Meaning of love Episode {18}

The episode start with bihaan seeing Thapki in his closet…
Thapki smiling: hiii
Bihaan: you !!
Sona : where is she ??
Thapki: close the closet Bihaan..
Bihaan: hey wait !!!
Priya: Bihaan who you speak to ??
Bihaan close the closet..
Bihaan: no one haha ..
Priya: get ready for golu birthday party..
Bihaan: don I will ..
Priya left ,Bihaan hurry and close the door ,
Thapki open the closet and get out ..
Bihaan: what are you doing here !!!
Thapki : I come to see you ..
Bihaan weird looks : ha!!
Thapki: the way you come yesterday to check on me am doing the same ..
Bihaan: oh really !! That’s…really nice of you ..
Thapki mind voice: thanks god I don’t want him to know about my note book ..
Bihaan: so you see that am fine you can leave now …
Thapki about to go ..
Bihaan: but wait ..
Thapki feel scared that he know ..
Thapki: yes ..
Bihaan: why you was hiding in my closet..
Thapki: ha..I was checking your clothes..
Bihaan: what !!
Thapki make fake laughs: well actually I lied to your family that I come to cut golu is hair ..
Bihaan: you lied …anyway am still not believing that you in my room can go now ..
Thapki: fine I will go
Bihaan go changed his close..when he get out ..
Thapki was trying to jump from window..but she hesitated..
Bihaan: heyyy what are you doing are you crazy …
Thapki: am getting out if I go from the door they will know that am lying ..
Rajnath: Bihaan..
Bihaan: dad ..oh dame it come ..
Thapki: where ..
Bihaan locked Thapki in bathroom..
Thapki: hey Bihaan..
Bihaan: be quiet until my dad left ..look Thapki I swear I will kill you if you speak be complete quiet…
Thapki: fine …but hurry up .
Bihaan: ok ..
Bihaan open the door ..
Rajnath: who you speak to ?
Bihaan: ha no one ..
Rajnath: I heard a voice..
Bihaan: believe me no one ..
Rajnath: so who is bag this ..
Bihaan sees thapki bag …
Bihaan: haha this is golu birthday gift ..I thought a lot and than this come in my mind ..
Rajnath: come downstairs golu about to cut the cake ..
Bihaan: coming ..
Rajnath: come on ..
Bihaan look to the bathroom door ..
Rajnath: Bihaan come ..
Bihaan: yes ..
Bihaan walking with his father..
Bihaan: oh I forgot something that I should give to golu go am coming..
Rajnath: don’t be late .
Bihaan run to the room and enter the bathroom…
Thapki standing..
Bihaan: sorry ..
Thapki: sorry i said hurry up ..
Bihaan: come on I found a plan to get you out without no one know who is you ..
Thapki: really ..
Bihaan let thapki wear clown clothes..
Thapki: this is your plan ..
Bihaan: yes golu want a clowns in his birthday and now you be his clown and get out ..
Thapki: fine I hope I can get out without trouble..
Bihaan: hey there is something in your nose ..
Thapki touch her clown nose ..
Bihaan: beb..
Thapki: hey ..
Bihaan laughs..
Thapki mind voice: your smile as an angle smile Bihaan can’t stop looking at this charm smile ..
Bihaan: oh really you make laughs a lot come on ..
Thapki was standing and smiling..
Bihaan: hello Thapki are you there ..
Thapki: ha ..yes let’s go ..
Golu : where is Bihaan uncle..
Bihaan come with thapki ..
Bihaan: am here and you’d birthday gift here …
Thapki dress up as clown ..
Golu : clown …yayyy ..
Bihaan: yes as you said cut the cake ..
Golu cut the cake and celebrate…
Suddenly one kid ask Thapki to play with him ..
Thapki: hey kid I will play what game ..
Kid : do magic always clowns do magic..
Golu : no I called him to pay back ..he get out a stake ..
Bihaan remember that golu want to hit the clown for destroying his past birthday..
Thapki wasn’t know about a thing she about to go to golu ..
Bihaan stop her …
Thapki : Bihaan golu want to play with me ..
Bihaan: I don’t recommend you to go really ..
Thapki sees golu hitting the clown candy toy ..
Bihaan: you will be like that toy ..
Thapki get scared…
Thapki: Bihaan help me I want to leave..
Bihaan: don’t worry I will get out from here ..
Golu screaming: clown where are you ..
Bihaan hide Thapki behind the wall ..
Golu : where are you ..

Thapki imagine golu hitting here : please god help me ..
Bihaan hold golu and tell him it is story time …all kids getting excited for the story ..
Thapki: thanks Bihaan now I can go ..
Golu sees thapki note book in the ground he take it and tell Bihaan to read this …
Bihaan open it and read : once open time there was a stammer girl who never believed likening a person who makes fun of her …
Thapki get shocked: that was written in my dairy ..
Thapki looks at Bihaan holding her book ..
Golu : continue Bihaan uncle..
Bihaan knows everything he looks at thapki ..Thapki get embarrassed..
Bihaan continue: in the end this girl thought maybe this man doesn’t like me maybe he never will likes me …
Thapki about to go ..
Golu : is that the end ..
Bihaan: no ..
Thapki stop ..
Bihaan : the end wasn’t this …in the end the stammer girl knows that the guy that she likes he like her more than anything…
Thapki tears …
Bihaan looks at her and smile ..
Thapki mind voice: can’t believe my eyes am dreaming…she close her eyes and open it again…it is not dream ..
Bihaan: golu where you find this book ..
Golu: it was throw in the ground..
Bihaan: I will give it to his owner..
Bihaan walk to thapki ..
Thapki was nervous…
Bihaan give her the book ..
Thapki: Bihaan what is written here really embarrassed right now …I don’t know what to say …
Bihaan: Thapki what I said was really ..
Thapki: what really ..
Bihaan: that I like you ..
Thapki: you like me as friend right …
Bihaan: I like as a man like a woman..
Thapki tears drop ..
Bihaan wipes here tears ..
Rajnath song play …..?
Suddenly sona screaming: golu …golu ..
Bihaan looks on ..

Sona : Bihaan where is golu ..!!!!
Bihaan: he was here …Bihaan look around and ask kids …they don’t know …
Priya and rajnath get panic they called the police..
Thapki feel worried about golu ..
Sona looks at thapki : hey the only stranger here is this clown maybe he take golu ..
Bihaan: no he didn’t see golu ..
Sona asks police to check Thapki ID
The police: excuse me sir give us you ID ..
Thapki get scared..
Bihaan: no need I know he is my friend Karan ..
Rajnath: Karan ..!!
Bihaan: yes dad sorry but I call him to be the clown we should go and find the golu ..
Bihaan ask Thapki to come with him ..
Thapki agree , Dev and sona go with the police to find golu .
Thapki was in the car with bihaan she changed the clown cloth ..
Thapki: Bihaan am sorry I feel golu get lost because of me ..
Bihaan: no Thapki it is not your mistake I should see him but I wasn’t …Bihaan phone rang …
Bihaan: strange number..
Thapki: maybe someone knows about golu ..
Bihaan answer: hi who is this .
Sid : you want golu come to the address that I will sent to you and bring millions dollars with you and if you just try to act smart with me golu will …be dead ..golu crying voice …
Bihaan: golu …Sid end the call ..
Thapki: what happened Bihaan..
Bihaan: the thing that I was scared of happens golu get kidnap .
Thapki panic: kidnap !!!
Sid take golu inside old house…golu keep crying..
Sid : shout up or I will shot you …Sid call his gang member : yes we will get the money today tell the boss that Sid will never failed in any mission.
Thapki and bihaan come to the old house..
Thapki sees Sid bike : Bihaan this bike for Sid …no way Sid is the person who calls you ..
Bihaan : that man I will show him ..
Thapki: no Bihaan we need to think something else..find it Anjali..
Bihaan: also Anjali with him .
Thapki: no you smart …wait I will call her ..
Anjali: hi thapki what happened.., Thapki tell Anjali everything.
Anjali: he return to his old bad work ..I don’t believe him …am coming.
Sid inside the old house the door get knocked..
Sid : I hope you didn’t call the police..Anjali!!!!!
Anjali: yeah Sid shocked aren’t you ..
Sid : what are you doing her …
Anjali: I come to stop you Sid you will kill this innocent child ..
Golu crying: help me mam …
Anjali hug golu : don’t worry nothing will happen to you ..
Sid push Anjali far from golu …
Sid : I said go away !! And this child will be here you will not take him to any place …
Anjali: what happened to you Sid …where the Sid that love children and never haram anyone…I want the Sid who love me not this Sid …

Sid : shut up …you killed that Sid by your lying …
Anjali: Sid I really love you and I didn’t mean to lie how much time I should tell you to believe me …
Sid make a call …
Anjali recalled Sid saying to her to leave college..
Anjali: wait …you said I should pay for what I did is me leaving college…so I will do it ..
Sid : what for real …you will leave your future for me ..
Anjali: I can’t imagine my future without you Sid …
Sid feel that Anjali saying the truth …
Anjali: now leave this child ..
Sid laughs: oh come on you thought am dump no this child will be here until the money come and if you want to watch him die stay here ..
Golu screaming : help help ..
Sid : shuts up do you want to die ..
Anjali hurry up and push Sid and take golu hands and run out of the house..
Sid follow her …
A car in the rode..Anjali push golu side and the car hit here …Sid shout : Anjali !!!!!
Anjali fall down and she get hurt …
Sid runs to her ..
Thapki and bihaan sees what happened..
Thapki: Anjali!!!
Bihaan run to golu : nothing will happen to you ..golu keep crying..
Sid hold Anjali: wake up Anjali!!!
Anjali open here eyes slowly…
Thapki crying : Anjali!!!
Bihaan call the hospital to come ..
The Ambulance come and take Anjali..
Bihaan take golu to home ..

The scene go to Bihaan house #
sona and Dev asks Bihaan how they find him ..
Bihaan lies : he was in the ice cream shop ..
Sona : what you go there golu ?!!!..
Golu : yes I go there ..
Dev knows Bihaan lying …
Dev : but the police told us that they searched all places even shops they didn’t see golu ..
Bihaan: come on Dev am sure they didn’t search all places I need to go now ..
Bihaan left , sona take golu to his room ,
Dev : am sure this is not the truth ..

In the hospital #
Anjali in the operations room..
Sid and thapki out side …
Anjali mother come and panic to see Anjali
Thapki tell her what happened..
Anjali mother slap Sid …
Sid : am so..
Anjali mother: shut up more word ..look what you did to her …she may die now because of you leave Sid just leave am please you to go leave Anjali..
Sid tears ..and sees Anjali from window…
Sid mind voice: I can’t leave you like this Anjali..
Anjali mother asks doctor how is Anjali..
The doctor: she is in danger..we will try our best ..
Thapki tell Anjali mother: no Anjali is fine nothing will happen to her ..
Anjali mother cry more : my daughter!!
Sid out side the hospital remember his first meeting to Anjali..
( sid was sitting with his friends in bike and he throw a paper at Anjali…
Anjali sees the paper she go to Sid ..
Anjali: hey you ..
Sid turn :yes …
Sid mind voice: who is this angel that come for me ..
Anjali: hey you how dare you to throw this paper at me ..
Sid : is this your first because I never saw a beautiful woman as you ..
Anjali: how dare you ..she about to slap him ..Sid hold her hand : no no you can’t slap me ..
Anjali: leave my hand ..
Sid leave here hands ….
Sid : I never believed in love in first site but I think I love you ..
Anjali: you are really crazy ..
Sid : about you )
Sid : if I didn’t saw her that day maybe I will never fall in love with her she fights to be alive because of me …he start to hit his head …
The scene go to thapki #
Thapki was remembering Anjali …
Bihaan suddenly come : Thapki are you find ..
Thapki sees him she says : Bihaan can I hug you …
Bihaan hug thapki …
Thapki: Bihaan am scared Anjali may ..
Bihaan: shu..nothing will happen am sure Anjali will be fine ..
Thapki and bihaan keep hugging ..
Bihaan: Thapki ..
Thapki cut the hug …
Thapki : thanks Bihaan for the hug ..
Bihaan in joke mood : who said it is free hug now give me 10 dollars..
Thapki laughs..
Bihaan: always keep your smile in your face Thapki ..
Thapki blushing..
Bihaan: oh look who is blushing..
Thapki: Bihaan..
Bihaan : come on let see Anjali ..
Thapki: let’s go .
The scene go to Anjali mother ..
Thapki and bihaan ask her what happened to Anjali ..
Anjali mother: she doesn’t open her eyes ..
Thapki: can we enter her room ..
Anjali mother: the doctor said only one can go ..
Thapki: you go to here she needs you ..
Anjali mother about to enter, the doctor refused..
Anjali mother: but you said only one can enter..
The doctor: already one inside..
Thapki and bihaan looks shocked..
Bihaan: who is inside..
The scene go to Anjali room #
Sid sees Anjali in the bed hospital..
Sid cry : Anjali am sorry …you try to stop me from doing the bad thing but me always never listen.
Sid hold Anjali hand : sorry Anjali I will always listen to you …
Anjali open her eyes and hold Sid hand ..
Sid looks on : Anjali you are fine ..
Anjali try to speak, Sid stop her ..
Sid : no Anjali don’t say need to relax..I will tell the doctor..
Bihaan ask the doctor who is inside..
The doctor remain silent..
Bihaan: dame it say who is inside..
Sid come out ..
Anjali mother: you were in Anjali room how dare you ..
Sid : Anjali wake up ..
Thapki smile: Anjali…Thapki enter to see her ..
Sid : am sorry for all the bad things that I did to Anjali please forgive me ..
Anjali mother: if Anjali forgive you that I will ..
Thapki hold Anjali hand : you are fine am so happy Anjali do you hear me ..
Anjali slowly nods her head ..
Bihaan get a phone call..
Bihaan: hi Dev ..
Dev : Bihaan I want to meet you in police station..
Bihaan: police coming..
Thapki: Bihaan Anjali is fine you were right..
Bihaan: that great but Thapki I need to go ..see you later
Thapki: bye ..
Bihaan: bye , Bihaan left .
Thapki: am still don’t believe that you like me Bihaan…it like my dream …
Karan calls Thapki #
Thapki: hi Karan you won’t believe what just happened!!!
Karan: what Bihaan knows everything..
Thapki: he knows but he said it Karan ..Bihaan said I like you …finally so today I will tell my family to break our engagement ..
Karan: I call you about that ..Thapki I don’t think we still have time to break the engagement…because it is today ..
Thapki: what !!

Next episode you see:
Thapki and Karan in their engagement party …Bihaan comes and congratulated them …Anjali wake up and sees Sid sitting she screaming: who is you ?? Sid get shocked.

LoVe u all ❤️
Take care ?

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  1. pooja prabha


  2. Great….The most impressive was our bihaan’s dialogues.Love u…..

  3. Great….The most impressive was our bihaan’s dialogues.Love u…..keep it up….

  4. Breaking news Tomorrow last episode can’t continue seeing Bihaan die in tpk really heart broken ?? thanks for your comment and I know the episode wasn’t that good because I was writing it in sad mood ?

  5. Simrank

    Amazing epi. U r also ending ff iloved this ff hole to see u soon with another ff update soon….tc lu

    1. There no more ff for me thanks simi ❤️ but am don can’t believe Bihaan die what a crazy story ? Anyway I will be reading yours if I had time .

  6. Hi sandy I really love this episode so finally….. ?but precap?no way just waitting for the next

  7. Nice , I mean really ?
    Bihaan saying congrats is let’s say understandable . But seriously she get amnesia after operation and after getting conscious . Seriously ?
    I don’t believe this !!!
    This can’t happen in real . You know that , right ?!
    I don’t know ?‍♀️
    Anyway thanks a lot for such a long episode , love you ? ?

  8. Juveria.ghalib

    Hi sandy the episode was awesome finally thahaan confessed their feeling but then the precap

  9. Juveria.ghalib

    Hi sandy the episode was awesome finally thahaan confessed their feeling but then the precap.totally confused me tc

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