Mayavi Maling 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali decides to make a sacrifice

Mayavi Maling 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Eshwarya getting conscious. Pranali and Angad come. They get shocked. Garima scolds Angad and says you and your mum have done this. Angad goes. Haran looks on shocked. Rajmata asks Maharaj to listen to her once, its not his fault. She asks servant to break the door. She gets in and sees him sitting on the floor. She says you love your daughters a lot and can give your life for them, its not your fault. He cries and says my daughter fell in danger because of me. She consoles him.

Madhumali says I didn’t know this will happen. Angad says don’t lie, you know what can happen with the gloves, I told you not to use it when I was away. She says you are in love with Pranali. She laughs. He says I didn’t forget our motives, I m trying to get Pranali on my side so that she

helps me in my aim. Haran looks on shocked. She signs Haran to go. She stops Angad from seeing Haran. Vaid says Eshwarya is fine now, her pulse is running normal. Maharaj looks on. Rajmata says she is fine, she is sleeping. Dharani asks him to go to Eshwarya. He cries and gets away. He leaves. Adhivan comes to Garima and apologizes. She asks him to go. He says I can understand how bad you felt, I have experienced the same thing, can we become friends again, and Arak also wants to apologize to you. He calls Arak and asks him to apologize. She teases Arak and runs.

Adhivan laughs. Chegu comes to see Eshwarya. He goes. She wakes up and looks around. She asks who is there. Haran stops Madhumali and asks why did you try to harm Eshwarya. He takes a sword. She uses her powers and lifts him against the wall. She laughs. She says you need to decide what you want to do. She leaves him and goes. Angad wakes up and looks for Pranali. She sees him following and goes somewhere. He says so she has come here to meet that Dev vanshi. A cage falls over him. He says what a game, you really think this cage can stop me.

Pranali says this cage is prepared for stopping the demons, Dev vanshis have made this with special powers, dad never used this battle room, as he believed in non violence, but I had to open this room, you can’t come out of this cage, I can bear anything but not my family in pain. He asks will you take revenge from me. She says no, I won’t punish you, I don’t have powers like you and your mum, I can just make a sacrifice that you don’t go near the lake. He sees blades falling down the ropes. She puts her hands on the stone. He asks her to stop. She says even if the lake dries, you and your mum can’t reach the lake’s sacred place. He shouts no and tries to break the cage. He gets hurt. He applies his powers, but in vain. He gets shocked. The rope burns by candle. The blades fall down. He shouts. She closes eyes and cries.

Everyone looks for Maharaj. They think where did he go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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