Mayavi Maling 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad uses the magical potion

Mayavi Maling 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pranali asking Garima to go and do her work. Garima goes. Pranali sees Angad. Dharani makes Eshwarya ready and says now your choice will like you. Eshwarya thanks her and asks did you talk to dad. Dharani says I tried, but he was busy, I will talk later. Eshwarya says I will go now, he won’t come here to pick me, he is hesitant, he talks less. Dharani says remember that Maling’s respect is connected to you. Eshwarya hugs her and goes.

Angad says don’t worry, I didn’t run away, I have come back, you can feel pride to have a husband in your control, so you ruined this room. Pranali says no. He says let it be. She says I m finding an imp bottle given by my dad. He says I don’t know, its good I wasn’t here, else you would have killed me by this blame. She stops

him. He holds her hand. They have an eyelock. He kisses her hand and leaves her. He goes. Eshwarya runs out. Dharani gets her earring. She asks the guard about Eshwarya. He says she went towards the sea. Dharani goes to give earring to Eshwarya.

Eshwarya says I m so eager to meet him, I didn’t notice that I lost my earring, this is called love, where is Chegu, I have come. Chegu hugs her. Her other earring drops. She gets tensed. Dharani looks for her. Eshwarya smiles. He holds her hand. Dharani comes towards the place. Chegu says how will I take you and fly if I don’t hold her. Eshwarya says I wish I also got wings and could fly. He says its fine, our children will get wings. She smiles. He says Lord didn’t give you wings, so that you come in my arms and fly. He holds her in arms. They smile. Dharani comes there. She sees Adhivan and thinks it means they didn’t leave yet, why did guard say so. She goes upstairs. She sees Adhivan gone and smiles. She says maybe they just went, Adhivan can smile seeing Eshwarya’s adornment.

Maharaj asks what, Adhivan? Dharani says think, both the princesses will be together. He says yes, but mahapuram isn’t normal, Pranali also has problems, Angad is under suspicion, you want me to get Eshwarya in Angad’s family, never. She says don’t decide so soon, Eshwarya can’t get a better groom than Adhivan at this time. He asks what do you mean. She says if Eshwarya falls for any wrong man, if we don’t like him. He asks how can you think so. Eshwarya likes the sight. Chegu says I got you here. She says now I don’t need you as I m here, you are a magician, you have won my heart and even my mum’s. He asks her not to lie. She says I m not lying, mum allowed me to come here, she agreed. They smile. Dharani says if Chegu marries Eshwarya, our grandchildren will fly in palace, I m scared that this can turn true, there is nothing between them, they can get another meaning of this friendship, if they had something, Eshwarya would have not said yes for marrying Adhivan, just get Eshwarya and Adhivan married.

Eshwarya says mum made me ready to meet you, she said you are suitable to become my groom. She gets shy. She says you can get your mum to talk to my parents, everything will happen soon, then hold my hand. Chegu says as if my hands have thorns now. She laughs. Adhivan says Maharaj will say yes for my alliance, I m suitable for Eshwarya. Dharani says you came back soon from the seashore. He says sorry, what do you mean. She makes excuses and says misunderstandings happen, Garima…. I will leave, I didn’t hear right. She goes. She says with whom did Eshwarya go. Madhumali says Maling lake isn’t powerful now, a Daanav vanshi had a swim and came back alive. He says I didn’t go to swim, I got Haran frozen and got him here, I have hidden him, I will tell you when right time comes. She asks don’t you trust your sister. He says I trust you, but if I had a sister, mom… She says fine, I won’t tell you about this bottle. He says I took big risk. She asks what’s inside this. He says I will get answer soon. She asks him not to take risk. He applies the liquid on his hands. He smiles and says this herb is our friend.

Pranali says I lost the bottle, its stolen. Maharaj says I feel Angad is behind this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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