Mayavi Maling 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad pushes Pranali down the cliff

Mayavi Maling 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad saying I heard about Maharaj. He stops Pranali and says you have to tell me your answer. He gets closer. Eshwarya says how can Angad control Maharaj, I hope Garima will get answers. Adhivan comes to meet her. She clears out his misunderstanding. She says I didn’t talk about our alliance, I have got Garima’s proposal for you, try to understand, don’t know why mum got mistaken. He gets shocked and cries. He leaves. Garima goes to Kalkivan and meets Chegu. She asks him to talk to Eshwarya. He refuses. She says you are made for Eshwarya, I came to remind that you are a Dev Vanshi, you know what Daanav vanshis did to my dad. She cries. He says don’t say more, my story ends now. Angad takes Pranali with him.

He romances her. Garima comes there. Pranali says

I will meet her and come, maybe she has come imp work. Angad stops her and asks her to come fast. Garima says its an imp thing, can Angad hear us, you don’t know what he can do, he is a demon, Chegu took me to Antara, sh told that Angad controlled dad by the magical powers, its dangerous, they have taken dad’s fingerprints or anything related to dad. She says fine, go and tell this to Eshwarya, I will come back and talk. Angad sword fights with the servants. Pranali comes to him. She says I just spoke to Garima for some time, we can have our personal time now. He throws the sword and says how can I refuse to you, I will change clothes and come. He goes. Garima tells Eshwarya everything. Eshwarya says I don’t want to talk about Chegu, we have to think about the secret thing.

Angad and Pranali get ready and leave. Garima enters their room. Madhumali teases Angad. He sends the box back to her. She laughs. Adhivan cries. Arak comes to tease and asks what happened. Adhivan asks can’t you understand seeing my state. He apologizes to Arak. He says Angad is a demon, he wants to end all dev vanshis. Arak asks will they kill everyone here. Adhivan says anyone can happen, everything depends on their pity. Eshwarya and Garima check for the secret clue. Angad shows a rainbow to Pranali. She smiles. He says I wanted to see your smile. He holds her close. She says no, we are from enemy clan. He says we just have to think and make our own world. She says no, I can’t become part of your world. He says fine, I will leave my mum and everything, I can do this for you. She says I feel this life is unbelievable. He makes her stand at the edge and fools her. She smiles. He pushes her down the cliff. She gets shocked. Angad smiles.

Madhumali says you keep this secret to yourself. She makes Haran wear handprints of Maharaj and asks him to hold a sword tightly. Haran does as she says. Maharaj lifts Eshwarya by holding by her neck.

Update Credit to: Amena

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