Meaning of love Episode {17}

The episode start with the next day in college and Sid and Jenny was in the class..
The teacher take attitudes: Anjali? Did anyone see her today..
Anjali enter the class wearing a shirt written on it sorry Sid I lied …
The teacher: Anjali you come late come on ..
Anjali: teacher I want to say something to Sid ..
Sid : oh hello this college not school..
The teacher: you can Anjali..
Anjali: Sid …am

Sid : oh come I don’t want to hear anything..he about to get out of the class he sees her shirt….Anjali: am sorry Sid …
Sid : no way Anjali this time I will never forgive you …,Anjali tears ..,Sid get out of the class.
The scene go to thapki in class #
The teacher: Bihaan can you give me a sentence with the letter I ..
Bihaan mind voice: it is the perfect time to say this to thapki to stop thinking of her ..
Bihaan: I like you ..Thapki ..
Thapki looks on ..
Bihaan smile ..
Thapki: Bihaan..a voice of her phone rang..
Radha: Thapki wake up ..
Thapki: ha …it was a dream ?
Radha: what dream ..
Thapki: nothing 🙁 .
The scene go to Bihaan in college #
Bihaan: where is this Thapki ??…I will ask it better to wait ..
Karan walk beside Bihaan..
Bihaan: wait ..where is your future wife !?
Karan ignore Bihaan..
Bihaan: am asking you ..

Karan: if we not friends Bihaan why you speak to me ..
Bihaan: the only regret in my life how I became your friend.
The scene go to Anjali #
Anjali sees Sid ..
She says : if you like it or not you will listen to me ..
Sid : go away ..
She take out the gun ..
Sid : what this !!!!
Anjali: If you don’t want to hear me it is okay but what if I shot my self .
Sid looks on ..
The scene go to Bihaan #
Bihaan: I don’t think she will come ..
Bihaan enter the class and sees thapki he say hi ..
The teacher: Bihaan are you fine ..
Bihaan: yes I just was speaking to ..he look to the chair is empty….Bihaan hold his head : what the !!’ I saw her .
Karan: I think he have imaginary friend ..
The teacher: please Bihaan sit ..
Bihaan: sorry , Alia : it is okay Bihaan..
Bihaan: why you acting am crazy I saw her .
Alia: who !?
Bihaan: Thapki ..
Karan: she didn’t come today Alia tell your friend.
Bihaan stand up : why is she fine !!!!
Karan: Alia tell your friend not to worry she is fine .
Bihaan sit mind voice: really Thapki because I pure tea in you , you don’t want to come ..
The scene go to thapki #
Radha: how your legs get hurt ..
Thapki recall Alia push her ..
Thapki: suddenly I fall ..don’t worry mother it just two days and my leg will be fine yesterday me and Karan go to the doctor he give me some medicine I will eat it .
Radha: take care of your self I will go to do some shopping.
Thapki: ok.
Radha left , Thapki take her phone and call Karan .
Karan: hi Thapki how are your now .
Bihaan sees Karan speaking to thapki , he take the phone from his ear .
Bihaan: hey Thapki where are you ?!!
Thapki: Bihaan!!
Bihaan: yes Bihaan..look am coming to bring you to college..
Thapki: Bihaan but .

Bihaan : I don’t want to hear anything am coming.
Karan: Bihaan give me my phone.
Bihaan throw the phone on Karan and go .
Karan: Bihaan how much you care about thapki show your love for her .
Bihaan: my car is in the garage..,Alia was ridding her car ..
Bihaan: Alia ..
Alia stop her car : yes Bihaan..
Bihaan: can you drop me to thapki house..
Alia get angry: yes why not get in.
Bihaan: thanks ..
The scene returned to Anjali,
Sid : Anjali stop this craziness and put the gun down .
Anjali points the gun in her head ,
She about to shot ..
Sid panic : stop stop !!! I will hear you ..
Anjali remove the gun from her head : Sid I want to tell you that I didn’t mean to lied to you sid all what happened was my mistake I should tell you that am planning to travel after graduation .
Sid : ok Anjali you said it was your mistake so you need to pay for it ..
Anjali: yes Sid I will do anything to pay for the mistake that I did ..
Sid : leave college..
Anjali looks on ..
The scene go to thapki #
Thapki trying to call Bihaan not to come ,
Bihaan knocked the door Alia was with him she says ..
Alia: Bihaan maybe Thapki not in home ..
Bihaan: I know she is here ..
Alia: I will go Bihaan ..
Bihaan: Alia wait I will return to home without your car
Alia left ,

Bihaan: knocked the door again ..
Thapki walk slowly…to the door ..she open it ..
Bihaan : Thapki …
Thapki: Bihaan why you come here …
Bihaan sees her legs still hurt ..
Bihaan: are you crazy who tell you to open the door if your legs are hurt..
Thapki: no one in the house so who will open ..she walk ..ouch still hurt ..
Bihaan hold her hands ..
Thapki looks at him …Bihaan help her to sit ..
Thapki: thanks ..
Bihaan: so why you didn’t come to college??
Thapki: my legs still hurt ..
Bihaan: I thought you are mad at me so you didn’t come ..
Thapki: no i was mad but now am not ..because remembering your smile make me forget everything..
Bihaan looks at her wired looks ..
Thapki mind voice: what I just said ..
Bihaan: what !!
Thapki: nothing oh right I forgot I will give u your books you forget it yesterday I will go to bring it ..
Bihaan mind voice: what happened to me why am here and why am so caring to her ..I don’t believe that I come to her house to check if she is fine …I need to stop doing this .
Thapki: here you go ..
Bihaan: so I think I should go now see you in college tomorrow..
Thapki: bye Bihaan..
Bihaan get out of the house and call Alia to come ..
The scene go to Anjali #
Anjali: Sid I can’t leave college..
Sid : I can’t forgive you Anjali..
Anjali get upset: so fine I don’t want you to forgive me Sid …all what did because I really love u Sid ..
Sid: liar ..liar Anjali you never loved me ..I just hate to talk to you .
Anjali: if you don’t believe in my love there is no way that we will be back together..
Sid : you said it no way ..
Sad song play ..
The scene go to Bihaan house #
Bihaan collect the book that Thapki give it to him …suddenly he saw a white notebook ..
Bihaan: wow I don’t have a notebook in my life weird how it come to my books ..
The scene go to thapki #
Thapki: omg where is my dairy ..wait I hope I didn’t put it with bihaan books ..or he will know that am like him ..
The scene returned to Bihaan #
Bihaan: let see who’s book is this ..
Thapki: I will call him ..
Bihaan phone rang …
Bihaan: it is Thapki ..
He about to answer..golu comes ..
Golu : Bihaan uncle..
Bihaan: am not your uncle call me your brother…because my dear golu you are so cute …
Golu : I will call Bihaan uncle
The phone keep rang..
Bihaan: wait golu ..
Golu : no Bihaan uncle you promise me to play video games today ..
Bihaan: okay papa we will play are you happy ..
Golu : yay let go ..
Thapki : what if Bihaan read it than I will be dead for sure ..

In the morning #
Bihaan was sleeping…Thapki calls him ..
Bihaan: ufff this Thapki …he answered..
Thapki: Bihaan sorry if am calling early..
Bihaan: speak what you want !!!
Thapki: Bihaan I want to say ..
Bihaan end the call ..
Thapki: ha …he end the call ..let see Bihaan kapoor how you end my call …I need to get that dairy ..
Golu enter Bihaan room he sees the book ..he take it and read it in loud voice to wake up Bihaan..
Golu : what an amazing day I never thought I will be like this person..b ..
Bihaan throw pillows in golu ..
Golu: hey ..
Bihaan: golu in nice way I will said it get out let me sleep and leave my books ..
Golu go and lying beside Bihaan..
Bihaan: what now ..
Golu : Bihaan uncle today is my birthday..
Bihaan wake up : really ..
Golu: yes and I want you to not go to college and celebrate with me I talk to grandmother and she agree ..
Bihaan: what about dad I mean grandfather what he said ..
Golu: he agree too ..
Bihaan: yes …thanks golu .., Bihaan hug golu .
Thapki call Karan and tell him what happened..
Karan: Thapki if Bihaan knows than our plan will be failed..
Thapki: what can I do ..
Karan: I wish I can help you but I can’t because me and Bihaan don’t speak to each other …I find it take his house address go and bring your note book ..
Thapki: okay .
Thapki reached Bihaan house #
Thapki: wow what a rich guy is he ..4 cars .look at the garden…
A group of kids where entering the house Thapki enter with them ..
Priya: oh who is you ..your face look familiar..
Thapki: me no I ..
Sona : golu go change your cloth and her you come late ..
Thapki: are you talking to me ..
Sona : yes I asked you to come to do golu is hair look I want his hair to be perfect for the party..
Thapki: as you say ..
Thapki take golu to his room ..
Priya: am sure that I see this girl ..
Sona : oh come mother in law she is a worker maybe you saw her in a salon or something..
Priya: maybe..
Thapki enter golu room ..
Golu : look am not sure about my hair but do as my mother said ..
Thapki mind voice: how I will know where is Bihaan room ..
Golu : are you listening..
Thapki: yes ..
Golu : do my hair ..
Thapki about to do golu hair ..
Thapki : sorry but I need to wash my hands first where is the bathroom.
Golu : it is beside my uncle room there ..
Thapki: thanks I will come in minutes.
Thapki walking around..she suddenly see her note book in Bihaan desk ..
Thapki: my notebook thanks god she take it and about to go ..
Bihaan inside the bathroom: is this you .,
Thapki: who ..
Bihaan: give me my towel..
Thapki: what !!!
Bihaan: maid are you there just pass me the towel in the bed ..

Thapki: maid how dare him !!!
Thapki take the towel and knock the bathroom door ..
Bihaan take the towel ..
Thapki : now I can go ..she about to get out the room ..
Sona : where is that woman that I call to cut golu hair ..
Thapki: omg I need to hide .., she go around Bihaan room she hide inside his closet.
Bihaan get out the bathroom..
Thapki inside the closet: I hope no one find me here ..
Sona : where are she ..
Golu go to Bihaan..
Golu: did you saw a woman ?
Bihaan: who ..
Golu : the woman that should do my hair ..
Bihaan: I didn’t see anyone..
Golu : where she goes ..
Bihaan: oh god she is a thief for sure ..
Thapki inside the closet: call me a maid it is fine but thief I will show you Bihaan..
Bihaan open the closet..
Thapki smiling : hiii ..
Bihaan shocked : you !!!!

Next episode you will see :
Bihaan hide Thapki from his father, Thapki dress as a clown ? so she can get out of the house, Bihaan decided to convince his feelings to thapki , Anjali get accident because of Sid .

LOVe U All ?

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    1. Hey reshal miss u more ? Am fine dear what about you ?? ?
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  2. Simrank

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    1. sorry nasrin dear in Thursday will be something that all of you would love me ending this ff ? it was a joke ?
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  7. Hi i know manish is leaving tpk but please keep continuing your ff i love it. This is my first time commenting on someones ff becasue i really dont want u to stop your ff.

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  8. Nice part. I was busy with my works. So I read your updates together.

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  9. Super cool part.waiting for thahaan union….

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  10. Hi sandy sorry for commentig late i was very sad cause of manish leaving the show?nice episode waiting for thahaan confess their love

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