember the time that his father insult him at school and when he get out from the team ..
Suddenly he recall thapki and his father words “you will regret for what you did with this girl ”
Bihaan: all that happened because of stammer girl, dad you want to teach me a lesson I will teach stammer girl a lesson from tomorrow I will make all her days a hell in college, he call Karan and tell him what to do tomorrow to thapki .

In college,
Thapki was putting books in the closet,
Bihaan and Karan come and throw more book in her hands,
Thapki : you!!! What is this books and why you give it to me ..
Bihaan: from now on you will do my homework..
Thapki : what !! is t..this a joke !!?
Bihaan: no not a joke and I want my homework tomorrow so don’t be late ..
Thapki: hello maybe you forget but i challenged you that I will stay in this college ..
Bihaan: I know you will stay so to stay her you need to do my work because my father is the manager so if you refuse you will be faired from college.
Thapki : I will not it ..
Bihaan: so you accept to leave the college good choice Karan take her out ..
Thapki : what no no I w..will do it b..but why you do this ..
Bihaan: to you learn to don’t come in my way this is nothing in upcoming days you will see hell in this college , Bihaan and Karan left .
Thapki get scared: hell..what that m..mean!! ?

Next episode:
Karan asks girl to thrown garbage in thapki when she go out class, Sid hear about Anjali engagement

Important note :
You don’t need to comment in every single episode ???

Love u all ❤❤
Take care ?

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    1. Hi sweetheart I missed you more and I continue this story because I promise you when ever I got time I will continue ?❤
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  2. Hi, you’re back… I’m surprised… nice surprise 🙂 🙂
    Nice epi, still in fighting mode…hope there will be nice twists soon.
    Thank you, tc, n keep smiling 🙂

    1. Helllo leena dear missed you so much ?
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  3. Garima

    episode are good but please make bihaan like in real tpk he is so carefull please and clear miss understanding between bihaan and thapki.
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    1. Hi Garima happy to see you like the episode ?
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      Thanks for ur comment ❤️

      1. Garima

        but rude bihaan not Ok as soon as possible you try and best of luck.

      2. I will change him don’t worry ?

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