Mayavi Maling 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali gets trapped

Mayavi Maling 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj saying you will be unlocking the secret door, keep your hand here. Pranali keeps her hands on the sign on the brick. Her hands get stuck. She cries. He asks her not to worry, he won’t let anything happen to her. He tries to free her by placing his hands on the similar other brick. He says its surely that thief’s hand prints, he has to come out, I will expose him. Angad says there is a new problem, see my hands. Madhumali asks why are your hands glowing, is this the effect of that bottle. She asks how can I change this, I added red color in the waters when your hands turned red. He gets confused. Maharaj says ask everyone to meet me here.

Bhoomi laughs. Garima says your face isn’t red now, so you are laughing. Bhoomi says no, I m joking on you, I was not

talking about your and Adhivan’s marriage. Garima asks what are you saying. Adhivan met me and asked me, I felt he just wanted to hear yes. Bhoomi says its good that he already likes Eshwarya, who else. Garima gets shocked. Bhoomi says Adhivan is marrying Eshwarya. Servant calls them. Madhumali senses something. Angad asks what happened. She says something is going to happen, come, it will be fun to see. Haran tries to get free from the ice cage. Bhoomi and garima come and ask what happened to Pranali. Maharaj says Pranali and I were exchanging the powers, this ritual didn’t complete, this happened because of that thief. Eshwarya comes. Garima gets rude to her. Madhumali hears the call.

Eshwarya says Pranali will get free when the thief keeps hands on this brick. Garima asks didn’t Eshwarya keep her hands on it. Eshwarya asks do you think I m a thief. Garima says you are a liar, maybe you have stolen that bottle. Maharaj gets shocked. Eshwarya asks what happened. Maharaj says what are you saying, you know well, you should see place and time. Eshwarya keeps her hand on brick and gets away. Adhivan and Arak come there and greet Maharaj. Garima says I m angry because of your and Adhivan’s marriage talks. Maharaj asks Arak to keep his hands on brick. Arak refuses. Adhivan asks what’s the need. Maharaj says if the thief keeps hand here, Pranali will get free. Adhivan explains Arak and asks him to come. Arak says no, I won’t go, I m scared. Vaidehi and others come. They get shocked. Adhivan says don’t be afraid, I m here. Arak resists and keeps his hands. The brick doesn’t move. Arak runs and hides.

Adhivan asks do you really think I can do a cheap thing like stealing. Rajmata keeps hands on brick. She says its imp to free Pranali, there are many people here who won’t do such a cheap crime. Everyone keeps their hands on the brick. Madhumali comes. Arak says she took the bottle, ask her to keep her hands. Madhumali asks why did you call me here. Maharaj says yes, you have to help Pranali, keep hands on id brick, maybe Pranali gets freed. She asks how did this happen. He says I can’t answer you. She says sorry, I can’t do this. He says if you refuse, I will take it as Pranali’s insult. She says don’t hope for this till you answer me. He asks her to stop. Garima stops her. Madhumali says leave me. Angad comes there and sees Pranali crying. He shows his glowing hands. Everyone gets shocked. Pranali thinks he has stolen the potion, he is my culprit, he lied to me.

Maharaj says now its proved that you have stolen the potion, now the queen shall punish you, you can’t deny it Angad. Pranali looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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