Mayavi Maling 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Maharaj returns to Maling

Mayavi Maling 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad’s men seeing a royal procession going. The men ask for Maling’s route. Eshwarya says we are also going Maling, we will be glad to help, come with us. Maharaj says Eshwarya here, those men aren’t from my Rajya. Angad’s man stops them and asks who has come to enter Maling, the day has been bad, they have to secure the Rajya. The man says Maharani has come to attend the wedding. Angad’s man says I have to check for security reasons. He gets shocked seeing Maharaj. Maharaj gets down and throws the diamonds. He signs Eshwarya to run. Eshwarya runs to him. Angad’s man gets her at the point of his sword. He says I m not greedy for diamonds and pearls. Adhivan tries Trishanku and takes him somewhere. He hides from Rajmata. She greets Trishanku and goes. Adhivan throws

the knife and distracts her.

Maharaj asks Eshwarya to do as the man is saying. The man asks her to move back. Antara comes there and burns off the sword. The man gets shocked. Everyone looks on shocked. Chegu catches the man at knife point. Eshwarya hugs Maharaj. He asks are you fine. She nods. He asks his men to catch those men. Antara throws a fire ball and catches them. Maharaj asks Antara who is she. She says accept my greetings, I m Chegu’s mum, Antara. Maharaj says but how did you do this miracles. She says you should know about Dev vanshi and Daanav vanshi before it gets late

Madhumali comes to Maharanis and says storm had come and ruined everything, so there was a delay in marriage, but why is the delay now, everyone has forgot the mahurat. Vaidehi asks why do you think so. Madhumali says you are Maharaj’s wives, you should know about him. Dharani says you are getting worried for no reason, Lord will make it fine. Madhumali says we shall start the rituals, Maharaj will come till Kanyadaan, even Trishanku isn’t here, we are equal now. Antara says Madhumali wants Maling’s throne and her rights on Maling’s pure lake water, as Daanav vanshi is scared of it, I always wanted to alert you, its good that Chegu has won Eshwarya’s truth, so I could help you. Maharaj apologizes to Eshwarya. Eshwarya says don’t apologize, you know Madhumali and Angad’s truth now, I m sure you will make everything fine.

Maharaj says sure, thanks Chegu, it means Madhumali is your sister. Antara says yes, but she uses black magic, her heart is black, you have to stop Angad from becoming your son in law, else Maling will be ruled by demons. He says no, I won’t let this happen. Eshwarya asks how will we stop the marriage. The marriage rituals begin. Rajmata signs Vaidehi. They all get tensed. Dharani gives gifts to Madhumali and Angad. Madhumali says Maharaj isn’t here, he is famous for his way to welcome guests, he isn’t present in Pranali’s marriage. Pandit asks Maharaj to present the clothes to Angad. Madhumali asks Bhoomi where is Maharaj. Bhoomi says I didn’t lie. Maharaj says sorry to come late, I had gone to get Eshwarya, as no family function completes without the family. Everyone gets glad seeing Eshwarya and hug her. Madhumali says Eshwarya has come, it means Maharaj got to know a lot, he is playing a game with us. Angad says don’t worry, I have made a plan as well.

Pranali cries and tells Maharaj that she can’t keep patience. He hugs her. Haran says if you don’t want to marry, I won’t let this happen. Pranali decides to run away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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