Mayavi Maling 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chegu and Eshwarya try to reach Maling

Mayavi Maling 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj asking for everyone’s consent. The sabha members discuss. They accept Maharaj’s decision. The man says you will be our Lord even if you are not our king now, we accept Angad. They all smile. Maharaj blesses Angad and asks Lord to guide Angad. He says Rajya abhishek will be done in the evening. Pranali and Angad smile. Chegu tries to hit the wall. Eshwarya asks him to do something fast, they have to reach Maling. Chegu flies holding her. The ice wall gets higher. She asks what will we do now, we can’t reach Maling on time, how to meet dad. Madhumali gets ready. She prays to her husband and says your king is creating history by sitting on Maling throne. Pandit asks Angad to seek Lord’s blessings so that there is no hurdle, you will get Lord idol there, go ahead.

Angad walks ahead in the jungle. He makes a face and turns. He gets shocked seeing Pranali.

Garima comes to Maharaj. He says I understood you are angry on me, will you explain the reason. She says you scolded me a lot, it would be fine if Pratap became the king, what if he eats sweets, we all eat sweets. Pranali asks Angad did he take Lord’s blessings. He says your dad has put big responsibility on me, if you have come, everything will be fine. Adhivan comes and asks what about Mahapuram. Angad scolds him for coming. Adhivan says sorry, I m worried for our Rajya, we have to manage Mahapuran, we should think of going back. Maharaj says yes, we surely eat sweets, I thought you will be happy as I stopped Pranali here forever. Garima says I didn’t think this, I will get fun by teasing Pranali. He laughs. She says I m not angry now and goes thinking if I marry Adhivan, I will stay alone in Mahapuram. Angad says you are seeing the imp things left here, I will manage here, you can go to Mahapuram and fulfill duties. Arak comes and says you mean you won’t leave Maling, I will stay here. Angad gets angry and goes. Pratap and Kakashri see Mandhari crying. Kakashri consoles Mandhari. She gets angry on him. Adhivan stops Garima. She says its not easy for me, let me be the same. He goes. He says Arak said right, these princesses can do anything. Maharaj recalls….. FB shows Maharaj meeting Eshwarya. She says I think you got emotional and decided to leave the throne. He says my decision is right. She says we can find the real culprit, did we lose out soon. He says culprit should be caught. She says this is that bottle by which Trishanku consumed the water. He asks how will we know. Chegu comes there.

Eshwarya says I called him here, Chegu and his mum can help us, we want your permission to leave, we have your money. Maharaj says my guilt will trouble me, I have left the throne, tonight is the only night that throne is vacant, if you don’t return on time, I have to declare the heir. Chegu says I will try to be before time, trust me. Maharaj says fine, you both go. FB ends. Chegu and Eshwarya see the wall. Chegu hits it. Eshwarya says we have just one way now. He asks what. She tells in his ears. She says Maling needs us, we have no time. He gets the knife.

Eshwarya tries to break the wall. Chegu flies. Maharaj goes to crown Angad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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