Mayavi Maling 7th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad gets caught

Mayavi Maling 7th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pranali coming to meet Pranali. He says I think someone is stealing the potion from your room, someone is keeping an eye there. He gives a potion bottle and says this is not the right one, I will give you the real potion when you need it for the ritual, this is different potion, this will help us catch that thief red-handed, keep this bottle at the same place, when the thief washes hands by this liquid, his hands will turn red, you take this bottle now. She goes. Angad sees Pranali coming into the room. He angrily throws knives at the dart. She comes to them with the potion. She says dad has given me one more bottle, I want you to keep this safe, this will be safe with you. He asks is this a way to show trust, is this a wife’s request or queen’s command. She asks can’t everything

get fine between us. He says I have nothing to say. She asks then why this distance. He asks her to go and sleep, she is tired. They sleep. He wakes up. He goes and gets the bottle. He takes the bottle and dips it in the water. He washes his hand with the potion and changes liquid.

He keeps back the potion bottle. He sleeps. His hand turns red. Arak comes to Madhumali and says you are really a bad sister, you are a liar. She calls him fool. She argues with him and sends him off, calling him a coward. Pranali gets ready. Angad comes to help her. Her necklace falls down and drops. He gets shocked seeing his red hands. He recalls washing hands with the liquid. He starts his drama and asks her to cal any Daasi for help. He says I had hidden the bottle, thinking none can guess it, take that bottle while you leave. He goes. She thinks I just wanted my dad not to doubt on you, I wish dad’s doubts end. He washes hands to get rid of red color. He gets angry. He comes to Madhumali and says its Maharaj’s plan, don’t you have some way to clear this red color. She gets shocked. She says I can’t think of this. He angrily breaks things. She says you can break everything, after all Maling is our property. He says I don’t want to get caught, else I will lose everything.

Pranali comes to Maharaj. He respects her as she is the queen. She gives the bottle and says this bottle is safe. He sees the liquid and gets shocked. He says no, this is not that potion which I gave you, it means thief has washed his hands, he has changed the potion. She says this can’t happen, none came in my room except Angad. He says now there is no dilemma, its Angad. She asks what do you mean to say. He says if the thief knows using potion, his hands would have turned red, we will find out, we have to start the ritual fast and maintain secrecy. He gives the real potion. She says Haran didn’t return till now, I hope I didn’t put him in danger. Someone knocks. Maharaj takes potion bottle from her. Angad comes. He says sorry to come this way. They look at his hands. Angad says I had a question to ask, do you have any way to know about Kalindi. Maharaj tries to see his hand. He says I want to know her truth and arrange things before she arrives in Mahapuram. Pranali asks why did you hide your hands. He says I didn’t hide intentionally. He shows his red hands. They get shocked.

Angad’s truth comes out. Pranali doubts on him. Maharaj asks her to decide now, everything is in front of her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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