hey to all it’s kushagra with new ff .this ff is simply based on different emotions and attachments .

i wanna ask should i discontinue my old sadda haq ff “just because of you” due to lack of reads as their is no use use of posting it if no one is interested to read and one more thing can i post an old fan which i have discontinued again from starting as i am thinking to give my old ff”my one sided love ” ending but it too late to post a next part .so can i post it from starting i mean same old parts and then in series continue the new end .even i wanna do same with my other ff” hell confused ” if you people are ok then only

end of talks


it’s story of tackling difficult relations ,understanding of misunderstandings,thirst for ambitions and everyone’s different reasons of existence .it’s the story of 6 different individuals and their different lifestyles still similar fate .their is no one who gets everything it actually the story of the carvings they never expressed or disagreed to acknowledge .this is story of their ignorance to pain .this is their story but build by mistakes of the people who had either given them life or are integral part of their lives .it’s the story of dominance of diplomacy over emotions or victory of one relation over other .it’s story of choices which made destiny of others .it’s story of crest fallen souls who dared to stand up again .it’s the story of those blessed souls who ironically were deprived of what was actually theirs .it’s story of realisations

it’s said everything is fair in love but leaving a mere child of 6 months was really fair enough .this question bothered randhir from very day he got to know that his mother left him and his father for her love.he did n’t hate her as he didn’t know her isn’t it strange the person who gave her life have no existence in his life as he isn’t even aware what her name was .he never asked as never needed her as his father never left him deprived of anything but do he really never wanted her or he never showed.for him life was very easy as his father never let him face the hardship of life he was a prince born with a silver spoon but still wanted to discover purple haze of life

it’s said daughters are princesses of their fathers but was it really a truth this has always disturbed sanyukta as for her father she was a unwanted burden whom he hated .even she always made her heart realize that she doesn’t need father like him but do really it was that easy for a girl to hate the person who should supposedly be her first hero .she was ignored girl who wanted to conquer by struggle

it’s said parents can never be unjust to their children but is it thing true .number of times sanskar has tried to ask this question from life .as snatching the golden childhood of their own child for fame and comfort was in which way right .when other children used to be carefree at time sankar was asked to obey a strict lifestyle as he was a teenage singing sensation who was not even allowed to unreveal his face to the world .he was not a child who wanted to glow in this limelight and stardom all he wanted was a simple life with lovely family but could never get .he was a innocent soul who wanted to break through this golden cage

it’s said life is very harsh but why this question always mingled in swara’s heart as for her life was perfect .she was carefree princess of her parents who hated restrictions .for her everything and everyone was fair .she was centre of everyone’s attraction ,she was a pampered doll who never knew how merciless fate can be .from childhood whatever she wished she got that’s why she never cared about their worth .she was a blessed child with big dreams.she wanted to enjoy every bit of life

it’s said one should never be vain because of money and status but why this was the question which laksh used to asked to those who called him so .he was perfect spoilt brat who never cared about anything except his ego .apple of his mother’s eyes he was totally rude arrogant jerk but still could do anything for his mother and friends as he considered them his everything .for him life was just enjoying the very moment which comes forward but he was damn adventures ,he wanted to play with fire and challenge every aspect of life

it’s said one should never be selfish this was the question which ragini used to ask from life as for her being selfless was being foolish ,she lived in the real world so bluntly loathed the very idea of charity and truth for her everything was fair in winning as her life was all about winning .she wanted to be victorious in every aspect of life

precap ;character sketches and intro of story

ok guyz it’s up to you to decide the pairs am giving options you can tell in your comments

1 sandhir [sanyukta -randhir ]
2 swandhir [swara-randhir ]
3 ragdhir[ragini-randhir]
4 swasan [swara-sanskar]
5 ragsan [ragini-sanskar]
6 swalak [swara-laksh]
7 raglak[ragini-laksh]
8 sanlak[sanyukta-laksh]

friends do comment as it’s very demotivating to see less comments


  1. Julia


    |Registered Member

    Don’t mind. But I think you have to choose the pairs on ur own wish. Coz I’m sure u’ll get mixed response. Author’s decision vl always b the best
    Anyways ur plot is gud. I wish u luck

  2. Poota

    Dear I luved ur ff my one sided love story plzzzz cont it I really missing it n Yaa this one is also awsm n about pairs I luved 1,2,4

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