Mayavi Maling 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalindi arrives

Mayavi Maling 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj asking Vaidehi to calm down. She says my daughter’s marital life is getting spoiled. Mandhari comes and says its getting ruined, come fast and see. They rush and see Pranali and Angad’s argument go. Pranali asks Angad to come with her. He asks her why is she keeping this private now. She asks him not to leave, it won’t be right. Madhumali hears them. Angad says you have no love for me, you just doubt on me. Pranali says no, I have full faith in you, the doubts are just about your mum. Pranali says accept my request, don’t go. Madhumali gets glad and says she should beg to Angad and fall in his feet. Garima says what are they talking. Eshwarya jokes that they are talking about Adhivan and Garima’s alliance.

Pranali goes away and cries. She asks soldiers

to obey her command, catch Angad and lock him up in the room, till she gives another command. Angad asks what are you saying. Soldiers catch Angad. Pranali says he should not leave from the room. Madhumali says she got a crown on head and got this attitude, I have to decide my return now. Adhivan stops the guards and keeps the sword on their neck. Angad says its my life and personal matter, my wife wants me there, I will talk to her. He goes. Maharani asks Pranali why did she get Angad arrested, this will call problems for them. Pranali says he is my husband and I got this right to stop him with me when I got married to him. Maharaj asks Pranali to stick to her decision. Pranali goes. Maharaj smiles seeing her. Adhivan makes Arak sleep. Garima comes to him.

She says Pranali did wrong to arrest Angad. Adhivan says why are you worried for me. Garima says we both like each other. He says look, I don’t think so, listen to me first. She asks him to say clearly. He says you are so short, I can’t even look into your eyes. She cries and goes. Arak hears them. Pranali comes to Angad. She sees him chained. She asks who did this. The man says if Angad harms you… She says I m most safest with him. She gets the keys and frees the chains. She cries. He says I m either your prisoner or your slave, keep me with Haran, I should not be here. She says you are my husband, you are everything for me, I m sorry for everything, I had no option, I just wanted to stop you. He asks what can I do in front of a powerful queen.

She says you know well that this responsibility is put on me, how can you get away from me, I want your support. He says I also want my life partner, who sits on my life side when I sit on Mahapuram’s throne, you expect your husband to do his duty, you don’t fulfill a wife’s duty. They hear a siren. They see a ship coming. Maharaj says which Rajya’s ship is this. They wonder if they are enemy or friend. Rajmata says enemy doesn’t come in day time, it can’t be an enemy. Angad warns Pranali and asks her to get soldiers at the shore. Pranali goes to Maharaj and asks his advice. He says whoever comes, we forward a hand of friendship and make them friends, I advice you to carry ahead our traditions. She agrees. They all go to see. The man declares about Devi Kalindi, who is Madhumali’s daughter is coming to Maling. They all get shocked. Arak asks is she our mum’s daughter. Adhivan says our stepsister. Pranali allows Kalindi to come. Everyone gets shocked seeing Kalindi, who looks exactly like Madhumali.

Angad asks Pranali to throw out Kalindi. Pranali says control your anger, I have regarded her as my guest. Soldiers catch Angad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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