Mayavi Maling 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Eshwarya warns Maharaj

Mayavi Maling 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Eshwarya hitting the ice and climbing the wall. Chegu flies up and the wall gets forming. Madhumali takes a disguise. She says I want to enjoy this, but I have to leave and see my son’s coronation. She asks someone to kill them. She leaves. Chegu and Eshwarya get worried seeing the ice walls forming in all directions. Eshwarya feels cold. Chegu rubs her hands. He asks her to leave. She asks him to leave first. Rajguru asks Angad to take steps towards the throne and take vows, you will get Lord’s blessings, you can’t turn back. Everyone smiles. The rituals begin. Eshwarya asks Chegu can’t he send a message to his mum by telepathy and ask her to help. He says yes, I can do this. He asks Antara to help. Antara visualizes them in trouble. She goes and sees the ice wall. She

runs and falls down on the stone. She gets hurt. Rajguru says you have to swear that you have devotion towards Lord. Angad steps ahead. Rajguru asks him to go ahead and take blessings, you will swear that you will do your work well.

Angad steps ahead, Madhumali looks on. Angad smiles. Ghori says you have to see Chegu and Eshwarya dying. Chegu uses the fire powers and hits the ice. Antara says if I use my power, you will be dying, don’t make me helpless, leave my way, else you won’t have time to regret. She hits him with a fire ball. He falls back. His mum gets scared and throws a stone. He gets hit again and faints. Antara makes a fireball. Rakhi asks her to spare her. She runs Antara goes to Chegu and puts the fire on the walls. The ice wall breaks up. Chegu and Eshwarya come out of it. He asks how did you get hurt. She says Ghori and his mum stopped me and I got hurt, Ghori is fallen unconscious, I shall go to Kalkivan. Eshwarya says I will just come. Rajguru says you have to swear that you will always obey the traditions and customs. Chegu asks Eshwarya to come fast. They argue. Rajguru says you have to swear that Maling will be most imp for you, you will keep it over family, do you accept it. Angad sees the throne. Eshwarya comes and signs Maharaj to come. He coughs.

Rajmata worries. He says I m fine, you all sit. Rajguru says you will be blessed, you will be known as Maharaj Angad for decades. Angad takes the step. Maharaj asks Eshwarya why did she get late, what happened. Madhumali looks on and tries to hear them. Eshwarya says I have taken Antara’s help, I have seen a visual, someone changed the water, it was Madhumali. He says its impossible. She says a Daanav vanshi attacked us and stopped us by an ice wall so that we don’t reach us and whatever is happening here gets done without a hurdle, if Antara didn’t come, we would have not reached here, we are getting trapped. He says we are trapped, we can’t do anything now. He thinks Angad took the seven vows, just crowning is left, what to do now.

Maharaj takes the crown for Angad and is about to make him wear it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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