Meaning of love Episode {16}

Hola lovely reader I don’t know how much you missed me but I missed you moreeeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️ hope all of you get amazing weekend this week???
and I heard the sad news that Manish will leave the show ? i don’t watch the show but i felt really sad I was going to cry but suddenly I remember that tpk is getting worse tracks so I don’t blame if Manish decided to leave the show , I hope we will see him again in better serial ?really tpk is nothing without manishhh ??
I don’t know how much days I will wait to see him again in the screen but I will be so excited to see his new role hopefully soon not late ?
So I make u Wait a lot are you ready to see the 16 Episode of meaning of love ❤️

The episode start with thapki throw the letter in Karan face …
Karan: hey ..
Thapki: you start doing plan without telling me 🙁 ..
Karan: what ! Do you mean ??
Thapki: the letter why you writing this look Karan I know it is your plan but next time tell me ..
Karan take the letter and he is shocked to see his name …
Karan: Thapki but I ..
Thapki: stop it Karan I know it is your plan I will go now .., Thapki left ..
Karan: but wait ..weird I didn’t write this …it mean Bihaan write this to thapki …but why he write my name …really confusing ..I thought he will tell thapki not write a letter with my name.
The scene go to Bihaan #
Bihaan thinks how Karan write his name in his letter..Alia come ..
Alia: Bihaan what happened??
Bihaan: nothing really it just Karan..
Alia: yes about Karan I saw him taking a letter from Thapki closet and write his name how romantic is he …
Bihaan get upset: what you see him doing this..
Alia: yes …but why you are upset?
Bihaan remains silent and thinking of how Karan did this …Karan come ..
Karan: hey Bihaan..
Bihaan: don’t you dare say hey Bihaan after what you did ..
Alia looks on : what happened?
Bihaan: I can’t believe you Karan you was my friend and I can’t believe that you did this …
Karan: did what ..!!
Bihaan: the letter that I wrote to thapki you write your name on it ..
Karan get shocked: what !!!!! I didn’t do it Bihaan ..
Bihaan: shut up Karan Alia saw you do it .
Karan looks at Alia , Alia give an evil smile .
Karan: no Bihaan I will explain to you ..

Bihaan: no need to explain you made fun of my feelings to thapki ..
Karan: oh hello did you have memory lost or something you was hating Thapki you said that she is ugly and stammering girl ..
Bihaan: whatever I said my feelings in that letter was important and you made it as joke by writing your name …I don’t believe that I was your friend..
Karan: me too how I became a friend to someone who doesn’t listen and have a memory lost ..
Bihaan: fine from now on we are not friends..
Karan: fine .
Bihaan leave, Karan ask Alia .
Karan: why you did it are you happy to see me and Bihaan breaking our friendship!!!
Alia laughs: really Karan you saying Bihaan have a memory lost but you have, do you remember the party and when you call raj and tell him to say that me and him dating, your the reason Bihaan break up with me ..
Karan: so you getting revenge..
Alia : yes …, Alia tears: Bihaan change his look to me he will never sees me as his girlfriend after knowing about raj …
Karan : why you doing this Alia even revenge will not get you to anything you are lying you just feel jealous that Bihaan likes Thapki ..
Alia shout : no am not !!!!
Karan: your behavior say this anyway you like it or not Bihaan like Thapki and soon he will love her …you break me and Bihaan friendship but you will never get Bihaan as you boyfriend 🙂 .
The scene go to thapki #
Thapki about to ride her bicycle..
Thapki : oh is not the time to get break..

Bihaan sees her ..
Bihaan: what happened?
Thapki: my bicycle get broken..
Bihaan: let me see I will fix it ..
Thapki remember Bihaan making fun of her …
Thapki: no thanks no need for your help ..
Bihaan: as you want …by the way the time is so late I don’t know how you will get home ..bye ..
Thapki: wait ..wait ..
Bihaan look at her : yes ..
Thapki hesitated to ask him ..
Bihaan: hello just call me ..okay I will go ..
Thapki: I want your help .
Bihaan take her bicycle and start to fix it ..
Thapki keep looking at him and smile and a wind let her hair flow….
Bihaan sees her his mind voice: she looks beautiful…why am saying like this she soon going to be Karan wife …I need to stop .
Thapki and bihaan keep looking at each other ..
Karan sees them : oh what a wonderful view Bihaan and thapki share a eye look ..
Karan call thapki : Thapki …
Thapki looks at Karan ..Bihaan feel nervous he continues fixing the bicycle and go to his car …
Karan hold thapki hands and says : I missed all day ..
Bihaan feel jealous…
Thapki feel shy …and she looks at Bihaan..
Bihaan looks at her and get in his car , Bihaan left,
Karan: so what Thapki you doing planning without me ..
Thapki: what !!
Karan: I never saw Bihaan looking at a girl like this he just looked at you without saying anything.
Thapki feel shy ..
Karan: oh look you are blushing..Thapki Bihaan did say I like you today it mean I win ..
Thapki get surprised: when!!

Karan give her the letter..
Thapki: this but your name on it ..
Karan: Thapki this is Bihaan handwriting he wrote it for you …but some jealous girl write me name on it ..
Thapki smile and open the letter: oh I don’t believe it ..
Karan: soon Bihaan will say it to you .
Thapki hug the letter: I like you too Bihaan.
Karan mind voice: Thapki you and Bihaan made for each other but am afraid for what Alia planning to do next .
The scene go to Anjali house #
Anjali crying and feeling guilty that she didn’t tell sid from the beginning…
She trying to call Sid he doesn’t answer he end her call…
Anjali mother sees her …
Anjali hug her mother and tell her what happened …,
Anjali mother: Anjali don’t cry if you was planning to tell him than it is not your mistake.
Anjali mind voice: the worst thing I did that I wasn’t planning to tell him 🙁 , but yesterday when thapki tell me to told him ..I plan it …Sid at less listen to me once .
The scene go to Sid #
Sid in his room and Anjali picture in his wall ..
He sees Anjali pictures he tears : I loved u a lot Anjali and changed my self to you but you …
He take the picture and throw it …the picture frame get broken into pieces Sid take one piece and he cuts his wrist ..
Sid : ahhhh …, the blood spirit ..
Sid : I don’t want to live anymore…he close his eye slowly and fall down ..
Sid mother see him she immediately call the doctor ..
The doctor come and help sid ..

Sid mother thanks the doctor and she says : this Anjali made my son kill him self if today I didn’t saw him in right time he was dead for sure .
The scene go to thapki house #
Radha: look to this gift it is from Karan family..
Shashi: yes they really kind people look Thapki Karan mother send to you this ..
Thapki open it : wow it is really gorges necklace ..
Radha let me see : oh really pretty let me see it in you ..
Thapki wear it ..
Radha: you look beautiful Thapki ..
Suddenly thapki phone rang…
Thapki: Bihaan..
Radha: what Bihaan..
Thapki: I mean Karan call me I will go to answer..
Thapki go to her room ..
Thapki: I don’t believe it Bihaan call me it means he will say it now ( I like you thapk ) am excited to hear it ..wait I need to act normal…,Thapki take deep breath and answer the call …
Thapki: hi
Bihaan: long time to answer me if it is Karan that you will answer faster right ..
Thapki: what you want Bihaan I want to go to sleep..
Bihaan: Thapki I want to tell you something..
Thapki: yes Bihaan..,Thapki get more excited..
Bihaan: am sorry ..
Thapki: sorry !!!
Bihaan: yeah today I make fun of you and I was just joking and I want to say this …
Thapki smile : it is okay Bihaan ..
Bihaan: so and I want my old teacher to teach me again ..
Thapki: hum ..if am free tomorrow I will teach you for sure ..
Bihaan: Thapki thanks ..
Thapki: your welcome see you tomorrow Bihaan.
Bihaan: bye .
Thapki: am such a stupid how I thought Bihaan will say it in phone less he ask me to meet him tomorrow it means tomorrow is the awaited day 🙂 ..

In the morning ?
Sid wake up : what ?? Am still alive..
His mother: what do you accept me to let you die …why you doing this Sid don’t you love me …
Sid looking at his wrist : thanks mother ..I love u but Anjali break me ..I don’t believe that the girl that I was doing the impossible to make her love me was just lying to me ..
Sid mother: please siddy don’t do this again or I will kill my..
Sid stop her : no mother what are you saying..I will be alive just for you .., Sid hug his mother and say : but Anjali still have to pay for what she did to me .

In college #%
Thapki and Karan studying for exams ,
Thapki tell Karan that yesterday Bihaan call her and want her to be his teacher again..
Karan: oh great ..
Thapki: why you look sad Karan something happened..
Bihaan suddenly come : yeah the thing that happened that me and Karan not friends anymore..
Karan looks at Bihaan..
Thapki: Bihaan what ever Karan did you can’t just break your friendship with him ..
Bihaan: is not your business Thapki I just come to say are you going to be my teacher…
Karan looks at thapki and nods his head ..
Thapki: yes ..
Bihaan: see you after class, Bihaan left .
Thapki: Karan and Bihaan..don’t tell me it happens because of the letter..
Karan: no Thapki and I know Bihaan will return my friend..don’t worry ..
Thapki: I hope you return soon ..
The scene go to Anjali class #
Anjali waiting for Sid ..
Sid come and Jenny ask him what happened to his hand ,
Sid : nothing jaanu..
Anjali: Sid what happened…you cut your wrist…Sid why why …she tears ..
Sid : why …!!!! You asking Anjali…go away from my way Anjali you hurt me enough please I want to stay alive …go away !!
Anjali leave the class .
Sid mind voice: that what I want Anjali i will do the impossible to show you what the meaning of hate …I loved you like no one did but you didn’t see my love …but you will see my hate now .
Anjali keep crying: what ever I do Sid will never forgive me .
The scene go Bihaan and Alia #
Bihaan and Alia were walking to class ..
Thapki looked at Bihaan ..
Alia sees thapki ….
Alia: oh Bihaan I feel scared from the exam ..
Bihaan: don’t worry Alia it will be easy ..
Alia looks at thapki and hug Bihaan..
Alia : thanks Bihaan now I feel better..
Bihaan: ok let’s go ..

Thapki feel upset to see bihaan hug Alia : if Bihaan like me why he still with Alia I think Bihaan and Alia dating…I think Karan just lied to me to think that Bihaan like me …Thapki take out the letter and throw it in the garbage.
Alia sees thapki throw the letter: that what I want Thapki to you remove from your head that Bihaan likes you 🙂 .
In exam class #
Bihaan didn’t study last night..
Bihaan: oh god I should study but all I did is playing with golu 🙁 ..
Thapki was solving the exam ..
Bihaan throw his pen beside her ..
Thapki see his pen she take it and give to him ..
Bihaan whispering: help me question 9 ..
The teacher: Bihaan what are you doing ..
Thapki: nothing teacher his pen fall down I give it to him ..
Bihaan: yes ..
Bihaan points to thapki in the paper exam ..
Thapki mind voice: no and never I don’t help in cheating but Bihaan looks hopeless..
She looks at Bihaan..
Bihaan look at his paper and throw the pen again beside Thapki …
Thapki see the pen she about to give it to Bihaan..
The teacher: Bihaan what are you doing are you trying to cheat ..
All students looks at Bihaan..
Bihaan: haha me no sir am good student it just the pen love Thapki every time he fall beside her ..
The students laughs..
The teacher: really funny Bihaan, he give Bihaan the pen and keep standing beside Thapki ..
Thapki mind voice: sorry Bihaan now I can’t help you ..
The teacher looks at Bihaan..
Bihaan mind voice: oh god this teacher really want me to fail anyway I will try to solve something.

After exam #
Thapki: Bihaan..
Bihaan walk faster..
Thapki follow him …
Bihaan stop ..
Thapki : Bihaan..
Bihaan: yes miss I don’t help in cheating..
Thapki: sorry Bihaan..
Bihaan: Thapki I will fail in this exam ..
Thapki tears ..
Bihaan: hey ..Thapki I was joking..
Thapki tears drop : if you fail than it is my mistake..
Bihaan: oh come on I didn’t say that ..look Thapki if you cry now than I will fail ..but if you smile than I will pass…
Thapki laughs…Bihaan laughs with her ..
Alia sees them : what Bihaan and thapki together…but how it is happened ?
Bihaan: so now am sure that I will pass ..
Thapki: Bihaan can I say something..
Bihaan: yes .
Thapki: your smile is really special I wish to see like this always..
Bihaan looks at her …
Bihaan mind voice: you don’t know Thapki that when I see your smile is the reason I smile …
Thapki: so I think I should go now Karan is waiting for me ..
Bihaan get angry: Karan ..Karan ..what about me ..
Thapki: ha ..what you said ..
Bihaan: nothing miss Thapki go meet your future husband.
Thapki: bye Bihaan.
Alia come to Bihaan,
Alia : great changing ..
Bihaan: what changing ..
Alia : I really don’t understand why you care about thapki ..
Bihaan: me no it just I start ..
Alia: you start what
Bihaan mind voice: the doctor was right if I told Thapki my feelings than I will stop thinking of her but how .
Bihaan: nothing Alia let’s go .
The scene go to Karan #
Thapki: Karan you Lied to me ..Bihaan and Alia are together now so how Bihaan likes me …I saw them hugging before exam .
Karan: Thapki you just saw them hugging you think they are dating..
Thapki: yes or why they will hug .
Karan: Thapki you never date anyone right that’s why you think this …look Thapki any friends can hug each other ..
Thapki: really but why I felt like that ..I even throw the letter:(
Karan: it is okay thapki you don’t need the letter you need to let Bihaan say I like you ..
Thapki: you are right 🙂 .
The scene go to Anjali class #
The teacher: so students why do you think the reason of divorce happen in the country ?
Sid : I know teacher it because of hate .., Sid looks at Anjali.
Anjali: no teacher it because of misunderstanding each other …
Sid : wow Anjali you know A lot …so tell us how you lied to me ..
The students keep whispering..
Anjali looks at Sid and ignore him ..
The teacher: I think is enough for today see you tomorrow.
Anjali about to go ..
Sid : so cheap ..
Anjali return: what did you say ??!!
Sid : I wasn’t speaking to you ..
Anjali: Sid you need to hear me ..
Sid : wait ..,he put headphones and say : now speak ..
Anjali: Sid are you joking !!! How you will listen to me if your putting headphones?!
Sid : who said that I should listen to you ..
Anjali: I don’t think you will ever listen.
The scene go to thapki and Karan..
Karan : here is Bihaan coming..Thapki remember what you have to do ..
Thapki: but Karan..
Karan: shuuu ..he is here .
Bihaan come ..
Bihaan: Thapki ..
Karan: thapki come on I will take you for lunch ..
Thapki: yes let’s go..
Bihaan: excuse me I told you we will meet right now ..
Thapki: well Bihaan I want to go with Karan meet you later ..
Thapki and Karan left .
Bihaan: what the !!!! All the time Karan she totally forgot about me 🙁 .
Alia sees thapki and Karan..
She suddenly push thapki ..
Thapki fall down ..
Karan: Thapki !!
He help her to stand up ..
Alia : oh sorry my bad ..
Karan: Alia watch where you going ..
Alia left ,
Thapki my leg hurt ..
Karan let take you to the doctor..
In Sid house #
Sid : Anjali is the new villain in my life ..
Anjali in her house crying remember Sid how change him self to her and when she kiss him in cheek..she says : Sid why all this hate…she wipes her tears: tomorrow you will listen to me Sid and I will let you listened by your way .
The scene go to Bihaan#
Thapki was walking..Bihaan speaking in the phone..
Suddenly Bihaan hit Thapki and Thapki screaming..
Bihaan: why you screaming…oh Karan told you to scream when you see me is like am a gosht or something..
Thapki: no you smart my legs got hurt today and when you hit me it pain ..
Bihaan: oh sorry ..
Thapki about to walk she get more pain ..
Bihaan: sit Thapki you can’t walk ..
Thapki: no I can ..look she about to walk she can’t ..
Bihaan: wow I saw you walking..
Thapki: but how I will go to home ..
Bihaan : I will drop you ..
Thapki: no fine ..I will call Karan ..
Bihaan: enough already..every time Karan Karan where I go Thapki am here beside you and you are thinking of Karan ..don’t you see I can help no need of Karan right now ..
Thapki looks at Bihaan and feel happy that Bihaan care for her ..
Bihaan about hold her in his arm ..
Thapki: what are you ..
Bihaan: you can’t walk so I will hold you in my arm ..
Thapki trying to stand up ..
Bihaan hold her in his arm ..Thapki looks at him …Bihaan looks at her …
Bihaan let thapki sit in the car and drop her home..
Radha sees Bihaan and thapki ..
Radha feel happy : Bihaan kapoor come to my house I should call my friends ..
She call her friends..
Bihaan enter and let thapki sit ..
Thapki: thanks Bihaan..
Shashi: Bihaan my son how are you ..
Bihaan : am fine uncle I should go now ..
A group of ladies in the door sees Bihaan and keep whispering..
Bihaan: excuse me do I know you ..
Radha come and say : this is Bihaan kapoor he know our family ..
Bihaan get annoyed: yes ..ha ..can I go ..
Radha: you come to our house you can’t go like this right Thapki ..
Thapki smile : yes mother ..
Bihaan give thapki angry looks..
The ladies: so are you planning something..
Bihaan: planning what ..
Thapki come with tea ..
Thapki: please Bihaan kapoor take tea ..
Bihaan take the tea with angry and he was drinking it ..
The ladies: we mean planning to marry ??
Bihaan spit the tea in thapki : what !!!
Thapki: eww way ..
Bihaan stand up : what do you mean eww ..
Thapki: you spit the tea on my face ..
Bihaan: what if I pure it on you ..
Thapki: you won’t dare ..
Bihaan pure the tea in thapki ..
Thapki: Bihaan!!!
Radha get embarrassed: haha they acting like kids aren’t they ..
Bihaan laughs..
Thapki: Bihaan I will show you ..Thapki take class of water and she pure it on the ladies not at Bihaan..
Radha: Thapki ..
Thapki: mother am sorry it is Bihaan mistake..
Bihaan keep laughing..
Thapki: and you are laughing..
The ladies : Radha is this how you treat your guest ?!!!
Radha : am sorry ..
Thapki look angry at Bihaan..
Bihaan: it is my mistake sorry ..
The ladies: feel glad to meet Bihaan…and they left ,
Thapki still mad at Bihaan..
Bihaan: bye uncle..,
Thapki: finally he go ..
Shashi: he is really nice guy..
Thapki see the tea cup she recall Bihaan laughing and says : you make mad Bihaan but seeing your smile let me forget everything 🙂 .

Next episode you will see :
The teacher ask Bihaan to say a sentence with the letter I ..
Bihaan: I like you…. Thapki ..
Thapki looks on .
Anjali tell Sid if he didn’t listen to her she will shot the gun in her head .

Sorry if it not longer but am planning to post 4 days a week it mean today and Tuesday and Thursday and Friday ??

Thanks guys I don’t know how to show u that am sooooooo happy to see your support to me I reallllly love u all ❤️ ❤and take care keep your beautiful smile in your face ??

And about my exams it want great thanks for your wishes last updates and sorry for not replying ?❤

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