Mayavi Maling 23rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali does the coronation rituals

Mayavi Maling 23rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pranali getting shocked seeing Haran. She says you… Maharaj asks Angad and Adhivan to get Pranali back, Maling is an island, if Pranali is not inside the palace, it means the kidnapper took her out. He asks Angad to check the sea route, he will manage the palace. Angad agrees and leaves with Adhivan and guards. Angad thinks the kidnapper can’t take Pranali away so soon, something is wrong. He asks Adhivan to go ahead, he will go Maling. Pranali goes for the Rajya Abhishek. Angad returns to palace and gets thinking. Angad uses his powers and gets the foot prints of the kidnapper. He says now he won’t get saved. He understands how the kidnapping was done.

Angad gets down the ropes and says there are no footprints that they are leaving out, it means the kidnapper

has hidden her inside the palace, but where. He checks for the footprints in all the directions. He sees the footprints and follows. Maharaj asks Pranali to come, he has no other option, he is making her the rightful heir. She asks how can I cheat my husband Angad. Maharaj says no, the situation is tensed, Maling needs you, our land is under danger, obey my command and step ahead. Pranali and everyone look on. Maharaj asks her to do as he told her. Angad follows the footprints and goes to see. Maharaj asks Pranali to do as he told her, he knows she will do right as she has his values and teachings. He asks her to support the right, what’s there to think much, she has to save Maling Praja. Vaidehi nods to Pranali. Pranali says I m confused. He says I will explain everything later, just go ahead and fulfill the rituals. Pranali goes to the throne. Everyone signs her to step ahead. Pranali recalls her marriage with Angad and cries. Pandit tells her about the rituals and guides her. She goes ahead.

Angad sees Madhumali and asks what are you doing here. She says you should have known about Pranali’s kidnapping, why is no one seen here, Pranali’s family is missing. She says Pranali is taking the oaths inside. Angad gets shocked and asks why didn’t you tell me if you knew everything. She says I couldn’t do anything, rituals already started, you won’t be able to stop them either. Pranali takes the seventh vow that she will be just looking after Maling, not any other Rajya. Madhumali asks Angad to get the throne without blood shed, else he won’t get any powers that they need to ruin Maling lake. She asks him to think of their Lord and calm down his anger. Angad pushes her and goes. Maharaj thanks Lord that he reached his aim. He takes the crown for Pranali. He thinks of Angad. Maharaj crowns her. Angad kicks the door and comes in. They get shocked.

Angad gets mad in anger. Pranali gets confused seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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