Mayavi Maling 16th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Trishanku gets killed

Mayavi Maling 16th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj coming to Trishanku. Angad hides Madhumali. Maharaj presents the Maling lake water. He says I think you guys were having some personal talk, I won’t take much time, I shall leave. He leaves. Angad shuts the door. Madhumali sees the water in the bottles. She throws the water and fills some poison in the bottle. Angad looks on. Eshwarya finds Garima crying and consoles her, saying Garima can still be with Pranali by marrying Angad’s brother. Garima smiles and says I will just do this auspicious thing. She runs to Maharaj. Eshwarya thinks when will she grow up, she isn’t ready for marriage yet. Garima collides with Adhivan. He holds her and asks her to be careful. She reminds him the day when he was going to Mahapuram and came to talk to him. She says you told me that

you like me, I m glad. He gets shocked and thinks my words didn’t reach Eshwarya. She says our pairing will be great and laughs.

She says now Pranali is married, its time for her bidaai, I will talk to dad. He calls her out. She runs. Pranali cries and hugs everyone in her bidaai ceremony. Maharaj says all the relations are based on trust, if Pranali does any mistake, forgive her. Angad says don’t worry, I know managing kids, I have seen Arak’s mischief too, Pranali can come Maling anytime she wants. Maharaj smiles and says we are lucky that you are our relative. Pranali cries and hugs Maharaj. Dharani says you will also get married and leave, I will also cry this way. She hugs Eshwarya. Trishanku says no one will cry, think Pranali is going to her another house, I will love her as my daughter, I won’t let her miss home. He hugs Maharaj.

Maharaj thanks him. Madhumali says I have some duty towards you also, I will have your gift now and be health. Maharaj says I will send you more water if you inform, just send a letter. Trishanku says I know, Maling’s lake won’t dry. They laugh. Madhumali says Trishanku’s lines. Trishanku says I will drink this water before the long travel. He drinks the poison. Madhumali looks on. Something happens to him. Everyone gets shocked. Maharaj asks what’s happening to you. Madhumali blasts Trishanku and he disappears in air. The bottle rolls down and falls in Maling lake. Eshwarya looks on. Angad, Adhivan and Arak rush to check for Trishanku. They all can’t believe it. Arak asks where did dad go. Angad hugs him. They cry. Angad says dad is gone. Vaidehi asks Maharaj where did Trishanku go. Angad thinks to find that bottle. Everyone cries. Maharaj sits in shock. Angad, Adhivan and Arak come to meet Maharaj. Angad says I want your guidance, I don’t know the reason for dad’s death, I didn’t get his body to do his final rites, so that his soul gets peace. Maharaj regrets. Angad asks can you find out who is behind this. Maharaj says I m still in shock, I have no answers, I can’t believe Trishanku is no more.

Angad says don’t say this, I want your support, dad….. Maharaj gets emotional and hugs him. Angad says there is one way to do his final rites, I will do a havan where he took his last breath, I want your permission. Maharaj says sure, you have my permission, I promise before the havan ends, I will find the person who snatched Trishanku from us, then see how I punish that person. Angad goes to find the bottle. Madhumali asks him not to find it. He says you should have not come here. She says I have won, its time to celebrate. She laughs. He asks her to have patience, if anyone sees them, their win will turn into failure. She says none can harm me, I want to feel free. He says patience, we just have to get the throne, once I sit on the throne, then you do anything, none will tell anything in front of my powers. Pranali calls him out. They get shocked.

Maharaj and his family try to find the culprit. Maharaj declares the culprit’s name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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