ME, YOU AND PASSION – Introduction

Greetings to all!!!
I’m Ashiya and would like to join hands with all fellow members of this wondrous KRPKAB community ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve been a silent reader since quite some time, however, I’ve decided to join you all and experience the art of writing, which I’ve haven’t ever tried before.
This is my first fan-fiction and I’d be needing supporters. These supporters are not only to see the excellency of my work but also to bring me back to the right path if I get misdirected in any terms during my stories/plots. Suggestion are open for all. A humble request to all my readers and supporters: Kindly comment after every article you read. This not only helps the writer to improve the story line but also boasts the writer’s confidence.
So let’s starts with the introduction of ME, YOU AND PASSION…

Dev Dixit : A young, handsome hunk in his final year in college. He is the topper of the college and has a good impression set in front of teacher. He is often termed as the ‘college hottie’ or ‘prince of dreams’. However, he does not seem to be the least concerned about finding his princess. He believes the neither him nor his princess will run to each other, but fate will make them come together and join the two souls.
He admires girls who respect their parents and value their dreams and ambitions more than pedicures and spas. He likes the girls who stand out of the crowd. Secretly, he admires Sonakshi Bose, a girl in his class.

Sonakshi Bose: A modern yet disciplined girl in her final year in college. She shares the position of being the topper with Dev and is admired by all Teachers and students. She is a sharp tongued, broad minded and talkative girl. She treats people regardless to their status and has a unique approach towards the society. ‘A complete feminist’ and ‘proud to be a girl’ are amongst few of the titles given to her. She dreams big and does big to fulfill them. She has high ambitions and the biggest dream of hers- to become a singer. She has a heavy passion towards signings and music and does not believe in love. The two major goals of her life- Become a singer and then serve her parents without marrying. However, she has a secret unknown by all – she seems to be having a crush on Dev but denies it all the time. She considers it just to be an obsession that she’ll get over with in a matter of time.

Elina Bose: She is Sonakshi’s cousin sister and studies in the same class as Sonakshi. All she can possibly dream of is spas, pedicures, facials and thousands of boys running after her unlike Sonakshi. She is termed as ‘Love Guru’ by Sonakshi and their fellow friends in college.

Vicky Dixit: He is Dev’s Cousin brother and studies in the same class as Dev. He is considered to be a big flirt, and why not? After all, he is one for sure. However, under the control and fear of Dev, he does the least of inappropriate mischief. His biggest secret is only known by his elder Cousin brother, Dev that is he has a crush on Elina.

The four of them are in the same class and Dev and Sonakshi are the leaders of the boys and girls respectively. Rumour spreads that they are in a relationship. However, they both deny for the same whenever asked or told. With unfolding of secrets and following of dreams, will two bodies be able to come together and help two souls become one?

Read ME, YOU AND PASSION to know further about the exciting, romantic and fun times of these four youngsters and their college life.

P.S- The main protagonists of this story are Dev And Sonakshi. Therefore, I’ll try my level best to focus more on them and also make sure that my lovely audience is pleased.
For now, I may only be able to post a promo or two in the coming 2-3 weeks due to my exams. However, my vacations will be starting by the end of this month, which will make it easier for me to post frequently. Due to my busy schedule with school and extra classes, most probably I shall not be able to post everyday. 1-3 posts a week would be what I assume currently and that depends on the support and comment received by me.
For now, goodbye! Hope this article did bring a smile on your face. Do comment ??

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  1. Pooja26

    seems really interesting……

    post asap dear… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Seems awesome!?? plz continue asap.??

  3. Angel20

    Omg!! I’m really very very excited for it! ??? the intro is superb, amazing!! God!!! Please post the episodes soon!! And all the best for your exams! Love youโค

  4. Erika

    very interesting dear awesomee loved this intro and post soon

  5. A biiiigggg ‘Thank You’ to all my supporters and readers from my side. Honestly, I hadn’t expected such a type of positive response. I suppose I’m the youngest out here, so I’ll be calling you all ‘di’ if that works for you ๐Ÿ™‚
    @Maria di, thnks for your warm wishes. My exams have been going great as of now.
    To all my readers and supporters: I’ll the trying to post a promo as soon as possible just to get a little smile on your faces ??
    Hoping for more comments and suggestion!

    1. Angel20

      Hi Anshitaโ˜บ what’s your age dear?

      1. Hey Maria di! Just figured out the trick of replying to comments ๐Ÿ™‚
        I’m 12 currently and what about you? Besides, your dp rocks. M really gonna miss EDKV and ShraMan????

    2. Angel20

      I’m 16โ˜บ ya I’ll also miss Shraman and edkv??

      1. I absolutely luved Nikita’s acting….even Namik…the both literally nailed it…so friends then??

    3. Angel20

      Even I love both of them especially Namik?? ya friends of course!โ˜บ

      1. ?????? Hope I’ll find many more friends in the community??
        Namik’s acting skills were unbelievably in the second last episode…especially when he said, ‘papa aap hero ho aur heroes rote nahin.’ He seriously nailed it in that line..didn’t he?

    4. Angel20

      Ya he’s awesome! Amazing actor and amazing personality?? I love him a lot??

  6. Caira

    Very nice introo!!excited to read further

  7. Aaru

    Its really interesting.. Awesome..start it soon..

  8. Erina

    Hey anshita sorry for late comment but what a concept dear. Its awesome, commendable, amazing nd lots more. I doubt that is it ur first ff nd if then u r going to rock dear. It was so awesome i can’t express my feeling so plzzz post soon nd i’m always their for support bcse i liked ur concept
    With love nd full support

    1. Np Erina di! Besides, just luved ur dp??

  9. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee dear and u can call me ayushi?
    Post soonโค๏ธโค๏ธ
    Love love?

  10. Bhoomi

    Very intresting…post soon…?

  11. Rj12

    looks very intresting post it soon

  12. Raya

    Interesting dear.. Continue soon.. Awesome intro..

  13. Bharti123456

    a very exciting intro post it soon

    1. Thnx a loads???
      Will try to be as soon as possible. However, studies seem to be my priority right now…

  14. I truly am overwhelmed with the response I’ve received from my dear readers and supporters.
    A big hug to Pooja di, Maria di, Maria di, Erika di, Caira di, Erina di, Aaru di, Ayushi di, Bhoomi di, Rj12 and Raya di from my side??? Kindly excuse me if I’ve missed out on any of your names.
    @Erina di, thanks a lot for your words, they truly mean a lot to me. And this definitely is my first ff and hopefully not the last one??? and for that, I’ll definitely be requiring your love and support.
    @Maria di, I’m currently 12. What about you???
    Since I’m a new user, I’ll be needing help from all my supporters at times. I would really appreciate if someone could possibly tell me how to reply to comments as currently, all I’m able to do is only post new comments. Personally replying to comments will help me make sure I’ve thanked everyone, which is very important for me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Another thing: You can all call me Anshita or Ashiya. Either on would do as long as I’m getting support from all you guys ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve submitted the first promo but it seems that TU hasn’t posted it yet. Hope it gets accepted??? I hope to see your comments over there as well ???

    1. Erina

      I’m not getting ur point dear do u want to know how to rply to each one personally…. is it so nd if u want to do that just look at comments dear their u see rply option in every comment(eg after my name erina their u see rply option must be shown in black) just touch it nd u will b able to rply paticular person at that time only. Hope it will help u

      1. Thank you so much Erina di! Your valuable suggestion sure did help and due to that, I’m able to reply back to your comment ๐Ÿ™‚
        Besides, do you post any ff on KRPKAB??
        So friends???????

  15. Interesting intro..
    Waiting for next..

    1. Thnx Nikita di! Hope u liked it and I’ll try my level best to get back at the soonest??

  16. Sakthi

    Awesome intro..eager to read ur ff..

    1. Thnx a loads Sakthi di!
      Btw, the ff you’d recently written was amazing. I loved it but unfortunately, it ended very soon. Do come up with another season or ff on KRPKAB?
      Love ya?

      1. Sakthi

        Thankyou the best for ur ff.

  17. A superb….intro ??????โ˜บ๏ธ????????โ˜บ๏ธ??……college life….love story….of Devakshi….has another charms ???…..great ??…..and I’m waiting for the episode…..???

    1. Thnx a loads Maleeha di!!! It’s a combo of things together in 1 fan fiction????
      Will try to post regularly??

  18. Erica

    Hey!!im registered the name erica.assuming you don’t know me,I’m 8 and I live in Singapore.i write this ff kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang)and I have reached episode 100-MAHA episode.
    I really wish you all the very best in your writing journey di!!the character shade seems very interesting and I hope u can gel with the KRPKAB crowd as soon as possible!!welcome and all the best again!!

    1. Hey Nishi! My name is username is Ashiya…besides, I’ve been reading your ff since the first episode!! I love it??????? Congo for ur 100th episode…hope mine atleast reaches 10??????
      Thnks for all ur warm wishes and words…they truly make me feel that this community does not only have great stories but also great people…
      I’m 12 currently….friends???

      1. Erica

        Yep definitely!!!see di,I don’t have a complete family,so all of u become my sisters ok??so not only friends,sisters???

      2. Yes, of course! So now Nishi is OFFICIALY my lovely sister ?????????????
        Love ya????

  19. Ria

    Hey Anshita,
    Being frank, I’m not really a fan krpkab.. I just kinda like the pair. But, seeing your ff in the recent posts tab I kinda liked it and thought of trying it out.

    Anyways, it really seems to be interesting. I’d be eagerly waiting for your next update.

    Moreover, the cover pic you chose is just..?? Okay, try posting soon and a very good luck for all your exams.

    Loads of love.?

    1. Hey Ria!!
      I’m glad that I could come of some use/help to u…trust me, you’ll get addicted to the show once u start watching it…its awesome…
      I’ll defnly try my best too keep in touch…do have a look at my promos…thanks for ur wishes..
      Even I luv the cover pic…two great minds and actors???
      Loads of luv???

  20. Hi all!
    Due to my exams, I might not be able to post any episodes. However, I’ve submitted 2 promos but they haven’t been posted yet. I seriously want them to get posted ASAP so that all my lovely readers will get a chance to learn more about the story???
    I can’t believe that this is the response I’m getting for my first ever ff!!! It’s just unbelievable????
    Do lemme know about your ffs so that I could drop in a comment as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Nice????

    1. Thnx a lot?????????????????

  22. Esme

    Gud job…
    Keep writing.

    1. Thnks Esme di!
      I never knew writing could be so much fun until I joined this community ???
      Love you???

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