Mayavi Maling 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Maharaj goes missing

Mayavi Maling 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad shouting Pranali. The blades fall down when the rope burns by the candle. Maharaj comes and holds the rope. Madhumali breaks the blades and frees Angad from cage. Maharaj hugs Pranali and asks why did she do this. Pranali says I m tensed about Angad. Madhumali jokes. Maharaj says enough, you have problem with me, I will get off from your way. She says your daughters always interfere in my work. He says its their birthplace, its their duty. She asks did you fulfill father’s duty. Angad says enough, just go.

She laughs and goes. Maharaj asks Pranali to come. She says I need to talk to Angad in private. She asks him to go. He goes. Angad says I didn’t know about Eshwarya. She asks what will happen tomorrow if this happens again. He says I don’t know. She asks

will you promise you won’t hurt my family. He says we both have to make a compromise, can you explain your family to leave this Rajya and go. Maharaj gets shocked seeing something. Eshwarya hugs everyone. She says I m fine now. She asks about dad, is he still feeling guilty. Vaidehi says he will come.

Garima hugs her. She asks where is dad. Pranali says maybe he is upset with me, I will request him to come. Garima stops her and goes to call him. She says dad isn’t in room. They all think where did he go. Pranali says I will find dad. Eshwarya asks where are you going to find him. Pranali comes to Angad’s cold cave and asks him to let her in. She sees Madhumali. Madhumali says you are brave to come here. Angad asks why did you come here.

Pranali asks where is dad. He says she isn’t here. She says I don’t trust you. He says trust me, he isn’t here, go. He sends her out. The door gets shut. Madhumali says I swear on my husband, I don’t know anything. Eshwarya, Garima and everyone try to find Maharaj. Servant comes and says Maharaj is nowhere in Maling, we tried to find him everyone. Everyone thinks where could he go. Mandhari says how can he go leaving all the women alone here. Pranali says you may leave, we will call you if we need. Vaidehi says how will we manage now. Rajmata says our princesses are not less than princes, Maharaj will be fine, he will come soon. Garima says we will try to find dad. Rajmata says your dad wanted us to stay together, our enemies can take advantage of us. Garima says I can’t sit this way. Pranali hugs her. Eshwarya hugs them.

Antara tries to see. She says sorry, I couldn’t succeed. Angad says I hope you aren’t going to find your dad, we have to do lake rituals together tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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