Mayavi Maling 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Maharaj attacks Eshwarya

Mayavi Maling 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Angad pushing Pranali down the cliff. Madhumali asks Haran if he wants the power by becoming her friend, or will he just stay as a servant. She instigates him. He says sorry, I didn’t decide anything yet. She gets angry and spreads the cold smoke. He says don’t get angry, I meant to say that…. She says I know to get the meaning, I hate this, just go. He gets leaving. She stops him and says you are the right man for me, right. She asks him never to say this secret to anyone. He gets scared seeing the handprints glove. Maharaj says they have made me a puppet, no one could dare to do this with me, I have insulted my Lord. Vaidehi says it was not your fault. He says yes, but I have done it all by my hands, I will teach them a lesson. Rajmata asks him not to get angry. Maharaj

says this time, they will try to make me harm Pranali, because they know Pranali depends on me and my experience. Madhumali wears the handprints glove. Maharaj gets raging and throws the aarti stand. Everyone gets shocked.

Angad holds Pranali in arms and saves her. She looks around. He flies with her. Eshwarya and Garima get angry on the Daanav vanshis. Eshwarya asks Garima to keep the things at right place. Garima says sorry, maybe Angad has that thing, what will we do if anything happens to dad. They hear everyone screaming and go to see. Madhumali asks Haran to wear the handprints. She removes the handprints and gives it to him. Maharaj asks what’s happening.

Eshwarya says they are using magical powers on you. He says no. Garima says Angad isn’t here, but Madhumali is here, she did this, we have to stop him. Haran wears the handprints. Madhumali asks him to hold a sword tightly. Eshwarya says you would be feeling guilty, but its not your fault. Maharaj holds her neck. They all get shocked and asks him to leave Eshwarya. Haran asks what will I get doing this. Madhumali smiles. He asks her to answer. She says you will know it, you are experiencing power with the gloves. Maharaj lifts Eshwarya upwards when Haran lifts the sword. Angad says before you shout on me, I told you before that you will not forget this experience.

Pranali asks him what if she died, she knows his evil intentions. He says I felt you will be happy with this. She says you need to know the meaning of happiness. He goes. Madhumali gets friendly with Haran. Garima goes to Madhumali and sees Haran wearing the gloves. She calls him out. She runs to stop him. She asks him to leave the sword, Eshwarya will die. Haran gets shocked and leaves the sword. Maharaj leaves Eshwarya. She faints. Everyone cries for her and asks her to get up. Maharaj gets shocked and says no, I have done this. He cries. Haran sees the gloves. He leaves the gloves and runs to see Eshwarya. Madhumali laughs and says it was fun. Vaid treats Eshwarya. He signs no. Garima says no, you can’t leave us this way. Rajmata says just the lake water can do miracle now. They feed water to Eshwarya and pray to Lord.

Angad scolds Madhumali. Pranali cages Angad and says I will ensure that you don’t reach the lake. She tries to cut off her hands. Angad shouts out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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