Mayavi Maling 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Maharaj favors Angad

Mayavi Maling 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad coming to Pranali. He asks her not to hide her emotions, he is worried for her and her family, Maharaj’s decision is shocking for him. She says I understand, you are sharing our sorrow too. He holds her hand and says truth is I couldn’t believe that my dad is no more, and Maharaj’s decision shocked me, who would be becoming the heir. She says my Kakashri’s son Pratap. He says that boy who eats sweets a lot, he doesn’t deserve this, he isn’t capable to manage the responsibilities. She says yes, but there is no one else.

He asks her to check if there is any solution around. She says do you want to me, I m the solution being the eldest daughter, no, I will be proved as a bad king. He says maybe. She says I have no qualities of a king, I m not a man, Praja

will never accept a woman as the ruler. He says maybe someone capable, just think. She hugs him. He goes. Dharani comes to Maharaj and asks him to think again. He says I can’t be a ruler, I can’t sit on the throne, I had got the given that water to my friend. Garima comes and says maybe someone changed the bottle. He says you don’t talk in between, no one has sense here. She says I understand, Pratap will sit on the throne now. He stops her. Mandhari and her husband prepare Pratap. She gets glad and dresses him up. Pratap just eats sweets. She stops herself from beating him. Garima says you are going to choose Pratap. Maharaj says leave me alone for some time. Mandhari says I will rule as Rajmata. Antara lights the fire and sees the bottle. She throws the bottle in fire and says this Divya fire will show us the secret of Trishanku’s death. Eshwarya, Antara and Chegu see someone’s hands, changing the bottle. Eshwarya says I have seen these hands, but how can this be. Maharaj comes in the Sabha. He greets everyone. He says I have decided to give the throne to Angad. They all get shocked.

Mandhari gets heartbroken. Maharaj says Angad proved that he has all the qualities of a king, now tell me do you agree with me. Angad says its not right to question your decision, I will try to fulfill your expectations. Antara sees the fire blown off. Eshwarya asks about those hands. Antara says yes, she was Madhumali. Eshwarya says I have seen her dying. Antara says the truth is such, its not wrong, Madhumali or her evil spirit has done this. Eshwarya thinks dad is innocent, he doesn’t need to leave the throne. She says Chegu, we have to go Maling and stop dad from making someone else the king. Maharaj asks everyone do they agree with his decision, Angad has sacrificed his mum and also proved that he is not a Daanav vanshi, I m proud to be related to Angad, you all think well and tell me. Eshwarya and Chegu run. They get hit and fall down. They run other side and get hurt again. They see the ice wall forming and get shocked. He says we have to cross this wall. Madhumali smiles.

Eshwarya gets trapped. Chegu holds Eshwarya and flies. Maharaj does Angad’s tilak to do his Rajya Abhishek.

Update Credit to: Amena

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