Maya ka maya ya Kisi aur ki jaal…? Episode 1

I saw him again today. There were butterflies in my tummy, I felt as if my heartbeat had stopped. I don’t know what happens to me by seeing him. Everyone says it’s attraction, obsession, and just an infatuation, but I know it’s love. The feeling I get when he walks passed me, the way I cry for him day and night, the way I get pain when there is a even scratch on him, I…
“Maya, the food is ready!
Suddenly Maya closed the diary and yelled back, “coming” with a smile on her face.

*Maya was a beautiful girl, who had just turned 18. She was rich, she had everything she wanted, but she never had the greed. She was just in freshman year in college but love has no limit. People often tend to say that Maya does not love him due to her age. She used to wear glasses to which many people considered her to be boring and behenji type. She always wore salwar kameez, no matter what people say, she always stayed positive, full of life. Why to be sad? Why not enjoy the precious life you have got?*

Dining table:
Jhanvi: Why are you like this Maya? Why don’t you be little bold! This is not how life works.
Maya comes out being ready with her glasses on and in red Salwar kameez Maya: Ma…
“Because she is our Maya, Jhanvi aunty”
A voice was heard.
A pretty, cute, s*xy girl in a black knee length dress with high heels proceeds.
Maya: Saanjh tu bhi na!
Saanjh: arey Aunty! Maya is so special that’s why she is my best friend!
Jhanvi: woh toh hai. Our Maya is very special.
Maya: will you guys quit it now? Let’s go to college! We are getting late!
By saying so, Maya drags Saanjh out and go saying bye to Jhanvi.

Maya and Saanjh reach college, all the girls are running and that’s when Maya knew it, It was time for him to arrive!
A girl is running saying: today I’m going to ask him out for sure!
Another girl comes and slaps her saying: chup kar. Arjun is only mine.
The due start to fight, while Maya and Saanjh just stay at a distance and watch.

Suddenly a red lamborghini arrives. A handsome guy, with black blazer comes out with a style putting his sunglasses on. All the girls start drooling over him.

Arjun: common girls! Arjun is here! Yell little louder.
Girls: Arjun! Arjun! Arjun! Arjun!
Arjun says that’s the way and starts going to his class when he sees Maya and Saanjh and stops, taking off his glass. He stares at Saanjh and says: hello s*xy! And walks away. Maya just looks on and the screen freezes on her face

Precap: Arjun is teary-eyed. Maya hugs Jhanvi and crys. Saanjh sits in her room tensed.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow.Maya is simple and traditional and saanjh is stylish unlike the show.loved maya saanjh as friends. arjun is every girl’s heartthrob. waiting to see who will arjun’s heart.Maya or saanjh?

  2. Krkavita

    Maya is simple unlike the show whereas saanjh is stylish. Waiting for the next chapter

  3. Krkavita

    Interesting story. Waiting for the next chapter

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