Mayavi Maling 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad threatens to kill Haran

Mayavi Maling 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pranali going to Angad and hugging him. He gets shocked. Adhivan thinks of Angad. Arak packs his clothes. He says we shall leave, I m scared of mum and Angad. Adhivan says don’t get scared. He hugs Arak. Madhumali comes. Eshwarya and Garima go through old books. Eshwarya says I didn’t get anything, I checked all books. Garima asks what will happen now. Madhumali says I should know if you are Maling’s well wishers, I should kill you then. Arak gets scared of her. She pulls him and says you told me that you don’t like your mum. She pushes him. He cries and runs to Adhivan. She jokes on him. Adhivan says we are your sons, a mum raises a child, loves and protects. Pranali says it will be tough for you to have such a life, I worry for you and will always do, you are my husband,

our relation is of two souls.

Angad gets away and says oh, I understand your love for me, this reminds me that I have a gift for you. He asks her to come. Arak says yes, you are our mum. Madhumali cries. Arak asks how can you kill us. She scares him and laughs. She says you both are useless. Eshwarya asks Garima to have patience, like we both got friendly again, its a good sign, everything will be fine, we have to stay united and face the demons. Pranali holds Angad’s hand. He blindfolds her and takes her. Eshwarya thanks Chegu. He says I m Dev vanshi, its my duty to stop demons, don’t thank me. She laughs.

He asks what makes you laugh. She says you and Garima get annoyed like kids, I wanted to tell you that dad wants to know my reply about our alliance, I will give him the reply. He asks what’s the reply. She says dad will say that. She goes smiling. He smiles and says my anger ended. Angad takes Pranali along. She touches things around to know the way. He gets her to ice cave. He opens the blindfold. He asks how did you like my world, are you proud of me, I m your husband right, I m Marekasur’s child, how will anything happen to me, come with me, don’t get scared. She gets shocked seeing someone behind the ice walls. He says that’s my gift for you. Haran hits the walls. Pranali gets shocked. Angad asks are you happy seeing Haran alive, its my gift for you, I wanted to kill him and thought to kill him in front of you. She cries. He says you got clever, so I had to do this, you sided me for this servant, now he will die in front of you.

Pranali says we have to save Haran, Angad shouldn’t know that we are finding that place. They hide from Angad. She sees Haran in danger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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