Mayavi Maling 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Eshwarya behaves weird

Mayavi Maling 28th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Pranali and Eshwarya hugging Garima. Garima hugs them and cries. Pranali asks what shall we do now. Eshwarya says what we used to do before when dad went for work purpose. She asks them to come, they shall see the sky and talk to the stars. They make prayers. Garima gets a sword and asks Pranali to keep it at the time of rituals. Pranali says I can’t take the sword there, I can’t enter the pure place with it. Eshwarya says I have a right solution for this. He gets a lotion. Madhumali and Angad have a talk. He tells her that he has made a plan. Eshwarya says we have to feed this to Angad, but I will try this on myself first. She adds the potion in water. Garima says I will see what happens after drinking this. Eshwarya drinks the juice. Eshwarya says Garima, you will always be

kiddish. Garima says you have done a kiddish thing by drinking it completely. Eshwarya says I don’t feel anything right now. Haran sees his powers and smiles. Madhumali watches him and laughs.

Pranali and Garima say nothing is happening by this. Eshwarya starts laughing and behaves weird. Eshwarya says I m between the clouds. She runs. Pranali says if Angad and Madhumali see this, I m gone. Madhumali asks Haran to hide and leave. Eshwarya comes there and asks her to open the door. Pranali asks her to come back. Haran runs to hide. Madhumali shows him the window. She gets angry on Eshwarya and prepares an ice bolt to attack. Adhivan takes Eshwarya away. Garima puts Eshwarya to sleep. Pranali thanks Adhivan. He says I m glad to help, what happened to her. Garima says we were going to make Angad have the potion. He says I will tell you what to do, then you won’t need to do all this. Eshwarya gets up and jokes on Madhumali.

Pranali gets ready. Angad flirts with her. Pranali offers him a drink. He drinks it and says you think I don’t trust you. He holds his neck and gets unwell. She gets shocked. He starts laughing and says I know you love me and can never harm me, you love me a lot. He holds her face. She wishes he drinks the potion by her hands even tomorrow. Angad and Madhumali pray to Marekasur and get a Raksha sutra.

Angad wears the Raksha sutra. Chegu gives his powers to Pranali. Angad asks his dad to give him the first weapon. Pranali gets shocked seeing him using his powers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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