Mayavi Maling 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Maharaj delays the coronation

Mayavi Maling 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj asking Eshwarya can she prove whatever she said. Eshwarya sees Chegu and signs no. Maharaj says then we can’t prove that Madhumali is alive, and Angad is with her, Angad is now Pranali’s husband. Garima asks who are you. Madhumali runs. Garima screams. Maharaj and others rush out. Garima says a woman was trying to hear your talk, she went that way. Chegu runs to see. Madhumali hides. Rajguru says seven steps got complete, Maharaj will make Angad wear this crown so that Angad sits on the throne and does his duty. Maharaj comes back. Rajguru chants the mantras. Everyone looks on. Eshwarya gets tensed and holds Chegu’s hand. Maharaj takes the crown to Angad. He is about to place it on his head and gets dizzy. He faints. Everyone rushes to him. They get Maharaj to his

room. He gets conscious.

Vaidehi says Raj Vaidya said you will get fine by rest, you fainted due to stress. He says yes, I wanted Rajya abhishek rituals to get complete before night, did everything go well. Angad says no, don’t worry, take rest, you are still the king. Maharaj asks what, its a disaster, it means this was not ought to happen today. Angad acts sweet. He goes and gets angry. He throws the things and says if you hadn’t come, this would have not happened. She asks how do you know I m here. He says I know you were the reason for all this, what’s the entire truth. She says I tried to kill Chegu and Eshwarya, but they reached here, I had more reasons.

He asks what. She says I got to know something, Chegu and Eshwarya got to know something from Antara and told Maharaj. He screams in anger and says situation has changed, before my plan fails, just leave from the palace, stay in jungle till I become Maling king. She goes. Everyone sees Maharaj fit and fine and get surprised. Maharaj asks Eshwarya to shut the door fast. He tells them that he is fine, he was just acting, you all won’t tell this to anyone. Vaidehi says but we have to tell Angad. Pranali thinks of Maharaj and Angad. She goes to see Angad. Someone kidnaps her. Pranali shouts for help. Angad comes and shouts Pranali. He calls the guards. He says maybe someone kidnapped her, wake up Maharaj, shut the exit doors.

Adhivan asks what happened. Angad asks Pranali can she hear him. Maharaj opens the door and asks what happened. He hears the siren. Angad says someone kidnapped Pranali. Maharaj asks how was this possible. Angad says I wasn’t in room that time, whoever it is, I will kill him. Maharaj asks guards to search every corner. The guard says we got the boats ready. Maharaj asks him to alert them by the alarm if they find anything. He asks Angad and Adhivan to get Pranali back. Adhivan says sure. Angad asks how can you be sure that kidnapper took her by this way. Pranali asks who are you, what do you want. The kidnapper shows his face. She asks you….

Everyone looks for Pranali. Pranali sees the kidnapper’s face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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