Mayavi Maling 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Eshwarya seeks Chegu’s help

Mayavi Maling 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pranali coming to Angad. He gets shocked. Madhumali goes. Angad says I was missing my dad, I m Mahapuram’s Yuvraaj, I can’t find out the reason of his death, so I came here to find him. Madhumali smiles. Angad cries and hugs Pranali. He smiles seeing Madhumali. Eshwarya checks some books. Garima asks how long will you find the book. Eshwarya says how to find out what happened with Trishanku, dad will not spare the culprit, the murderer can’t get saved. Maharaj comes on the ghat and thinks of Trishanku’s death. Days pass, Maharaj asks many people and goes to the market to meet people. Eshwarya looks for the book. Angad smiles seeing the people leaving. The guard says we hired the spies, but we didn’t learn anything. Angad, Adhivan and Arak do the havan for Trishanku.


the Rajya Sabha, Maharaj says Trishanku was not just my guest, but my relative too, if his murderer isn’t punished, our pride will be ruined, I won’t listen to anyone and just punish the culprit, that culprit is in front of you, its me. They all get shocked. Dharani asks him not to blame himself. Rajmata says I m your mum, you have to listen to me, I know murderer is culprit, but how can you punish the innocent. Angad says its not right to blame yourself, else the real culprit will attempt something again. Maharaj says I couldn’t fulfill my promise, I have given him the water to consume, I had unwillingly supported the evil planner, I request Angad to punish me. Angad goes to him and says you have set an example of a justice loving king, you can’t do any crime, have some patience, the culprit will be caught soon.

He praises Maharaj. Everyone smiles. Angad says I free you from all sorts of punishment. Maharaj says I m glad seeing Angad’s big heart, Angad will be counted among great kings, but till the culprit gets caught, I will feel guilty, I won’t sit on the throne. He says I give up this throne right away and removes the crown. He keeps it on the throne and says I will declare my heir tomorrow. Everyone discusses about Maharaj’s decision. Rajmata asks Dharani not to forget that everyone gets what is in fate, and she is Maharaj’s wife, she has to think of Praja first. Eshwarya says we have to stop this. Garima says we have to find someone who has added something in that bottle. Eshwarya goes and finds the bottle. Chegu comes there and smiles. He says I came here on your sign, what happened. She says I want your help in finding a bottle that fell in the lake. He looks for the bottle. She says its here, we have to go Kalkivan and meet your mum, she can tell us who killed Trishanku.

Maharaj is declaring the heir. Angad acts sweet in front of Pranali to become the heir. Maharaj says I have selected my heir, he is….

Update Credit to: Amena

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