Mayavi Maling 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali keeps her demand

Mayavi Maling 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad throwing an ice bolt. He asks Haran to never come in front of him. Pranali takes Haran. Angad gets angry. He goes to his room and breaks things. He hits things with his sword. Madhumali asks him to calm down. He says I know you are happy that Haran got saved, you will be staying away from him. She says I will, but you should trust me. He says even dad doesn’t trust you, why will I trust you. He gets taunting her. She gets sad. Haran gets treated. Maharaj says Vaid is praising you for your strength and tolerance, you will be living in Maling now, take care. Haran thanks him.

Pranali asks how will I live with demons. Maharaj says we saved Haran’s life from Angad’s anger, its a small victory, get confident and soon we will have a ray of hope. The sun shines. They

see the sun ray and smile. Madhumali and Angaad fly in the air. She says we can’t succeed if we don’t separate Maharaj from his daughters. Pranali meets Haran. Angad follows her and comes to hear them. Haran says you should have called me to meet. She says you aren’t well completely, sorry you had to bear all these tortures. Haran says I know there is risk in the work you gave me, even then I accepted it, don’t apologize, I m sorry to misunderstand you. She says Madhumali was informed that day. He asks if Madhumali didn’t come, would you have left with me. Angad gets angry. Chegu sees Eshwarya coming to her village and smiles thinking of her words. He sends a boy to call his mum. He says you would have got tired, come sit. Everyone smiles seeing her. Chegu asks her to say, yes or no. She thinks of Maharaj’s words and says yes, but…. He shouts to everyone and says Eshwarya will become my bride, celebrate. He dances with the tribals.

Pranali says it was tough time for me, I was in dilemma. Angad makes an ice bolt and rages. Pranali says it was just for some time. Angad controls his anger. Pranali says I would have never risked dad’s respect and left, dad didn’t teach me to run away from problems. Haran says it means you never thought of me. She says if you felt so by my behavior, I m sorry. Angad stops. She says truth is, I have just seen you as my bodyguard, Angad had hired you, I was happy when you were around, since it proved that Angad worries for me a lot, you have tolerated a lot for me, you can forgive me. Haran says its good, you cleared everything, but sorry, Angad is a demon, you…. Angad gets angry….. She says Angad is my husband, my world begins and ends on him. Angad gets emotional and goes. Haran says my heart had many dreams, sorry again. She says its enough, I will be glad if you accept my friendship, I need good people. He says its a big gift for me, I can die for your friendship. She goes. Chegu comes to Eshwarya and asks shall I get proposal again, shall we get married now, I have to set home to welcome you. She asks will you let me talk. He says first scold me, then tell me. She asks will it be possible for you to stay with me in palace, after our marriage. He gets shocked.

Pranali sees Angad. He holds her hand and stops her. She says leave me. He says it means you don’t want me to leave you. She says I m scared of you, you were just a prince for me, but today you proved that you are a demon. He asks how will a small lie affect our relation, you can become part of my world, we will go away, we will rule on the world, we will have powerful demon children. She asks what, fine, but you have to leave Maling.

Madhumali gifts a box to Maharaj. Angad gets some powers. Maharaj feels weak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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